Apoplexy ovary, symptoms and causes of the disease


  • What is ovarian apoplexy
  • What are the symptoms of ovarian apoplexy
  • What causes ovarian apoplexy

    What is ovarian apoplexy

    Apoplexy ovary (ovarian rupture) - a sudden break
    (Disruption of) ovarian tissue, accompanied by bleeding
    the abdomen and pain.

    Among the causes of intra-abdominal bleeding 0.5-2.5% are ovarian apoplexy.

    There are three forms of ovarian apoplexy depending on the predominant symptoms:

    • Pain form when there is severe pain, but no signs of intra-abdominal bleeding.
    • Anemic form when come first symptoms of internal (intra-abdominal) bleeding.
    • The mixed form combines the signs of pain and anemic forms of ovarian apoplexy.
    • However, according to recent data, this classification is considered to be defective, as the gap is not possible without ovarian bleeding.

      Therefore, at present, this pathology is divided into several
      severity: mild, moderate and severe (depending on the size
      blood loss).

      What are the symptoms of ovarian apoplexy

      Clinical symptoms of apoplexy associated with the primary mechanism for the development of this pathology:

      • Apoplexy ovary, symptoms and causes of the diseasePain that occurs primarily in the
        mid-cycle or after a minor delay menstruation (when
        break luteum cyst, for example). Pain is most often localized in
        lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain may radiate into the rectum,
        in the lumbar or the umbilical region.

      Bleeding into the abdominal cavity, which can be accompanied by:

      • pressure reduction,
      • increase in heart rate,
      • weakness and dizziness,
      • syncope,
      • chills, fever up to 38 ° C,
      • single vomiting,
      • dry mouth.

      Quite often, ovarian apoplexy occurs
      after intercourse or training in the gym, that is, when
      certain conditions, when the pressure in the abdominal cavity and
      possible violation of the integrity of ovarian tissue. However, ovarian rupture
      It could happen against the background of full health.

      What causes ovarian apoplexy

      The reasons that contribute to ovarian apoplexy:

      • The pathological changes of vessels (varicose, multiple sclerosis).
      • Previous inflammation of ovarian tissue.
      • The moment of ovulation.
      • Stage corpus luteum vascularization (the middle and the second phase of the cycle).

      Risk factors that contribute to ovarian apoplexy:

      • Injury.
      • Weight lifting or heavy physical activity.
      • Rough sexual intercourse.

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