Climax: the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning


  • Climax: the disease or an insult?
  • The evolution of menopause
  • Nature protection
  • "Action" self-love
  • 10 advantages of mature age

  • We try for themselves to decide what we need to see a doctor because
    in such cases treated very rare. After a climax not talk
    accepted. But to no avail. Tell about this issue, we asked Dr.
    medical sciences, professor, head of the endocrine department
    Gynecology, Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences of Ukraine
    Tatiana Feofanovnu Tatarchuk.

    Climax: the disease or an insult?

    The problem of menopause
    It is now more relevant than ever. If in the distant past a woman lived in
    an average of 45 years, this question simply does not have time to occur. Now
    female life expectancy of about 80 years. Usually menopause
    occurs in 48-50 years, which means that one third of her life a woman spends in

    By the way, in Ukraine, menopause in women occurs at
    2-2.5 years earlier than in Europe. But despite all this, the theme
    menopause hardly rises: an aging woman - is not the most
    interesting subject for conversation. Women do not want to realize
    approaching age, men also interesting to talk about it.
    Curiously, that any illness in our society - high blood pressure, osteoporosis,
    diabetes ... is perceived as a disease. Climax is perceived as

    A neurologist, even there is a joke: if you want to
    woman cured of neurosis, tell her that she has a climax, and she
    cease to complain. And then there is
    socio-psychological part of the problem: menopause - it's embarrassing,
    indecent. Even there was a "term" - klimakterichka ... Therefore,
    problems of menopause is called tactfully the problems of adolescence.
    And Climax: the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowningThis feature of our national mentality. In countries
    Europe there are government programs, subsidies, public
    organizations to address the problems of menopause. We have the same medical aspect
    develops, and social, unfortunately, is virtually nonexistent.

    The evolution of menopause

    It is almost everyone knows that the climax - it is tides, tearfulness,
    irritability, emotional lability, night sweats, palpitations ...
    This group of disorders occurs when only just beginning
    the emergence of menopause.

    This occurs most often in the 45 years, the woman
    just feel bad, but in its gynecological indicators
    she is healthy. Later develop sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence,
    dryness of the skin, mucous membranes, hair loss ...
    Then already, and hypertension, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis .. And so the state
    It deteriorates until deep memory impairment and even deeper
    mental disorders. However, menopause may develop somewhat

    Nature protection

    If you look at
    a woman from the point of view of nature, nature keeps her as a woman
    fulfilling its main mission - to bear children. Incidentally, it is noted that
    if a woman is mentally focused on the family, he pays her in the shower
    more attention, she is less ill. This is the main protection of nature,
    provided that hormone. Estrogens - Hormones of the first phase of the cycle
    - Provide the appearance of women, an emotional outburst, the brightness,
    colorful life. Women who have not enough of them, less than happy
    life, less emotional, they have worse skin, hair. the main task
    another hormone - progesterone - providing pregnancy. When his
    prevalence in the body the woman feels peacefulness, tranquility,
    harmony. Before menopause, estrogens usually remain, and
    Progesterone is not enough.

    As a consequence - emotional outbursts,
    irritability, emotional imbalance, insufferable
    character ... It is easy to imagine what happens if this woman -
    a public person or a leader. Then much easier to cure one
    a person from the menopause, than a team from neurosis. But this is
    treated, and quite effectively. You just need to spend time
    therapy to help their own ovaries to work for another five years.


    love of self

    ten years before menopause, that is 38-40 years old, begins
    transition period. It was then that a woman should understand that it is necessary
    to do something to prevent the onset of early menopause.

    all need a proper diet with sufficient
    vitamins, and most importantly - do not overeat. Important in this period, and
    Phytoestrogens: citrus, soybean, clover, red wine, grapes ...

    sedentary work a variety of physical activities (be it swimming in
    pool or jogging and training in the gym, but
    necessarily like) prevent stagnation of blood circulation in the pelvis and
    the ovaries.

    In addition, the doctor may prescribe medications,
    stabilizing the nervous system, improve liver function.
    Thus, menopause can be about five years to push. And in
    later period suitable hormone therapy, which can
    appoint an expert.

    And further. Remember the refrain: German begins
    treated for 3 years before the disease, and Russian - 2 hours prior to death? therefore
    it is important that it happened in time. And prevention and treatment
    including menopause. But modern medicine in collaboration with the
    woman can provide a sense of youth and women older than 65 years -
    this is the age of the WHO definition, is considered to be the end of

    10 advantages of mature age

    So, you can be congratulated on the fact that:

    • The main turning points in the life of the situation seems to be behind us. You find yourself, there is no
      cause for uncertainty and causeless sadness. For example, you do not
      have to worry that a prince on a white horse proskachet past.
    • You have become more balanced, because you know that in addition to serious
      problems - issues of life and death, all the rest will be settled.
    • The incredible power of student years, for a long time has passed and your
      abilities are judged not on test scores, and for practical
      results.Climax: the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning
    • Weed girlfriend-lived, and stayed true friends.
    • Your children become independent and now can breathe freely,
      concentrate on your inner world, to devote more time
      a hobby or discover a new talent.
    • Of
      shy little girls you become a woman who knows how to
      convince and prove his innocence, he is able to engage in dialogue, to neutralize
      conflict and find common ground. You Bole tolerant and to his own, and to
      another's errors.
    • Gone are the days when you were doing a lot of
      efforts to establish a life. Passion for the acquisition of orders, decorations
      and cosmetics subsided. Your needs have decreased to a reasonable
      limits, as became clear simple Christian commandment: "Not very
      happy in this world! There is nothing to take ... "And in
      essence, not so much a man need for a full happy life!
    • Are you resigned to the fact that the "Miss World" or a model you have not become.
      Yes and no! Is not it better just to be able profitably to emphasize this to you
      nature, and always be friendly. The Art of Being Woman
      much more important than being a chrysalis.
    • You become more
      relaxed and sophisticated sex. If male sexuality peak
      accounts for 17 years, and all subsequent years, he only comes down from
      this peak, the wine is feminine charms over the years become only more
    • You reached the psychological maturity, gained
      life experience. To you come to realize that every day - not
      preparation for the wonderful future and anticipation of miracles, and life itself.

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