Oh syndrome of acute liver failure


  • The most important function of the liver
  • The syndrome of acute liver failure
  • Diagnostics and principles of treatment of acute liver failure

  • The most important function of the liver

    Oh syndrome of acute liver failureThe liver in our body performs an important mission. Among the most important functions of the liver include:
    • heat generation: the highest in the liver in the body temperature - 40 ° C;
    • involved in digestion: splitting the food products in the small intestine to the liver, processing them into useful or innocuous to the organism a substance;
    • removal of harmful substances from the body;
    • education and development of bile: bile promotes absorption of fats in the small intestine and the neutralization of hydrochloric acid.
    But sometimes our liver loses its ability. The reason for this - multiple diseases that result in acute liver failure can develop.

    The syndrome of acute liver failure

    The syndrome of acute liver failure -violation of numerous vital functions of the body under the influence of toxic substances (toxins poisoning) and infections. The disease develops in a few hours or days immediately after the start deystviyapatologicheskogo factor. Toxic substances destroy the liver cells - hepatocytes, liver and ceases to neutralize toxins that enter the body or produced by pathogens.

    Most are toxic to the liveruncleared vital activity products of intestinal bacteria, especially ammonia, phenols, which are normally neutralized by the liver, and other substances. If the activity of the liver almost stops completely, develop severe self-poisoning organism, which leads to hepatic coma - the patient loses consciousness or is in a state of prostration, there is persistent vomiting (vomit dark with fetid, sweetish smell of sulfur), mucous membranes pale or yellow.

    When liver failure disrupted salt metabolism, the body begins to lack of vital substances - glucose, potassium and sodium, vitamins, etc...

    Acute liver failure can occursuddenly, if the cause - poisoning or an acute infection. The most common chronic liver disease are observed, which are accompanied by a variety of symptoms. Under the influence of adverse factors in the liver, whose functions are already impaired, acute failure can develop. Conversely, a patient who suffered acute liver failure, life will suffer chronic liver disease. Especially important in this diet.

    Diagnostics and principles of treatment of acute liver failure

    To diagnose the state of acute malnutritionusing biochemical analysis of blood. It should, however, be remembered that changes in biochemical composition of blood can sometimes be found only in repeated assays. XRD liver size is not modified (as opposed to the chronic disease in which the mark increases or decreases the visible size of the liver).

    Treatment of acute liver failureaimed at maintaining the life of the organism before the onset of liver regeneration (liver cells are able to recover within 10 days, if the cause of the disease is eliminated). Upon detection of acute liver disease symptoms should seek medical advice immediately and in any case do not try to treat yourself.
    While improving the condition prescribed concoctions of herbs (immortelle, corn silk, St. John's wort, chamomile), dietary food (on the recovery of the diet is the same as in chronic diseases).

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