Pitfalls of andropause. How to avoid them?


  • Reduced sexual function
  • Male menopause: symptoms of the cardiovascular system
  • Male menopause: the symptoms of neuropsychiatric
  • Male menopause: general wilting symptoms
  • It must make every true man!
  • Pathological male menopause: treatment

  • Pitfalls of andropause. How to avoid them?Climax - the lot, not only women, and sometimes men too painful
    experiencing hormonal changes, often become depressed, feeling
    approach of old age. The first symptoms of male menopause or andropause usually
    appear between the ages of 45-60 years. No extreme sensations that
    would violate the usual life - all changes occur in the body and measured
    orderly, and menopause symptoms merge with common signs of aging.
    The amount of testosterone falls slowly, gradually leading to the extinction of sexual
    function. This is the ideal, but often andropause is a real challenge
    for men. The process of extinction of hormonal function of the testicles is uneven and
    the outcome of regulatory mechanisms disorder becomes pathological male

    Reduced sexual function

    The leading symptom of andropause is coming and fading
    sexual dysfunction, which occurs in 80% of men, it is also a characteristic of
    and pathological male menopause.

    • Decreased libido (sex drive).
    • Delayed or premature ejaculation.
    • The weakening of an erection (erectile dysfunction).
    • Fatigue during intercourse.

    Decreased sexual activity and fewer
    Androgen promotes the development of BPH and prostate cancer
    - The typical period of illness andropause.

    Male menopause: symptoms of the cardiovascular system

    Pathological during male menopause is characterized by
    the occurrence of violations of the cardiovascular system and sharp
    increased risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, cardiac arrest. Before
    60% of men face this problem, in this case, not all of them are
    with understanding to changes, preferring to turn a blind eye to
    obvious symptoms of disease, still blithely, as in his youth, treated
    to their health.

    • Lability
      blood pressure, tendency to its increase.
    • Headache.
    • Feeling a sudden heat in the upper half
      body and face - "tides", accompanied by dizziness and numbness
    • Dissatisfaction breath, tightness
      behind the breastbone.
    • Increased heartbeat.
    • Pain in the heart.
    • Interruptions in the work of the heart: the feeling fades,
      shock, atrial flutter.

    Male menopause: the symptoms of neuropsychiatric

    Pathological male menopause is often accompanied by
    development of neurotic states, and the more labile psyche of men, the more
    pronounced neuropsychiatric symptoms of hormonal changes. fast
    fatigue, decreased performance, nervousness, irritability,
    irascibility, insomnia, memory loss - all of it is typical for
    neurotic syndrome occurring within advancing andropause.
    A man loses interest in work, hobbies, and the same family, is looking for
    entertainment on the side, feels a sense of impending doom, unreasonable fear,
    Pathological jealousy, sometimes develops a real depression, and not by accident,
    age of menopause approach is considered critical for men.

    Male menopause: general wilting symptoms

    The onset of andropause affects the state of the organism in
    Overall, the observed changes in all organs and systems.

    • It reduces the amount of muscle mass.
    • Violated calcium metabolism, increase the risk of
    • There is a tendency to an increase in body weight,
      often develop obesity.
    • Violated the pancreas,
      It increases the risk of diabetes of the second type.
    • Fall hair on the body and genitals.
    • The skin becomes dry, flabby and covered

    It must make every true man!

    • When the male pathological symptoms
      menopause refer to andrologist or urologist, a blood test on the content of
      testosterone and pituitary hormones that will prevent the disease,
      have similar symptoms with menopause.
    • Check in blood cholesterol levels and
      the content of its metabolic products, to assess and reduce the risk of
      cardiovascular problems.
    • Determine the blood glucose levels and eliminate
    • To determine the level of calcium in the blood, pass densitometry
      for evaluation of bone density and osteoporosis risk.
    • It is mandatory concentration determination
      Prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood, digital rectal
      examination, ultrasound examination of the prostate, allowing to identify the adenoma and cancer
    • The study of prostate secretions and semen analysis
      fluid will evaluate the degree of changes in reproductive function.

    Pathological male menopause: treatment

    Relieve symptoms of menopause can help:

    • compliance with work and rest, the dosage
      physical activity, supporting toned muscle and cardiovascular
      system, which prevents the development of depression, obesity and osteoporosis;
    • maintain an optimal body weight, limiting
      consumption of animal fats, simple carbohydrates and salts;
    • smoking cessation and alcohol;
    • creating a positive psycho-emotional
      attitude, and if necessary visit to a psychologist and psychotherapist;
    • Regular moderately active sex life;
    • vitamin.

    This treatment needs only those men who
    faced with severe pathological manifestations of male menopause. Them
    It can be shown:

    • hormone replacement therapy;
    • sedatives or tonics;
    • Physiotherapy: bath, circular and rising
      Shower, electrosleep electrophoresis and bromine, vibratory or ultraviolet
    • Symptomatic therapy: drugs, normalizing
      heart function and blood pressure, activates metabolic processes;
    • treatment of opportunistic diseases: adenomas and
      prostate cancer, diabetes and obesity.

    Male menopause is inevitable, but move beyond this stage of life
    It can be different. Do not put up with poor health and "courageously"
    endure all the hardships of the transition period. Real man will act
    acceptance of the situation and taking care of their health.

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