Home births

In recent years, natural childbirth winmore women's hearts. Stories of experienced mothers, passed through a home birth, fascinated by its beauty, and certainly want to experience the miracle of birth is. We invite you to look at the problem of home deliveries from different perspectives and to understand whether all like a fairy tale, or there are some pitfalls?

In recent years, natural childbirth winmore women's hearts. Stories of experienced mothers, passed through a home birth, fascinated by its beauty, and certainly want to experience the miracle of birth is. And those wishing to Russia in recent years become more and more, while the doctors voiced sharp criticism of this method of obstetrics, considering a home birth unjustified risk and even stupidity.

In some countries, a home birth have become not justlegitimate, but more preferred. And conditions are created for the woman gave birth, as she wants. We are also in Russia before this so far away.

Our site offers you a look at the problemhome deliveries from different perspectives and to understand whether all like a fairy tale, or there are some pitfalls? And we will try to find out what makes women take such a risk.

The positive side of home birth

Home births
It is believed that God is not on the test does not give force. Therefore, in the nature of a woman laid all that she could carry and give birth to a child without anyone's help. The natural home birth or a woman chooses a place of labor, with whom and in what position to give birth. Mom can give birth squatting, standing on all fours, or hanging on her husband, lying on its side and almost never supine. Oddly enough, but the pose when the woman lies on her back, very inconvenient, especially for a first birth. Also, some choose to give birth in the water. It is believed that the baby in the womb is in an aqueous medium, so when he gets out of the mother in the home environment for him, he relaxes, and this has a positive impact on the future mental and physical health of the baby.

And, even if not genera tested in water, stilla child born in the wild, as destined by nature, feels much less stress than if childbirth stimulate, painkillers or do Caesarean section.

Once the baby is born, it is put to the mother onbelly, is applied to the chest, and he calms down. Little is applied to the chest, to his digestive tract got a few precious drops of colostrum, which is the first or the first resident microflora, settled in the kid, which is quite important for his future health. In his mother's house breathes a certain air, which "friends." And, accordingly, the air for the child is not a danger, of course, provided that the house clean.

In most cases, the baby's father is present at birth andcut the umbilical cord. The probability that such a man in the future will throw your child is very small, because between the father and the baby is established very strong relationship. And, whatever the birth, the woman does not get tired enough to send their children to someone unknown hands and sleep. Never! Even knowing that the need to sleep, she can not take her eyes off the baby love or leave him even for a moment. At birth a woman surrounded only by family and loved ones, and that massage can help to make an anesthetic and morally hold and help in caring for the baby.

Also, a woman may choose a doctor, obstetrician,advance to meet him, get to know, ask the other women, whom he took birth, his professionalism, that in labor relax and trust 100%.

Recently, a number of countries became veryPopular cesarean section. Proponents of natural childbirth, despite the evidence of it for caesarean tend to still have their own and many succeed. But the child, being born in a natural way, and passing through the birth canal, learns to overcome their first obstacle, fighting for his life, and subsequently it is very helpful to survive in extreme conditions. When a child is born by Caesarean, it is this experience loses, and these children tend to get used to the fact that in a difficult situation for all of them do, they help and sometimes do not know how correctly to behave in a complex for their situation.

And, of course, at home, most often give birthwomen who have everything in order in the course of pregnancy. And the chances of a healthy birth is very high. In addition, a number of professional midwife to help, or in the case of which was sent to the hospital.

The other side of the coin

Home births
Surely, though, it feel so good? Of course not. As in every business, there are some pitfalls, which MirSovetov would like to tell you.

All women are different, and sometimes in the home birthobstetrician is not at all. Some women - ardent opponents of medicine in any form, which means that there is no antenatal clinic, no drugs and ultrasound. That is why our doctors are sounding the alarm. They think that if this trend away from medical care will go into fashion, then followed the women in charge at home will bear all the polls and then problems will arise.

So. Let us look at the negative consequences that can occur during home births.

