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  • The epidemic of toxic shock syndrome
  • Improper use of tampons
  • How to use tampons
  • Manifestations of toxic shock syndrome

  • The epidemic of toxic shock syndrome

    Tampon diseaseThe epidemic of toxic shock syndrome when using tampons over 20 years ago. Today, no one will die of the hygienic means. However, rumors and myths are still concerned about women.

    The first tampons have appeared in ancient Egypt. Then it was very distant prototypes of modern products. It is unlikely that the majority of Egyptian women found attractive to use a small piece of wool in their critical days. Likely to apply such tampons needed also critical situation.

    The rebirth of tampons occurred in 1933,when an American physician Erlem Haas patented tampon as a means for personal hygiene. Somewhat later, an American of German descent Gertrude Tenders purchased from Dr. Pat founded the company and Tampax. Tampons 30s are not very comfortably. Then it means is a compressed cotton wool wrapped in gauze.

    To the credit of manufacturers going improvementconstantly. First there was the thread by which the process of removing a tampon become more comfortable. Then came the applicators, which made the process more convenient administration. Only one improvement has not benefited tampons. The desire of producers to maximize the intake or absorption capacity of tampons and led to tragic consequences.

    In 1980, US scientists have discovered morewhat a strange increase in the incidence of toxic shock syndrome, a condition that occurs most often in patients with burns. Statistics were disappointing: of the 800 victims killed 38 women. Soon, the answer has been found. Most women use tampons Rely corporation Procter & Gamble.

    Improper use of tampons

    As it turned out in the tampons having a maximumsuction capacity and allowing them to use more than 12 hours a day, settled staphylococci, which became the cause of the shock. For unknown reasons, these microbes getting into a tampon, begin to synthesize a huge amount of toxins that are getting into the bloodstream through the small lesions of the mucous membrane and cause shock. Sudden fever, weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting is quickly replaced by impairment of consciousness and sometimes, unfortunately, died.

    Commission investigating the matter, he invited allcompanies to come to a common standard for absorption, which it was decided to reduce. Also, producers were encouraged to post information about toxic shock syndrome on the packaging. Thanks to these measures by 1998 in all it was observed 3 cases of shock and no death. Today isolated cases occur most often have less to do with themselves tampons as their improper application, as well as the initial presence of infection in women.

    A new round of scandals emerged on the Internet andthanks to the journalists who do not bother to verify the information. Immediately on multiple sites published articles that are contained in tampons fibers known carcinogen - asbestos. As mentioned in the articles, especially manufacturers enclose the product in the material to increase the suction power. The information was immediately denied. And it was easily done because asbestos expensive material and is much worse cotton wool and even more viscose. In addition, life has shown that an increase in absorption - a dead-end path of evolution of the tampon.

    Another "duck" was the information about the presence oftampons dioxin which cause vaginal cancer. At this time, manufacturers had a hard time. The fact that bleaching, being an integral part in the manufacture of viscose - artificial wool earlier carried out using chlorine. It is known that this technology involves the formation of dioxins hazardous to humans. However, this technique has never been used in the manufacture of viscose for tampons. However, this did not prevent the legislature the US and Europe to oblige manufacturers to regularly measure the level of dioxin in tampons not only, but also in the areas where they are produced.

    How to use tampons

    As always, instead of the conclusion a few tips on how to properly use tampons and protect yourself from the side effects.

    Precautionary measures:

    • Be sure to read the recommendations on the package
    • Keep the swabs in a clean and dry place
    • Open the package just before use
    • Before the introduction of wash your hands
    • Use tampons with minimal absorption, which is possible
    • Change tampons every 4-8 hours
    • Use tampons only during menstruation. When bleeding and secretions only recommended pads.

    Manifestations of toxic shock syndrome

    If any of the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome, see your doctor

    Manifestations of toxic shock syndrome:

    • The sudden increase in body temperature to 39 degrees Celsius and above
    • Weakness
    • Muscle Pain
    • vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Dizziness when changing from horizontal to vertical
    • Redness of the skin on the type of sunburn.

    depending the degree of absorption produced tampons 4 vidoat:

    • Teenage (Junior) - absorption of up to 6 grams
    • Ordinary (Regular) - removals from 6 to 9 grams
    • Super - from 9 to 12 grams
    • Super plus - from 12 to 15 grams

    Conventional tampons (Regular) suitable formost women and that they recommend the use of obstetricians to those who previously enjoyed exclusively gaskets. If within the period up to 4 hours comes the filling of the tampon, it is necessary to change in the future to use products with enhanced absorption.

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