Depression during pregnancy

Many women for incomprehensible reasons experience depression during pregnancy. «How so? - Those who are thinking. - I'm waiting for a baby, but I don't feel joy!». Such thoughts provoke deterioration, and as a result, depression is growing in geometric progression. How to deal with this, and what causes depressive thoughts in such a bright period of life of a woman?

Signs of depression

Pregnancy, Depression, Bad Mood, Preservation, Stress, Emotions

Pregnancy, probably one of the most important and happy periods in the life of a woman. But, unfortunately, not everyone is in joyful waiting. For a certain percentage of future mothers, pregnancy for incomprehensible reasons carrying painful spiritual torments. Statistics show that approximately 10% of women around the world suffer from depressive state during pregnancy.

Such a minority could be written off on hormonal splashes and other «Prelas» of this period, but in some cases, depression during pregnancy can adversely affect the ease of the fetus. That is why at the slightest suspicion it is necessary to make appropriate measures.

Manifestations of such depression can be completely diverse, ranging from quiet sadness and tears in a pillow at night, ending with loud hysteries and beating dishes. Some women because of the increased guardianship of their men in this period feel their uselessness, and this is strongly oppressed by them. Others want more attention, others do not know what they need. But not so important how depression is manifested how much - what it can lead. MPSovetov proposes to dwell on the fact that the depressed mental state of the future mother has a detrimental effect on the development of the child.

Signs of depression:

  • unfortunate anxiety (paranoia);
  • scattered;
  • irritability for the slightest occasion;
  • insomnia;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • Uncontrolled fear;
  • Joylessness (even the favorite classes do not deliver pleasure, does not make a delicious food, I don't want anything);
  • No appetite or, on the contrary, constant strong hunger.

Causes of depression

Pregnancy, Depression, Bad Mood, Preservation, Stress, Emotions

First you need to relax. How to do it, everyone decides for himself. Someone helps aromatic sticks and Indian incense, someone - meditative music or nature sounds, someone prefers a warm bath with essential oils. If you do not know how to relax, arrange a pleasant experiment and trust all known methods!

If you think you need to clean up all the apartment before the appearance of the baby, create all the conditions, organize a nursery, buy a bunch of toys, things, impose socks and hats - it is not. You really left not so much time before the birth of a child, but it is necessary to spend it exclusively. After 9 months you will forever become mom, but for now you do not prevent you from spending time! On the contrary, all conditions have been created for this - the husband performs any whims, at work you are taking crossings, everyone around you want to please! Use this unique opportunity to relax!

When you configured yourself to the right way, it's time to take care of physical condition. Daily charging not only keeps muscles in a tone, but in the literal sense raises the mood! Even if you do not experience great joy from squats, they at least distract you from sad thoughts. Sign up in the pool, read about special charging for future mothers, do the preparation of your body to the most «Productive» Load in Life.

Do not be afraid to share your experiences with a close or psychologist. Do not keep everything in yourself, because even if it seems to you that you skillfully hide your condition even from yourself, at some point «Bowl will overflow», And all the accumulated splashes out in the form of a nervous breakdown at the most inopportune moment.

If two or three weeks of active autotraining and physical exertion did not give visible improvements, consult a psychotherapist.

Our site is extremely recommended to use drug antidepressants, even if you prescribed their psychotherapist. There are a lot of natural vegetable preparations that have similar impact and do not harm the body. However, before their use, you must consult with your obstetrician-gynecologist.

Remember that the visit to the psychotherapist does not mean at all that you recognized your mental weakness. On the contrary, it suggests that you have already begun to take care of your yet born baby, that you are already a good mom!

Future without depression

Pregnancy, Depression, Bad Mood, Preservation, Stress, Emotions

It is known that depression during pregnancy and postpartum depression are closely interrelated. Even if you are not in the risk group (not predisposed to depression), you can have both kinds. But if you managed to overcome your thoughts and «Align» Mental state during the expectation of the baby, then be calm - with postpartum depression, you will handle two accounts if it appears at all.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the reason for your condition lies not somewhere around the corner, at work or in the behavior of the spouse - it is in your head! And no one except you can dispose of your own thoughts, behavior and decisions. Develop self-controlling, learn sober and impartially look at things, and then no depression before you can not get!

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