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  • Country birch calico
  • At the pharmacy counter
  • Spring cuckoo
  • Houses and walls threatened
  • It's ju-ju-ju - a reason

  • Country birch calico

    It was April and not May or June delivers major problems
    allergies. First bloom alder and hazel, later begins to "dust" birch - the scourge of Russian cities. The exact date of "air
    alarm "to call is impossible, if March was warm as the present one, the first
    pollen grains appear in the end.

    Allergists will long debate what the concentration of pollen count
    hazardous - 50-60 pieces per cubic meter or less. But one thing is
    no doubt: in each cubic meter of the city in mid-April
    air there are at least 5 thousand kernel. And dozens of weeping and
    blow your nose man in the queue to the allergist.

    Even the summer peak flowering grasses and weeds less problematic. AT
    the holiday season many people have the opportunity to go thousands of kilometers away
    epicyteApril Theses allergythe Center of flowering. And who let go of an employee of the city in the middle
    Spring? So we'll have to take the fight.

    If you live in the north, has not missed a chance for preseason
    intensive course specific injection therapy. Within 2
    weeks, administered drugs allergies, which ensure that if
    hay fever, and there, it will take a lot easier. Required condition:
    pass such a course is necessary at least for a week or two prior to dusting.

    At the pharmacy counter

    If the time for an intensive course of injections is missing, there is one
    path - a nonspecific therapy. Simply put, shoot the symptoms
    drugs. And here, as in the epic crossroads in allergy, there are three
    way: antihistamines vasoconstrictor drugs, and Cramon
    hormonal agents. What to choose and in what sequence?

    Antihistamine vasoconstrictor
    It is a combination of proper anti-allergy and vasoconstrictor
    drugs. They are cheap, fast acting, and some also
    pretty long. But in the end people are "hooked" on them, and by days
    ten acquire allergic rhinitis medicamentosa, which after
    all resulting in an operating room. Moreover, it does not matter in what form
    these funds: sprays, drops or nasal gels.

    Cramon - this
    substance mast cell stabilizers. These cells are in contact with
    allergens released into the blood histamines that cause swelling and dacryo-
    sopletechenie. The main active ingredient of the drug in this class -
    cromolyn sodium. Cromones can safely take quite a long time:
    treatment under medical supervision can last up to six months. Adverse
    virtually no effects, but also the efficiency is low. Also
    You have to take the tablets 3-4 times a day.

    Hormonal drugs topical
    effective, fast acting and long. But quite expensive.
    However, not because of the cost to him wary of many doctors not to
    fully understood risk that hormones from the nasal mucosa into the blood penetrate. A
    it would be fraught with unpleasant consequences.

    Doctors recommend starting treatment with Cramon. Antihistamines and
    vasoconstrictor good for removal of acute attacks. Hormones better
    put aside as the heavy artillery.

    Spring cuckoo

    You can still go through a series of washes sinus decongestants
    preparations - known to many "cuckoo". First from sinuses
    mucus aspirated, then washed with drug. However,
    many otolaryngologists "cuckoo" is not love, believing that it can
    traumatize mucosa. In any case, do not abuse it. but
    whole method is very effective and 7-10 procedures sufficient
    to boldly meet the dangerous period.

    In Russia, "cuckoo" can only be done in the office specialist.
    But the Americans have launched on the market a set of pear and a bag with
    salt mixture: Dissolve the mixture of liquid and injected into the nostrils.
    Perhaps the novelty will soon be with us.

    Houses and walls threatened

    Unfortunately, no one suffers pollen allergies in April. Is there some more
    molds. Right now, when the sun was hot and the humidity
    High air, they emit into the air myriads of spores. dangerous old
    building with damp walls and ceilings.

    If you have an allergy to fungi, the danger is now present
    unmade lawns, parks and squares. Last year's foliage - perfect
    breeding environment for fungi. Well-behaved they feel in Russian
    bath. But in the sauna, where the air is dry and hot, but you can feel
    in safety. Allergists even recommend the sauna as a curative spring
    By the way, due to dampness in the houses are activated and house dust mites -
    as strong allergens. But the fight to them - a topic for another conversation in
    any time of year.

    It's ju-ju-ju - a reason

    At the end of April and is waiting for another attack: Aculeata.
    Put simply, bees, wasps, bumblebees any ... From these sprays and drops are not
    thou shalt be saved, meanwhile, risk can be literally deadly.

    In any case, the deterioration will necessarily significant. And very
    fast - so much so that a doctor can not catch. Only one way out: to have
    handy set of shock resistance. Collect it can be the most in the short

    Put a first aid kit in a vial of adrenaline, a few ampoules
    dexamethasone and syringe. If you are stung, immediately vkoly to this place
    adrenaline - the sooner, the better, so that the poison is not absorbed around
    fabrics. Thereafter dexamethasone intramuscularly enter the rate of one
    Cube 1 kg weight. And more to the doctor - when it comes to life and
    death, to save time for professional advice foolish.

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