  1. As a rule, it chooses a home birtha woman who feels good and knows by ultrasound results or feels (never did ultrasound), that she had the pregnancy is normal and without complications. But even if a woman will do everything ultrasound, it could still expect a surprise. And okay, if a surprise touches the floor with the baby, but it also happens that a woman has twins or triplets, and an ultrasound of the baby did not see, well, just hiding it all.
  2. Often generations take the so-called"Spiritual" midwives who, incidentally, are often not at all no medical training. It is better to protect yourself, invite additional obstetrician, such education has, at the right moment he would intervene.
  3. A woman during home births can happen vessels rupture. As a result, a large blood loss can be fatal.
  4. The child may begin hypoxia (oxygen starvation), and as a result, the baby may need help from an experienced physician immediately after birth.
  5. Chances crotch break, afterwhich can not be 2 weeks to sit down and carry weights of more than 3 kg. And if you are one, and no one to help you, and the baby was born big? Moreover - breaks are different. Just as there are times when it is necessary to carry out regular perineal incision, so as not formed fistulas.
  6. It often happens that after the third USbaby suddenly doctors strongly gaining weight, and it turns out it is only at birth. And if my mother still narrow pelvis, she may need a qualified medical intervention (eg, cesarean), or otherwise mom or the baby may be seriously injured.
  7. If a situation arises when it is necessaryimmediately go to the hospital, you can not make it there due to traffic jams. And if you call an ambulance, then it may well not have time to get to you. This is typical of densely populated cities.

Now consider the most common contraindications for home birth.

  1. The narrow pelvis or a very large fruit.
  2. All indications for cesarean (uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, serious problems with the cardiovascular system, placenta previa, and others.)
  3. Psychological unpreparedness women (lack of understanding of their roles and responsibilities)
  4. Pregnancy complications (wrong position of the baby, gestosis and other problems) as well as serious health problems in the mother.

A more detailed list of contraindications specify at selected obstetrician, as each different experience.

Why do women choose a home birth?

One reason is the fear of the maternity hospital. Many are afraid to go to the hospital. Where did he come from?

"I remember I was about 8 years old. My brother was born, and, of course, to his mother often came to visit a friend, and together they discussed how generations have passed, and recalled the different horror stories. All my life remember the case when a woman allegedly crawling on his knees in front of doctors and begged to take her birth began. I do not remember much of what happened to me at that age, but this story has carried through his life. Then I decided that I will not give birth at all. And only 30 years, I decided. But it was so terrible that uniquely chose home birth. Here the impact of seemingly innocuous stories, have had on my child's mind. "

“I have long dreamed of a baby. My mother gave birth to me easily, as she says, with a smile on her lips, and all my life I dreamed that my birth would be the same. And so I got pregnant. My happiness knew no bounds. But it did not last long. At work, when they found out about my pregnancy, everyone considered it their duty to warn me about the dangers that lurk in the hospital, and that childbirth is a hellish nightmare. Every now and then they talked about how terribly they gave birth, their acquaintances and friends, acquaintances of acquaintances. I come home - my friends are singing the same song, relatives will come to visit and there. And you’re trying not to listen or pay attention, but you couldn’t help yourself. All this infection firmly settled in my head, and I went to the hospital with horror. So scary, even a wolf howl. And not for myself, but for the baby, what would they do with him there, I didn’t even want to think, but I didn’t know about the possibility of home birth. ”

How is it? After all that has been created by man, it must be for him, but does not mind. It seems that the hospital - a torture chamber, and doctors are monsters, murderers and maniacs, who are just waiting to settle accounts with you.

So too man is programmed by nature. He has a great instinct for self-preservation and fear, which makes this instinct to realize themselves outside. Therefore, the human brain can not hear about how well things are good, but be sure to hear how everything is bad.

It was with the desire to protect a person from somethingpoor and associated sorts advice on well and childbirth. If you remember, among all those who told you nightmares about birth, there were those who said that the birth is good, but you are about it if they remember it with difficulty, because all your attention was focused on the negative effects.

