Such a useful bee uterine milk


  • Such a useful bee uterine milk
  • Features of the reception and assimilation of apilat

  • Such a useful bee uterine milk

    Bright taste and flavor of blooming herbs, rich gold tint and tender texture. If all the medicines were so tasty and attractive! Nectar and ambrosia do not mean: it's only about the result of working insects.

    Present a minute that the time of time, people had a simple means to maintain the Bogatar Health, the preservation of the body's youth and an increase in life expectancy. Can you believe that and now in our hands there is a powerful tool to combat fatigue, disease and depression?

    The unique properties of honey and other products of the bees are used by people from the times of Hippocratic and Avicenna. Honey - ancient remedy for the restoration of forces, treating many diseases and extension of active life. Medieval lekari also used wax, propolis and bees poison, and here the royal milk (apilac) began to use the drug as a medicinal product only at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Apilak is a secret generated by allotropic glands of workers bees. It is intended for feeding the larvae of future bee of the module, and then for their power in the period of masonry eggs. Bee uterus - «elite» Bee, they live in tens times longer than ordinary bees, whose diet consists only of honey.

    Such a useful bee uterine milkThe composition of the royal milk is so saturated with biological active substances, protein, vitamins, microelements and amino acids (part of the Apilac elements - is still a mystery for biochemists) that it can be compared, perhaps, only with a female colostrum - a unique product, specially designed to newborn and affordable person Only the first 3-4 days of life. In fact, apilat «Bee prayer», The first food of larvae, which gives them strength to grow and development. It differs from honey just like a milk from milk. Proteins are about 13% of the uterine milk, mostly, it is gamma-globulins and albumin, as well as 23 amino acids, of which 10 are indispensable (those that human organism can only get from the outside, but cannot work independently). One of the proteins of royal milk, royalizin, has a bactericidal activity similarly to lactoferrine of female milk. Carbohydrate royal milk, glucose and fructose, meet in honey, they make it easier and delicious.

    Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, Vitamins of group B, macro- and microelements K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, P, Zn - This list can be continued to continue almost to the end of the Mendeleev table, and all this - the components of the uterine milk. It is important that, as in the female milk, there are special enzymes in Apilaca, contributing to his assimilation.

    Natural uterine milk can be kept for how long: it is sterile, does not deteriorate and does not mold, has activity against microbes and bacteria. It can be called a natural antibiotic, in many ways capable of replacing aggressive synthesized drugs.

    How uterine milk, specific «Pchele» product can help man?

    The first studies of 1954 confirmed the fact that the practice showed a practice: apilax - a wonderful general connivorous and adaptogenic agent. Apilak improves metabolism, the work of many glands, including sex, stimulates and supports excellent digestion and bleeding. Apilak can be applied at the non-balance of body weight, the absence of appetite.

    The main indications for the reception of apilac - the period of rehabilitation of the body after illness, the general weakness, chronic fatigue syndrome, elderly age. Apilak is also used in sports medicine: it helps professional athletes to recover after serious physical and psychological loads.

    Improving the overall condition of the body, uterine milk helps protect against colds and viral diseases in the cold season. Anti-virus and antibacterial components of uterine milk slow down the growth of typical pathogens of seasonal diseases: staphylococci, streptococci, cold and influenza viruses.

    The full range of group vitamins in the composition of the apilacment directly stimulates his own human immunity, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the uterine milk are especially relevant for residents of the northern regions, because the winter exacerbations of tonsillitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, bronchitis and other «Favorites» Northern diseases are familiar to us not to be. To treat such states with an absolutely natural, safe and affordable preparation is easier and more efficient than to follow the complex and expensive treatment regimen, combining chemical medicines and physiotics.

    Separately, you need to say about the action of apilacs on the female organism with insufficient milk production (hypoglactics). Unfortunately, now often there is a lack of milk in nursing mothers. Causes of hypoglactics can be different - from chronic mothers of mom to improper feeding organization. Apilak, due to the content of hormone-like substances, stimulates the work of the mammary glands, and its vasodilatory action improves the outflow of milk from the chest. The most valuable apilators molecules carry through the blood of a woman in her breast milk vitamins and minerals. Most mothers accepting apilax notes a more active influx of milk after a few days after the start of receiving the drug.

    Features of the reception and assimilation of apilat

    ApilakCompany «Grindeks», Created to preparation «Apilak grindeks», took care that the reception of a useful product was as comfortable and did not deliver the slightest inconvenience. «Apilak grindeks» Released in the form of subwaged tablets that need to keep in the mouth until complete dissolution.

    Adults take 1 tablet 3 times a day. For a full course of reception, as a rule, you need 2 packs «Apilak grindeks». Taking the drug, pay attention to two points: rarely, but still there are allergic reactions to the products of beekeeping (especially attentive need to be nursing mothers); High dose apilat «Pereretonize» organism and cause a slight sleep disturbance. In the first case, the drug should be canceled, in the second - to reduce the dosage, consulted with the doctor.

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