Where is the G-spot

Since ancient times, people interested in the devicehis body, his complex system of connections and features of reactions. Today the structure of the body is studied far and wide, but there is one body, wrapped in a veil of secrecy for many years.

Point G is intriguing men and women, and sexologistsgynecologists, scientists and ordinary people. What is the reason for this confusion, and why it is still not discovered the secret of this cherished body? G spot stimulation evokes incredibly pleasant feeling in the beautiful half of humanity; sensations that combine the effect of the impact on all the erogenous zones at once. Tempting, is not it? The trouble only in the fact that to get to this "magic buttons" oh how difficult ...

What is the point G?

gynecology, orgasm, g spot

Many scientists are now more than half a century of debatehow to properly should be called this mysterious zone - the zone or point G G. But there is another almost unknown to anyone the name - the point (zone) Grafenberg obtained after the first letter of the last name of the discoverer. "

In the forties of the 20th century, Professor Grefenberg,experienced doctor and sexologist, found in a woman's vagina a lot, which is quite stunning stimulation affects the pleasure centers. This tiny land is the point of convergence of all the nerves coming from the tissues, which carpet the surface of the vagina. Irritation of the ganglion leads to the fact that the woman has a strong and long-lasting orgasm. Doctors have found that these feelings have to do with male ejaculation.

But the court was vague forties, and itintriguing discovery whether deemed unworthy of attention, or simply not noticed. It would have gone Greffenberga discovery into oblivion, if not fatal sexual revolution of the '80s. Then G Point has been opened for the second time and got his famous name. The official opening took place in 1982, and since then around brainchild Greffenberga constantly burst into the debate and major scandals. All international medical community has split into two camps - some argued that the G-spot is an irrefutable scientific fact, but others say that all this is just a myth and misconceptions elderly sexologist (talking about Greffenberge, which at the time of the opening of the G-spot has exceeded 60). But many years of disputes and demagogues or to have failed - one was sure of his rightness.

Not so long ago American scientists headed byexperienced gynecologist Adam Ostrzhenski conducted a series of experiments, which eventually confirmed the existence of points of Dr. G. Ostrzhenski able to identify anatomical structures located on the inner surface of the crotch of 16.5 millimeters behind the urethra. This education consisted of two parts - upper and lower. The lower it is called the tail, and the top - head. Scientist magazine published an article on this discovery, in which G point was described as a bag of well-lined with walls. By the structure of the bag it is strongly reminiscent of the connective tissue and the cavernous body. According to the width of the formation is less than four millimeters, and a length of about eight millimeters.

The story came to its logical conclusion - a mythdebunked, say no more about. However, all was not so simple and obvious for one simple reason - in most cases, doctors could not find where the point G. Since the rumors that coveted place of pleasure does not exist, continue to soar as the scientific community and among "ordinary mortals".

A little bit of anatomy

gynecology, orgasm, g spot

Today, probably, even small children, due toomnipresent advertising, are aware of the existence of the prostate in men. But not everyone knows that the female half of humanity is not deprived of this organ. Naturally, the female prostate is not identical to the male, but she and the other have a common etymology. The female prostate is much smaller and is the concentration of nerve endings, carpeted the entire vaginal surface. It does not like? It is this body is called the point G. But how women can be known male organ? The fact that in the first 45 days of fetal development have all the embryos united sexual characteristics - female. And then, thanks to the special hormonal influences, the chromosomes line up in a certain order, forming the male or female sex of a child. If nature is conceived to show the world another girl, the cells responsible for the formation of the prostate, stopped its development, but do not disappear.

Thus, the researchers concluded that pointG - is unused fabric forming the prostate. It is known that men's prostate - a very sensitive organ, thus treasured Greffenbegra area is also endowed with a special sensitivity to stimulation, reacting in this way.

Where to find the point G?

In 1985, the head of the Institute of ExperimentalPathology Bratislava, Milan Zvyachich, defended his thesis entitled "Women's prostate as the complex functions of the Authority." According to the presentation of the material, G point is not present in every woman. But if it does occur in the body, located on the anterior vaginal wall, namely - a 3.5 cm from its entrance. G-spot is a small-sized projection feels similar to a soft-skinned walnut, and sensitive to irritation. In the "sleep" state the size of the point of no more than a pea, but if a woman is aroused, the zone is increased by several times. Scientists believe that the G-spot is a kind of link between clitoral and vaginal orgasms, and the impact it contributes to the manifestation of both types of orgasm, which is practically impossible in a normal sexual practice. This is explained by the fact that the area where the "pleasure center" pretty insensitive, so that for the detection of the cherished point you need to make considerable efforts.

What needs to be done to find the point G? Woman lying on her back, legs should be widely spread out and relax completely. Her sexual partner placing two fingers together should massage neat walk through the front wall of the vagina, feeling a small lump. Woman directs the movements of the partner, based on their experiences. When a lump is found, you need to start gently compress and decompress it with your fingers. If all the instructions are met, the woman will experience strong orgasm soon.

Stimulation of the G-spot has a certain sideeffect called female ejaculation. Disputes about this phenomenon even more than about the area G. Simply put, the stimulated area is located in the very vicinity of the bladder, which can cause urination. But these feelings are perfectly natural, and the practice is easy to control.


gynecology, orgasm, g spot

As mentioned above, the researchers concluded,Some women do not have points G, however, the practice opens slightly different facts. Undeveloped prostate cells have absolutely all the fair sex, but in some cases they are very poorly developed or not be affected. In this case, modern surgery is ready to render all possible assistance.

The space between the urethra and the vaginal wall(Next to the Point G) filled with a special Biogel, which reduces the volume of the vagina and facilitates the activation point. Biogel is completely harmless because it contains hyaluronic acid available in the human connective tissue. The sensitive area is getting closer to the exit and the vagina becomes more convex shape, causing even light touch leads to a strong excitation. Action bio-gel lasts about a year and a half, after which it dissolves naturally, and the G point, accustomed to the new position, continues to fulfill its great mission.

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