Causes of monthly delay

Menstrual cycle (monthly, regulated) is a physiological process that supports reproductive functions in the female body. At the same time, the brain is responsible for menstruation. It is he who manages this process. True, until now it is not clear which brain department is responsible for him.

Gynecology, female organism, monthly delay, menstrual cycle, menstruation, monthly

Menstrual cycle, in fact, is the process of rejection of the functional layer endometrial. The beginning of the menstrual cycle falls at age 11-15 years old, and the ending, as a rule, at the age of 45-55 years. Monthly usually lasts from 3 to 7 days. In this case, the cycle is about 20 days. Although, depending on the characteristics of the body, the cycle can last more or less. A full-fledged cycle of menstruation is usually installed in about six months after they started.

If the delay occurs, the first thing that comes to mind is pregnancy. However, not only pregnancy can cause monthly delays. So, some of the possible causes of delays are gynecological, that is, associated with various gynecological diseases, and other of them are absolutely no connection with diseases. And depending on the cause that provoked the appearance of delays may also change its duration. About this and talk more with readers Our site in this article.

Ovarian dysfunction

Quite frequent cause that provokes the delay of menstruation, the dysfunction of ovaries is considered. It is this diagnosis that most often put doctors in typical patient complaints. Although actually ovarian dysfunction is the same as the delay. After all, the delay occurs precisely because of violations of the ovarian work, but the reasons for these violations may be different. Therefore, the ovarian dysfunction itself is not the reason, but only a statement of fact, and directly factors provoking such violations in the female body have yet to find out.


Gynecology, female organism, monthly delay, menstrual cycle, menstruation, monthly

All hormonal processes have a strong influence. Therefore, if a woman has overweight or, on the contrary, excessively small, then it can also have long delays. In any case, it is worth consulting a doctor who can identify the existing reasons for the delay and assign appropriate treatment. The main thing is not to delay. Otherwise, consequences can be very harmful to the female body.

Changing climate

Delays are often found in women who decided to spend their vacation abroad, where there is another climate. In general, this reason can also be attributed to stress, because the climate change for the body is actually stress. Delays may also arise due to the fact that the woman spends too much time in the sun or in solarium.


Unfortunately, among girls there are those who do not refuse alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. All of these bad habits are extremely negatively affecting the reproductive system of women. By the way, both on the reproductive system of men too. Similar bad habits can provoke a monthly delay in women. In addition, monthly delay may also occur in women who are forced to work in harmful chemical production. These reasons can generally be called intoxication, and in order to solve these problems, you need to abandon the reception of stimulating substances and in the latter case you think about changing the work.

Reception of drugs

In particular, delays can be caused by anabolics, diuretics, antidepressants, anti-tuberculosis drugs and some other drugs. Therefore, if it is determined that delays arise from the reception of drugs, it is worth consulted with a doctor and, perhaps, replace the drug, provoking delays, to one that will not cause such adverse events.


Sometimes the delay of menstruation can provoke the sameness. Perhaps someone from relatives in the past were similar problems. True, the reason for such heredity has not yet been able to find out.


Gynecology, female organism, monthly delay, menstrual cycle, menstruation, monthly

In women after 45-50 years, delays may arise due to the fact that it is nearing Climax. In general, when the 50 years of age is reached, women begin to notice that certain changes occur in their organism. In particular, their monthly becomes less regular. In addition, they become less intense. This suggests that the reproductive period ends. Over time, monthly women are completely stopped. Although this is not the reason to abandon contraception. After all, the periods may well begin again in 1-2 months, and pregnancy at this age is undesirable. It can be dangerous both for the woman itself and for the child.

Gynecological reasons

Often, reasons for the appearance of delays are various gynecological diseases. In particular, the delay of menstruation can cause various tumor education (cyst, Myoma uterus, cervical cancer). Delays up to ten days are often found at Yellow Body Kista, adnexite, ooforite and with ovarian polycystic. In addition, various endometritis, adenomyosis, as well as inflammatory and infectious processes in the urogenital system may become the causes of such violations.

It is important in the early stages to be able to diagnose tumor formations. Moreover, no matter cancer or benign. In any case, such education requires an appropriate examination and treatment. If you delay, it can even lead to death. In general, any violations in the body need treatment.

Gynecology, female organism, monthly delay, menstrual cycle, menstruation, monthly

In addition, an incorrectly installed spiral can cause a delay. Also the reason for the appearance of delays are Abortion and miscarriage. After all, due to the interruption of pregnancy in the female body, there is a sharp restructuring. In particular, it applies to restructuring on a hormonal background. In addition, the mucous membrane of the uterus is damaged in the process of scraping. As a result, the delay in menstruation inevitably occurs. To restore the menstrual cycle, the female organism will need several months. If this does not happen, you should consult a doctor.

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