Herpes - a rare visitor to Likopid!


Herpes - a rare visitor to Likopid!The disease, which we call "cold on the lips' cause herpes simplex viruses type 1 and 2. They can cause the development of genital herpes.

In addition to the cold on the lips, herpes viruses causefamiliar to us from childhood chickenpox, which in older age makes itself felt encircling pains and rashes along the intercostal nerves, this clinical picture is typical for such diseases as herpes zoster.

Chickenpox and shingles causes 3 types of virus. The fifth type of herpes virus and cytomegalovirus is a catalyst for the come immunodeficiency and can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Sudden rash in children - virus type 6. On the other viruses of this multi-faceted family of so-called associated viral sore throat or infectious mononucleosis, the most terrible virus - Epstein-Barr virus.

Mysterious Chronic fatigue syndrome can also be caused by the activation of different herpesviruses.

Despite the wide spread of virusesherpes, many, being a carrier of the virus, do not know much about him. The reason is that in addition to the usual manifestations of the disease can occur in absolute silence, resembling the common cold, the only difference that can be rash in the oropharynx and temperatures in the range 37-37,9 °, which lasts a long time. However, some patients suffer from recurrences of herpes infections more often than others.

What triggers acute herpes?

Once in the body, herpes viruses remain there for life. The immune system can not remove it.

"Awaken" herpes virus may be:

  • with a strong overheating of the body (for example, as a result of long exposure to the sun) or supercooling;
  • at sharp change of climate (for example, during the frequent flights from the tropics to the north of the country, or vice versa);
  • viral and infectious diseases (herpes often a consequence of suffering a flu or SARS)
  • during stress hormonal (menstruation, pregnancy, during these periods decreases the body's immune system);
  • during emotional stress;
  • with insufficient food or compliance with strict diets

Frequent recurrence of herpesvirus infections are often associated with the state of the immune system.

What to do?

Get rid of the herpes virus can not be, but it is possible not to give him often "raise their heads".

There are a few simple rules:

  1. With frequent relapses are not limited to local media, such treatment will be ineffective;
  2. Be sure to use antiviral agents that are sent directly to the virus;
  3. We recommend using immunomodulatory drugs, especially in patients prone to frequent relapses (more than 6 times a year). This will help reduce the number of exacerbations.

Herpes - a rare visitor to Likopid!Choosing immunomodulatory drugs, preference should be given to those whose mechanisms of action are well understood and predictable, and proven clinical efficacy.

Drug to fully meet the requirements ofefficacy and safety can be called Likopid 1mg. The active ingredient of this drug is glyukozaminilmuramildipeptid (GMDP). Muramyl dipeptide analogs, which include GMDP, registered in various countries around the world as anti-infective and anti-tumor drugs.

Likopid 1 mg is effective in cases of frequent relapsesbacterial, fungal and viral infections, including those caused by herpes viruses, as well as repetitive and long-occurring diseases of the respiratory tract in children and adults, a "mask" which can occur herpes virus infection (Read more about herpes "Herpes and relapses - what to do? ")

When herpes infection in adults Likopid® 1mg recommended course of 10 days, 2 tablets three times a day. The drug should be taken sublingually, that is, put the tablet and dissolve.

We must remember that in situations where frequentacute herpes occur in children, pregnant women, as well as in case of severe course of the disease caused by the herpes virus infection, including the oftalmogerpese require immediate medical consultation.

Likopid 1mg does herpes manageable. Make herpes rare visitor to Likopid 1mg!

Herpes - a rare visitor to Likopid!

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