"Difficult" cold sores or fever on the lips


  • How is herpes?
  • How dangerous herpes?
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  • How is herpes?

    It can be transmitted by droplet, sexually and through everyday. As
    many viruses, it could be a long time in an idle
    condition and does not have an effect. But transferred acute respiratory infections, stress or
    fatigue reduce immunity and the virus gets out.

    Mitigating Factors immunity can also be:

    • Menstruation, overcooling or overheating in the sun.
    • Herpes has nothing to do with the common cold, as is commonly believed, it is completely independent virus.
    • Herpes is indeed often jumps after undergoing cold, but this is just a consequence of reduced immunity.
    • Genital herpes is sexually transmitted, and
      household: when using shared with patients towels, linens, tools
      personal hygiene.

    How dangerous herpes?

    Herpes on the lips - a herpes type 1.
    A person with herpes on the lips is a danger not only for
    others but also to himself. If you touch first to
    rashes, and then to other body parts, you can transfer the infection,
    eg, "Difficult" cold sores or fever on the lips.on the eye. Herpetic corneal damage resulting in blindness.

    Therefore, it is necessary to observe the following rules of hygiene:

    • Do not touch the rash. If you accidentally touch - Wash your hands with warm soapy water.
    • Use only your dishes.
    • Not
      stsarapyvayte crust and squeeze bubbles - from this disease
      will not take place. You simply run the risk of bring it on other sites
    • No way
      if not Kiss and do not have sex during an exacerbation. Few
      that you run the risk of infecting a partner, there is also a risk of transfer
      herpes in the genital area. And it is much more unpleasant
      a form of herpes.

    Genital herpes (herpes type 2)
    It affects human urogenital system. Recently there
    evidence that herpes type 1 can cause a loss of sexual organs.

    It manifests itself in the form of bubbles which cause burning,
    then the bubbles become painful ulcers. Manifestations
    genital herpes - a whole range of unpleasant sensations. Often
    rash accompanied by pain, swelling, tingling,

    Herpes and personal life

    Herpes does not affect life expectancy
    man, but it causes him suffering: physical and mental.
    Aggravation can reduce performance even provoke
    depression. Unfortunately, no cure for herpes. In some it is often exacerbated,
    others less: It's all in the state of the human immune system. but
    proper treatment prescribed by a doctor - a gynecologist likely
    that the disease will recur much less.

    Genital herpes is a negative impact on privacy.
    The patient suffers thoughts that can infect a partner. Him
    haunted by the fear of being abandoned, abandoned. Doctors recommend not
    have sexual contact during an exacerbation and to use modern
    antiviral drugs - then the risk of infection of a healthy partner
    significantly reduced.

    Herpes and pregnancy

    Herpes lip
    during pregnancy is not dangerous to the fetus, is not an indication for
    abortion. A woman who has experienced an exacerbation of herpes of the lips
    during pregnancy, antibodies are produced to protect future

    Danger only primary infection. In such
    case of herpes virus can cause abortion,
    the formation of malformations in the fetus.

    Genital herpes, if the aggravation
    occurs before birth, is an indication for caesarean section, so
    as infection of the newborn herpes is very dangerous for him. In
    neonatal herpes becomes severe, generalized forms and
    It may even lead to death. Therefore, be attentive to yourself and
    her unborn child, go through all of the studies and procedures,
    assigned to you by the doctor. Genital herpes frequently causes miscarriage
    or premature birth.

    herpes Treatment

    Bubbles should be lubricated with acyclovir to avoid
    the spread of infection. But Zelenko, or iodine can easily burn
    skin. The virus walks in the blood, and the bubbles it is only the outward manifestation.
    Therefore cauterization will not have any effect on the activity of the virus

    If you are concerned about the frequent outbreaks of herpes,
    consult a doctor. He will appoint a complex treatment aimed at
    increase immunity.


    Be careful when dealing with patients with herpes. Do not Kiss him and do not drink from the same cup.

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