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  • What can hormonal contraceptivesWe conducted a survey among the readers of the portal Medkrug, which showed
    that 29% of women does not speak enough about the complex benefits of contraceptives
    a new class that is possibly connected with
    biased with respect to the degree of security or hormones
    negative experiences with outdated tools that can cause side effects. Only
    10% of survey participants noted a
    advantage of hormones as a reduction in the monthly menstrual blood loss and the risk of anemia, and only 7% believe that hormone
    Contraception does not affect the ability of conception in the future. At the same time the main
    feature of modern contraception - it is primarily the improvement of health

    Health expectant mother

    Statistics show:
    the higher the level of consumption in the country of hormonal contraceptives
    women of reproductive age, the lower the percentage of undesirable
    pregnancies and abortions.

    Oral hormonal contraceptives are one of the most
    effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. For the last
    years from European experts changed view on contraception: focus
    It has shifted from preventing unwanted pregnancy to prepare for the coveted
    motherhood. Indeed, the use of hormonal contraceptives allows
    women to avoid negative experiences, to maintain health, and to choose the most
    the right time for conceiving a child. And after the abolition of the hormonal contraceptive
    Pregnancy can occur within 2 weeks.

    But that's not all - the new modern contraceptives
    generation helps save not only health, but also to take care of the figure and
    well-being, improve skin and hair, to normalize
    menstrual cycle and relieve PMS symptoms.

    Save figure

    old generation Hormonal contraceptives can cause
    side effects: indigestion, swelling and weight gain (up to 2
    kg per month). The problem of swelling is in violation of water balance and delay
    fluids. "The reason," it has become a synthetic progestogen, which,
    Unlike the present progesterone did not promote the excretion of excess fluid
    from the body.

    Hormonal contraceptive new generation - on the basis of drospirenone (Manufacturer Gedeon
    Richter) - helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body,
    It prevents the development of edema, and as a consequence, an increase in body weight. Also
    Drospirenone beneficial effect on the hair and scalp, promoting
    get rid of acne and seborrhea.

    Warning - PMS!

    Even such a harmless condition as PMS can significantly
    worsen the health, performance and mood of women. Coping with
    these symptoms can help hormonal contraceptives that are based on
    component desogestrelcapable
    normalize the menstrual cycle and reduce bleeding.

    nursing mothers

    As is known, a nursing mother is able to become pregnant, unless
    It will be protected. Especially for lactating mothers by Gedeon Richter developed
    Another hormonal contraceptive based on desogestrel, Which structure does not include estrogens. desogestrel not
    affects the quality and quantity of breast milk, and in some cases the drug
    capable of improving lactation. Assign this contraceptive 4-6 weeks after
    delivery (with the resumption of sexual life).

    Catch 72 hours

    Our review of oral hormonal contraceptives would be incomplete
    without the drug for emergency contraception, established on the basis of levonorgestrel .
    This tool is recommended to take within 72 hours after unprotected
    sexual intercourse.

    All advantages of hormonal contraception

    The use of oral hormonal contraceptives allows you to harmonize
    the work of the reproductive system: to normalize the menstrual cycle, get rid of
    PMS and excessive blood loss symptoms, improve overall health and
    to prepare for a planned pregnancy.

    Currently, there are contraceptives for any occasion:
    from emergency contraception to drugs addressed to lactating mothers; from
    contraceptives, helping young women to get rid of acne and PMS to
    drugs that have a marked therapeutic effect.

    To take advantage of modern medicine,
    We need to take the first step - to see a specialist in women's health and
    ask for help with the selection of appropriate hormonal contraceptive.

    Read more about the features of female contraception, you can
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