"But really all that bad?" - You ask. Not so scary and all.

Medicine was created in order to help a personavoid death, to preserve life where before people died. It is no secret that when our grandmothers gave birth, they often lost their children or themselves die during childbirth. This was somehow forgotten. In fact, people who are able to assess the merits of all medical intervention when they or their children are alive thanks to our doctors, very much. Grateful mothers and their husbands are discharged from the hospital at the same time with those who remained dissatisfied with the birth and tells a terrible story from which I want to cry.

How is it that in the same hospital and treated, and maimed? Everything is very simple. Here, as elsewhere, it's sometimes a simple human factor.

In our opinion, one of the determining factorsdifferent behavior of women is pain. Women by nature are very sensitive to pain, and perhaps there is nothing worse for a woman and more painful than childbirth when alone fights last forever. Remember, as always behaved man, when in pain? That's right, it breaks down on the object, this same pain causes. If a doctor makes an injection, and I want to tell a lot of nasty things to him, that, say, the hands do not grow from there, and the cause is just seconds or minutes proven pain. Now imagine a woman who gives birth. Especially the first child. Contractions painful, I want to climb the walls, and there comes a time when these fights are merged into one big painful contractions. Respite is so small that it is practically imperceptible. Here's the manifest weakness of women and intolerance of pain. It is accumulating not only fatigue, but also anger, and all of this urgent need somewhere to throw out. And where to? Of course, a doctor, and who else? You will feel that the doctor is doing everything on purpose, if only you were still sick. And like the baby was born, all of you are healthy, but there is not that sense of gratitude, but rather, on the contrary, there are very strong relationship "doctor-birth pain"! And the man thinks: "No, more than a foot in the hospital." But then everything is forgotten, and again it is going to give birth to, and so it was until the home birth. How often you can hear that natural childbirth - is childbirth without pain, Favorite people, everything is good and beautiful. But! Where did the pain?

Yes, she has not got anywhere, as she was, and remained. If a woman gives birth at home, it does not mean that she is not in pain and everything runs smoothly and with a smile on his face, of course not. Just a woman took for himself the fact that everything that will happen, it needs to move firmly, endure that pain does not exist, it is just uncomfortable. Therefore, it is not necessary for someone to blame or be angry at people and obstetrician, and even more so for a child who, as many believe, cause of all this suffering.

But believe us, even despite the goodphysical and psychological training, the pain threshold is different for all women. And for many generations at home turned into a nightmare, as well as for those who give birth in the hospital.

"Early in the pregnancy, I decided, as I wantto give birth, and when I realized that in our hospital so "rustic" does not give birth, decided to give birth at home. The courses kept telling us that the pain does not exist. When you say "pain" in the subconscious rises to the surface all the feelings, emotions and reactions of the organism, which is accompanied by a sense of pain, and you really start to feel it. They give different massage techniques that are said can ease the pain. I calmed down and decided that, indeed, as something to fear? There is no pain, yet somehow given birth, but the package to the hospital just in case prepared, you never know what. The first child, after all. Yes, and you never know how you lead the self in an unfamiliar situation for you.

