Is it possible to get pregnant when taking oral contraceptives?


Is it possible to get pregnant when taking oral contraceptives?Every year with pregnancy against the background of oral contraceptives (OK) facing 1–10 women out of 10,000 representatives of excellent sex, long-term protection using this method.

What are the reasons for breakthroughs in defense? Let's try to figure out, because, knowing them in time «Shave straw» and weaken the effects of impact.

one. «Wrong» Selection of contraceptive

Often, turning out pregnant on the background of receiving OK, the woman blames himself or the doctor in the fact that the pills were chosen wrong. In fact, it is not. All combined OK have similar composition, contain estrogens and progestins (analogs of natural progesterone), and the differences between them are concluded only in the chemical structure of these substances and their dosages. In any case, all hormonal pills are prepared so that it would block ovulation and temporarily deprive the woman to have children.

Gestagent-containing contraceptive pills, mini-saw, block ovulation not in 100% of cases, but thicken cervical mucus, preventing the penetration of sperm in the uterus and prevent the implantation of fertilized egg. More often they are prescribed with unstable ovulation, that is, adolescents and women of menopause.

Thus, all oral contraceptives are reliable.

2. Tablet reception violation

Reception OK is usually starting with 2–5 days of the menstrual cycle, that is, immediately after the next menstruation begins and confidence in the absence of pregnancy. Many think that the contraceptive effect of the drug is manifested immediately, literally from the first pill, in fact it is not. That is why in the first 7–14 days from the start of reception ok it is recommended to use additional protection methods.

In the instructions for any OK, it is written that the pills must be taken every day at the same time. Violation of the reception mode can actually cause pregnancy.

If late with the reception of the tablet will be more than 12 hours, it is not necessary to rely on reliable protection. Need to immediately take a missed dose, the next — At usually, time, and within the next seven days, in addition to ok use other protection tools, for example, a condom or spermicides.

3. Stomach disorders

If within three hours after the reception of the next tablet OK arose a vomiting, there is a possibility that the medicine did not fit and the extremes came out with vomit masses. If after stopping vomiting it is not immediately not to accept an extraordinary dose of the drug, it is quite possible to weaken the contraceptive effect and the offensive of pregnancy.

The same situation arises with diarrhea, so it is better to be renewed and take another pill, it will not harm from it, but the defense will be strengthened and the pregnancy will not come — that's for sure.

4. Reception of drugs

Is it possible to get pregnant when taking oral contraceptives?Reducing the effectiveness of hormonal protection may be caused by the interaction of OK with other drugs. In particular, it is proved that antibiotics from rifampicin and ampicillin group, drugs that affect the enzymatic activity of the liver affect the contraceptive abilities of the tablets and accelerate the removal of hormones from the body.

The doctor should always be informed about the use of the hormonal method of contraception and in the absence of ability to replace the drug, use additional ways to protect against unwanted pregnancy. As a rule, it is required to use a condom or spermicides within 4 weeks after the discontinuation of the prescribed medication. There are still a need for long-term treatment, it should be refused to receive OK in favor of other methods of contraception.

five. Intermented bleeding

Allocations themselves do not reduce the efficiency of OK, rather, here feedback. The appearance of bloody secretions between the monthly indicates that the woman's body lacks the hormones introduced from the outside for the fact that it is securely insure it from an undesirable pregnancy.

To strengthen protection when bleeding from sex tract appears, it is recommended to start receiving tablets from another package and continue it until «daub» do not stop. If such a situation arises not only in the first three months of admission to OK, but also on the fourth and fifth month, it is better to abandon the reception of contraceptive pills and prefer them another way to protect.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the occurrence of pregnancy against the background of acceptance of OK does not threaten a woman and the future child. Such a pregnancy can be left, and the baby will certainly be born healthy.

6. Pregnancy on OK background

What is fear — This is more than three weeks reception OK during pregnancy. In the absence of another menstrual bleeding during a seven-day break in the reception ok, you should not start the following packaging until there is no confidence that there is no pregnancy. It is necessary to make blood test on hCG or take a pregnancy test.

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