Summer hepatitis A, or "dirty hands disease"


  • Features of hepatitis A
  • "Unwashed hand deserves to be severed"
  • Children intestinal infection
  • Features of Hepatitis A
  • The hospital is not necessary
  • Tips for parents

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    Infection usually "picked up" in the summeryears, but the disease long incubation period and symptoms may be one and a half months or more after infection. A susceptibility to the virus absolute. This means, if a child accidentally collide with him just not thoroughly wash hands, fruits and vegetables, hlebnet water from the river or from an unknown puddles, then certainly ill.

    Cope with the hepatitis A virus body ratherdifficult, although it less hazardous to health. But because of the risk of complications of the disease belongs to the category of very serious. First of all, suffer from biliary ways: often develops cholecystitis, dyskinesia different. Extracts and pancreas, its defeat - a part of the disease process. As a result - chronic pancreatitis options. To top it off - weakness, fatigue, reducing tone, immunity. But if I had been ill, resistance to infection is for life.

    "Unwashed hand deserves to be severed"

    Summer hepatitis A, or "dirty hands disease"So said the ancient healers. And for good reason. Hepatitis A is transmitted by the fecal-oral route. Simply put, it is a disease of dirty hands. Pathogen most often ingested through the mouth - in the gastrointestinal tract, and then enters the lymph nodes and then to the liver. Here he is having a devastating effect on the liver cells (hepatocytes). The reason may be not only dirty hands, but also contaminated objects, such as kitchen utensils, toys, poorly washed vegetables, fruits and thermally unprocessed foods.

    It should be noted that generally a virus is not transmitted from the pregnant woman to the fetus. But if the baby is born prematurely, and his mother was ill with an infection shortly before the birth, the baby may be born with hepatitis A.

    Children intestinal infection

    Yet babies under one year infection usually do not suffer because they are protected by maternal antibodies. As a rule, the older children become ill. Most suffer from younger students.

    Fortunately, modern test systems allowidentify virus early in the incubation period. This is important to avoid infecting others, because the infection is transmitted to other long before the development of clinical symptoms.

    When the disease the child fever,there are weakness, fatigue, headache, aching joints, itchy skin, vomiting. And in a week - a maximum of two, he becomes like a big chicken. Once the diseased turned yellow, he is almost contagious, and recover in a few weeks, all goodbye with hepatitis A. But not always the disease is in the form of jaundice. And then even the doctors confuse it with banal ARI. Indeed, similar symptoms. In order not to miss anicteric form of infection, you need to carefully monitor the patient's condition.

    Features of Hepatitis A

    1. When ARI patient temperature drops, and he begins to feel better. This is not the case with hepatitis A. Temperature is not, and does not improve. A sick lethargic, apathetic, asleep several times a day.

    2. And at normal temperature there is no appetite, vomiting occurs. Often sick even at the sight of food. Vomiting is unusual, not as a case of poisoning, when a person repeatedly "falls out" virtually all eaten. It is not abundant, are not repeated, but persistent: seen for several days.

    3. If even a few months, when the quarantine is already filmed, in the yard, school, kindergarten, somewhere on vacation, you have heard about the disease, be alert. Infectious bridge may be unrecognized cases anicteric.

    4. Urinalysis did not reveal anicteric form. Requires blood chemistry, which confirms the presence of the virus in the body. These assays can be done in any district clinic. And what kind of hepatitis in the sick, identify already in a specialized medical institution.

    The hospital is not necessary

    If doctors diagnosed "hepatitis A", notbe sure to go to the hospital. The main thing with this disease - the right care. Ill need a separate room, it is necessary to rule out possible contacts, especially with children, because the probability of infection, though insignificant, but it's still there. The medicines for the recovery of the liver patient is absolutely no need. He needed only diet, and add to it a multivitamin, you can drink herbal teas of choleretic herbs - corn stigmas, St. John's wort.

    Permission is granted to milk, dairy products,cottage cheese; boiled and the vapor lean meat - beef, chicken, rabbit (veal, chicken undesirable); boiled lean fish - cod, perch, pike, carp, carp; dishes and side dishes of vegetables - potatoes, carrots, beets, raw and non-acidic pickled cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes (in small amounts), green peas; sour fruits and berries, jam, honey; soups cereals, vegetables, milk; various cereals and pasta, bread, mainly wheat, meal, baking the previous day; cookies and other products nesdobnoe test.

    Tips for parents

    In order not to get sick with hepatitis A, it is necessary to wash your handsbefore eating, eat only well-washed fruit. Keep recently learned to walk the baby does not wandered to the bathroom, hallway, do not allow him to play with street shoes. Drinking water baby, let's just special, from plastic bottles bought in the store, and be sure to boil the tap. Never buy food, especially cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, sausage, to uncivilized markets. If the family who is ill with hepatitis, treat his clothes, toys, kitchenware chloramine, exclude communication with teammates. The main way to counter hepatitis A - timely vaccinations. It is necessary first of all the kids who are in closed collectives, children who go on a summer vacation in Russia and abroad.

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