PMS? Be a man!


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  • It is known that distinguishes women from men heightened emotionality. we
    nervous, tormented himself over trifles, and even once a month, suffering from
    PMS. But anyone who is exposed to stress, including man. Difference
    that girls are usually more complex and longer experiencing any
    trouble. And all because, as we analyze, ponder and
    We suffer, men act and give their feelings out.
    PMS? Be a man!


    They know that sports are beneficial to the health and physical
    shape. And that daily charge and in general any physical
    Load a positive effect on the psyche is particularly well know it
    men. That is why many of them are written to the gym, and weekends
    They prefer to spend in the pool or on the court. Find and you in my life
    place for sports - a good mood will be ensured. physical
    exercises, like sweets, promote the production of endorphins (hormone
    happiness). But unlike chocolate, sport will not hurt your figure,
    that in itself is uplifting.

    Come back to childhood

    do not hesitate to wear neckties and socks with Bart Simpson and other
    cartoon characters, do not mind playing in the backyard football with junior
    his brother, and like to laugh at themselves. The girls are not used to play the fool and
    to fall into children's carelessness. Meanwhile, children's games and fun
    relieve stress. When you're a child more than an hour or harbored resentment
    I played with a bad mood? So let yourself be discharged. At the end
    working week and play with your friends in "Twister" or at least go to the
    "Children's World" is the ice cream.

    Who is louder?

    Is yours
    boyfriend likes to sing in the shower? Suppose you is not annoying - so he
    relieves fatigue. Singing and shouting at all useful, but unfortunately, not
    always appropriate, so many let you "unleash the voice" only
    alone with himself. And do not get angry when the man loudly includes
    music. It is better to join his friend, able to drown out the noise
    negative emotions. And if you have nervous neighbors - once a week
    go to a disco or karaoke bar.

    look for passion

    like automobiles and cars regularly read publications. Some even
    collecting: Who car, and who - magazines. List of philatelists too
    It consists mainly of males. Hobbies distract from bad thoughts. Girls
    also a wave gathering: fashionista after shopping boast
    designer bags and looking DVD movies with a few favorite directors.

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