Polioksidony in the struggle for women's health


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    Inflammatory diseases of internal genitalbodies occupy one of the first places among the gynecological diseases and can lead to very serious complications: menstrual dysfunction, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, habitual miscarriage, developing pregnancy, a violation of intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth.

    Polioksidony in the struggle for women's health
    Therefore, it is important to promptly and effectivelystop the inflammation development. The difficulty lies in the fact that the bacteria that are causative agents of infections detected growing antibiotic resistance - as a result of conventional methods of treatment do not provide the desired results.

    In recent years, more and more professionalsrecognize that the successful fight against infection depends largely on increasing the local immune genitals. Therefore, in addition to traditional treatments all of the local immunomodulators used more widely. One of the best doctors believe polioksidony.

    This drug increases the body's immunityagainst a variety of infections. In this case it affects only those indicators of the immune system, which differ from the norm: Improves reduced performance reduces - the high and does not affect normal. This polioksidony, unlike many other immunomodulators does not require a preliminary study of immune status. Furthermore, this drug has other useful properties: it reduces inflammation and removes toxic substances from the body.

    All this makes it a very valuable polioksidonyally in the fight against inflammation. Using Polyoxidonium in the form of vaginal suppositories in addition to the main course of antibiotic therapy can at times increase the effectiveness of treatment, speed recovery and avoid complications.

    It should be noted that is compatible with polioksidonyany course of treatment and does not require changes in traditional treatment regimens. It blends well with virtually all groups of drugs, increasing their effectiveness.

    Recall that the inflammatory symptomsinternal genital diseases can be pain, mucous discharge, violation of urination and sexual disorders, but often inflammatory processes occur without pronounced symptoms. It is very important as soon as possible to identify the disease and begin treatment. Therefore, noting the slightest discomfort, do not hesitate to immediately contact a doctor.

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