What is ovarian apoplexy


Apoplexy ovary, symptoms and diagnosis

Apoplexy ovary (ovarian hematoma, bleeding
from the ovary, the corpus luteum cyst rupture, infarction of the ovary, ovarian rupture)
- Bleeding into the ovary, accompanied by its rupture and bleeding
into the abdominal cavity.

There is due to pathological changes in blood vessels (varicose
extension sclerosis) against preceding inflammation.
Most often it occurs at the time of ovulation or vascularization stage
the corpus luteum (the middle and the second phase of the cycle). Provokes role
trauma, weight lifting, vigorous sexual intercourse.

The disease begins suddenly including full
health. There are sharp pains in the abdomen, then the pain
It applies to the entire abdomen and can be given in the leg, anus,

As the growth of intra-abdominal haemorrhage occur signs of blood loss:

  • pallor of the skin and mucous membranes,
  • increased heart rate,
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • shock.

the body is normal. There abdominal bloating and pain, especially in
lower its departments. Most often it occurs in the middle apoplexy
menstrual cycle (approximately day 12-15) or second
half cycle.

What is ovarian apoplexyIf you need to apoplexy
immediately take a horizontal position and urgently call "ambulance
aid "for hospitalization in a surgical or gynecological
hospitals. Before arrival of the doctor in any case can not accept any
pain medicine, put on the lower abdomen with a heating pad or ice
warm water.

Diagnosis presents considerable difficulties,
apoplexy as the symptoms are similar to symptoms of ectopic
pregnancy, acute inflammation of the appendages, or acute appendicitis. AT
today's clinic often resort to diagnostic
laparoscopy; with the intraperitoneal bleeding puncture made through
the posterior vaginal fornix.

Laboratory diagnosis is carried out
using fluorescence specific antisera which
stained smears postpones ulcers, punctate lymph nodes,
culture, prepared on blood agar.

There are two forms of apoplexy: no bleeding
peritoneal cavity and intraperitoneal bleeding. Without
express internal bleeding and possible collapse of the conservative
tactics (calm, cold on the lower abdomen). With growing phenomena
Internal bleeding is a surgery - laparotomy, resection
ovary. At the same time it is necessary to compensate for blood loss (retransfusion,
transfusion of blood, blood substitutes), if necessary
administered cardiovascular drugs. The operation in the early stages is often
It provides a favorable outcome.

prevention method: in
a family where one child already ill, possible deficiency diagnosis
glucocerebrosidase in amniotic fluid cells, wherein
it is recommended to terminate the pregnancy.

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