Thus, the battle began with the discharge of water in the12 nights. I called my midwife. She told me to follow the contractions and when they become regular calls, but it is still a sleep. I was terrified. How so?! What if what? But I calmed down, caused the mother, she arrived in a taxi. And my mother and her husband slept, I sat down on a chair and watch the computer, then, with the contractions. And so on a chair handy as good fight there - I massaged her back, breathe, as we were taught, and am currently on. When I got up and started walking - the fight became more and more painful, and I have decided that there is much, much more comfortable in the chair, not so painful. And indeed, it is not so bad as I imagined. A fight's not regular, the interval is 2 minutes, then 10. And so I stayed 12 hours! My midwife has already managed to go to accept other genera and even going to go somewhere, so I somehow still do not give birth, but I almost tearfully begged her to come, because I was very scared and will calm her. When she came over and asked what I was doing, why labor is not normal, I said that currently sit on the chair. She scolded me and said that I urgently need to look for a pose in which the battle will be the most painful. In the end position has been found - squatting. And, horror of horrors! Here it is, the same pain, which does not exist! Even as there! The midwife suggested soak in a warm bath, relax. But in the bath it was worse. So far, no fights, like unable to relax, but when they start, you can not properly massaged, causing more pain. It seemed to me that I was cut by several knives. I looked at my husband and I cry, say that I can no longer, it is ready to inject yourself anything, just to no longer feel the pain. Husband frightened, began to ask me to go to the hospital, to which I replied that the hospital in this state, I just can not go. Now there was nothing to do, will have to bear. And she gave birth. Oral (or as it is called - "it sounds"), so that all her husband feared that neighbors called the police. And he is crying, and saying that I will never again give birth. Three people were doing me a massage, and it seemed to me that not only is no sense of it, but, rather, on the contrary, only worse. No posture, learned in the course, I was not saved in any position was painful. And so it gave birth. Thank God, I gave birth to three hours faster than anticipated midwife. When the baby was born, I was happy as ever. No wonder they say: "In order to understand happiness, you feel it the opposite direction."

It's time to deliver the placenta. I'm starting to make an effort and understand that a little more, and I lost consciousness, because in the eyes of the dark and dizzy. In the end, I gave birth to her normal, but remained weak. As the midwife said to me bleeding were too big. By the way, I'm torn. I sewed up, and for two days I could not get up. Yes, I could not, because of the strong weakness at once began to feel dizzy. Accordingly, thanks to my mother and her husband, because on their shoulders fell the care of the baby and me. Well, two weeks it was impossible to sit.

Despite the fact that nothing happened, now I no longersure I would venture once again, knowing that I could lose consciousness. I'm sure you can, and normally in the hospital to give birth. Now the experience is and I am no longer so afraid of doctors and childbirth. We then decided to give birth at home courses five people. I was surprised to learn that I broke one, though few with some exercises prepared. But about that will never bear any more, I was not alone. Of course, all is forgotten with time. Now my baby is already 6 months and this is happiness. And now I'm thinking about making such happiness in my family had a lot of. "

maternity hospital

Home births
Very often women complain that in the hospitalthem produce all sorts of medical procedures (induction of labor, anesthesia, an incision of the perineum, caesarean, etc..), which in their view are not needed. And it is very difficult to persuade a doctor to do it all. Let's try to understand why our doctors to do so.

In the hospital the entire responsibility for the outcome of childbirthState entrusted the doctors. Many women do not even realize that coming to the hospital, they said, "sit down at the doctor's neck and hung feet," as if to say, "I came, I give birth, I myself can not do anything." But the doctor - it is the same people, like all of us. He also has his own experience and their own fears. No doctor wants to be in jail, and therefore acts according to the rule "Better overdone than underdone." In addition, if at the outset the doctor was trained not to take birth in a natural way, and with the help of medicines and medical equipment, then what do you want from him. So it is quite natural that he will use the whole arsenal in the fight for your life and your child's life, and of course, in order to protect their lives. But doctors are different. There are those who are against any natural, considering birth disease, and there are those that intervene only as a last resort.

Unfortunately, in recent years more and more womenThey complain about the abuse of power of doctors and obstetricians. This is extortion of money and a shot to slow the labor, the doctor could sleep, if she came at night. This caesarean section, where it would be possible and give birth normally. And what can we say about the indifferent or even boorish attitude toward women. Therefore, our mothers can be understood. After the birth of a baby for many the most important event of all life, and when such an attitude and such conditions, it would be desirable to run. Therefore, a home birth and became for many the most paradise, which they robbed the medicine at the same time, women forget that the death of a child is always a risk.

