Semax, instruction manual

Unique, original domestic productSemaks produced in the form of nasal drops. After the introduction of the nasal passages in a few minutes it is transported directly to the tissues of the brain, which it needs.

When applied in healthy people Semaks increases their efficiency, keeps a clear mind and improve memory. A pathological processes in the brain, such as ischemic stroke or traumatic brain injuries, helpsrestore function of the parts of the brain that have been damaged. In addition to neurology, the medicine used in ophthalmology and pediatrics. Our website offers information on the readers to whom this drug is useful as it is used correctly.

General information about the preparation

brain, nasal drops, neurology, semaks

To develop the drug formula and the principle ofaction worked a group of scientists under the leadership of academician IP Ashmarina. A molecule of the active substance was able to synthesize the research team, headed by Academician N. Myasoedov. To confirm the effect of the drug, there have been many clinical and scientific research. In clinical practice Semaks used since 1994 year. The drug is ascribed to a class of regulatory peptides. It is capable of nootropic, neuroprotective, anti-hypoxic, antioxidant and stimulating effect. The basis taken a modified fragment (portion) of the protein of adrenocorticotropic hormone (his doctors called ACTH for short). It contains seven amino acid residues, however the drug was given the name - Semaks. He produced in the form of droplets that are buried in the nose. It is a clear, colorless solution is contained in flakonchike 3 ml of the drug. The concentration may be 0.1 to 1%. For bottle-dropper tube attached.

The active ingredient has the name: methionyl-glutamyl-histidyl-prolyl-phenylalanyl-glycyl-proline. More used in the production of purified water and methyl parahydroxybenzoate.

pharmachologic effect

brain, nasal drops, neurology, semaks

Digging into the nasal passages of Semax is carried outusing a bottle equipped with a plastic plug-pipette. First you have to cut a little tip of the pipette. The cap should be at the same time very tightly closed pipette. Now turn the bottle that the liquid completely fills the space of the pipette. Now you can remove the cap. Enter in each nostril right amount of drops, exercising pressure on the wide range of the pipette. During storage, the cap must be securely closed.

Please note that use Semaks one percent concentration in stroke. One drop of this solution of the active ingredient contained 500 micrograms.

If the stroke of moderate severity, in each nostrilthe course should be administered 2-3 drops per reception. The procedure was carried out daily instillation three to four times, with an interval between administrations of the drug must be three to four hours.

If stroke runs hard, then everyonenostril administered 3-4 drops per reception. The medicine is administered four to five times per day, with an interval between treatments is about three hours. The course of this therapy lasts 10 days.

In other cases Semaks usually recommended concentration is 0.1%, that is, one drop of the solution of the active component contained 50 mg.

After anesthesia, neurosurgical operations,traumatic brain injury in the nasal passage buried two or three drops of Semax three or four times a day. The course is the introduction of this drug is most often three to five days, but can be extended up to two weeks.

In order to increase adaptive capacity andprevent emotional exhaustion Semaks can be administered two or three times a day for two or three drops in each nostril, this should be for three to five days.

When the optic nerve pathologies Semaks should be introduced for seven to ten days for two to three drops three times.

If a child (whose age is older than seven years) revealed minimal brain dysfunction, Semaks instilled into each nostril twice a day (preferably morning and afternoon), one or two drops.

Storage space Semax should be protected from light, and the temperature should not exceed 10 degrees. Frosting can not cure! Make sure that it does not fall into the hands of small children.


brain, nasal drops, neurology, semaks

The medicine must not be used:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding (not carried out a sufficient number of clinical trials);
  • a tendency to convulsions;
  • children, aged less than seven years (in the case of ophthalmology and neurosurgery age should not be less than 18 years);
  • acute mental states that are accompanied by anxiety, restlessness;
  • the detection of hypersensitivity to this agent.

Adverse events in the application

Practice shows that the drug is welltolerated. And only at very long-term use is sometimes noted a slight irritation of the mucosal tissue lining the nasal passages. It passed quickly after a break during treatment.

Semaks helps to restore brain function instroke, traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions. Healthy people can use it to neutralize the effects of stress, improve mood, memory, attention and performance. Semax has a lot of awards and diplomas. Apply it should be only after consultation with the doctor.

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