Windmill: Symptoms and Treatment of the most frequent children's infection


  • As the infection occurs
  • Symptoms of windmill
  • Windmage therapy

  • Chickenpox in children, beginningThe disease is not very heavy, but very unpleasant, conjugate with careful care — All this about the windmill, it lasts 2-3 weeks and mainly passes without a trace.

    The causative agent of chickenpox is a virus that dies in an external environment for several hours. This virus can be found literally everywhere: in the children's team, in transport and in any public place. Chickenpox — Infectious disease, lasts in incubation (hidden) period usually up to 14 days.

    As the infection occurs

    Infection of a wind abscess in children occurs with direct contact with patients, air-droplet when talking, coughing and sneezing. The activity of the windmill virus is very high, so when a disease is detected, the patient must be immediately insulated. The virus penetrates the body directly through the nasophack mucosa, then in the blood and fixes in the skin.

    The disease is more common in children, because the susceptibility to this virus they have much higher than in adults. Usually, after recovery, persistent immunity arises, so there are extremely rare cases.

    Symptoms of windmill

    Children's windmill symptoms and treatmentChickenpox in children begins with symptoms of general ailment and increasing body temperature up to 38-39?C, shortly after that a rash appears. Small pink stains and rashes on the face, the scalp, on the body and the limbs indicate that the child has a windmill or chickenpox, the symptoms and treatment of which are determined by the patient's condition. Each rash is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, and while the windmill lasts, it can be marked several times. In a large part of patients, the windmills appear on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nasopharynx, larynx. At the end of the period of rash, the body temperature is reduced to the norm. A chickenpox can be distinguished primarily childhood, and a herpes hazing, a disease that usually arises from people mature, while symptoms and treatment of disease in children are much easier than adults. Windmill under the year proceeds with the same symptoms. Source infection — The sick person and it represents the danger from the end of the incubation period and until the moment when the crusts begin to disappear.

    During the disease, the following periods are distinguished:

    • Incubation — last an average of 14 days.
    • Premonitory — 1-2 days lasts.
    • Rash.
    • Education of crusts.

    Usually, the windmill lasts 2-3 weeksThe windmill often reuse rashes, and therefore on one skin area there is a rash of different character. These are both pink specks, and bright red papulas, and vesicles, which after 1-3 days dried up, forming dark red crusts, and disappear on 2-falsities in this disease are quite rare. Meanwhile, the windmill in weakened children continues sometimes with the manifestations of Keratitis, Larygitis, inflammation of the Easy3 week.
    Osi, Lymphadenitis, Otita, Stomatitis. Footprints of chickenpox are healing without a trace, however, when combing, an atrophic scar can remain.

    It is definiciently impossible to combing skin, it is necessary to briefly cut the nails, be sure to follow the cleanliness of the hands in order to avoid the occurrence of wind sieves and penetration of various kinds of infections.

    Windmage therapy

    The treatment of the windmill is usually carried out at home, the beddown is recommended, milk-vegetable food, careful hygienic care, regular change of bed and underwear. Abundant drinking should be given the closest attention and it can be: fruit juices, fruits and berry berries. The strengthened course of vitamins helps to cope with the disease faster. The use of interferon in this case reduces the rash, the use of acyclovir facilitates the course of the disease and reduces the possibility of various complications.

    Bubbles arising on the skin should be lubricated with a 10% solution of manganese-sour potassium (mangalls) and diamond greenery (zelenk). In addition, the greencraft will help «Accounting» rashes and avoid suppuration. In the event of rashes on the mucosa in the mouth, it is necessary to regularly carry out weak disinfectant solutions.

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