And in the hospital can be dispensed with, and stimulationanalgesics, as well as a number of procedures, is done with the mother and child. Simply write failure. Of course, doctors are discouraged, but you have the right to have this and you have to know about it.

MirSovetov wants to remind all women thatOf course - it's great, but in our time due to the nature of the customer relationship to it and other factors began to falter. It also should be reflected in the number of complications in pregnancy and childbirth and the health of unborn children. Therefore it is very important in our time not to give up medical care. It is now possible to detect the problem at an early stage of pregnancy, and thus, the chances that it will be easy to handle, very large. Is it worth risking your health and the health of the baby?

Nobody argues that we in Russia are still far fromto give birth in the hospital looked like a fairy tale - and their own little room with a crib and a shower, and even bring the whole family, the main thing that was good. But not all at once. The trend for home birth suggests that sooner or later the number is simply obliged to go into quality. So, maternity reform is not far off.

Childbirth at home, advice

Home births
And finally, a few recommendations from MirCovetov those who still decided to give birth at home:

  1. Take the keys from the door family or friend, and,starting at 38 weeks of pregnancy, if you are at home, try to close the castle, which can be accessed from the street. There are cases when a woman for various reasons become bad and she can not even open the emergency door.
  2. Come responsibly to the choice of the obstetrician. He must have a medical degree and experience in medical procedures needed to save your lives. Ask the women's phone numbers, from whom he took birth. Talk to them. And, if you trust in him, and he says that you need to go to the hospital - you need to go.
  3. Keep in mind that the midwife is the same person asall, and in the moment when you start to give birth, may be present in other genera or stuck in a traffic jam. If you are afraid, it is better to err and to negotiate with the two obstetricians, just in case.
  4. In advance, prepare all the necessary for homechildbirth (the list will obstetrician). Suppose that in the 38 weeks everything will be ready. Show her husband that she is and where you might need during labor, to not be nervous and do not look all at the last minute.
  5. Also we recommend, regardless of whether you are goingDo you go to the hospital if something happens or not, the bag to the hospital cook. All documents. Believe me, you will be calmer. Anything can happen, but my husband will not have to look for anything.
  6. Beforehand, find out where the nearest hospital and have permission to take you if something happens to her husband. A woman has the right to choose the hospital is not the place of residence, and what he wants.
  7. Take courses, which will tell you all kinds of labor and teach how to behave in any of them.
  8. If you choose to give birth in the water, prepare all the space in the room, because the painful contractions and in the bathroom you can be very uncomfortable.
  9. Check with the gynecologist in the antenatal clinicyour indication to leave. Though it is rare, but it happens that a woman arrives at the hospital and learns that she has some problems, which she did not know, but who are strict indication for cesarean section.
  10. It would be good to her husband was physically prepared as well as a woman will lean on him, somewhere can squat.
  11. I would like to say a few words about thatnot every man can be present at birth or has a great desire to watch the whole process. MirCovetov advised to discuss all the details with her husband, and if he refuses, do not insist. Men love with their eyes, so kind wife and all that is happening in the future may have a negative impact on your sex life.
  12. Ideal conditions for home births are: lack of speech and all that includes "brain activity." A woman should relax as much as possible. Music is desirable also without words. Light - muted, pets should not be close. If the husband is afraid of childbirth - better to let the wait in the next room.
  13. At some point you may find that you can no longer tolerate, you start to cry. It is important to believe in themselves, to be able to relax and ignore the whole, including the negativity.
  14. Be sure to get advance neonatologist, who on the same day or the next will come, and will hold a full examination of the child.
  15. After birth, the baby may register dadyour two passports and a witness (to anyone could act as a witness). It is best to pre-specify how the procedure is carried out in your town.

That's all. Good luck. And remember: you give birth, it's important! Despite the many techniques that allow to adjust the development of the child so that he has gained all the skills because of the "wrong", he did not get delivery. It is important that mother and baby were alive and well, which you mymedinform.com and wishes!

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