Prevention of food poisoning children


Prevention of food poisoning children
Average food poisoning in
the child is able to cause quite dangerous complications, especially if it
It occurs against a background of intestinal infections or taking toxic assets. But parents
We must take the most active steps to prevent the emergence of
poisoning their children.

Toddlers are very active and they can be difficult to uglyadet. AT
result, the children sometimes come to mind to try a new mother's
medicine or eat a berry first available on a walk in the woods. All this can be
avoided if the parents to be vigilant and tell crumbs than these pranks
may end. Prevention of children's food
poisoning - a continuous and rather complex process, requiring
Adults and children responsibility, patience, acquiring skills in personal hygiene.

The main factors that trigger food
poisoning of a child:

  • eating poorly washed fruits, vegetables,
    infected with worms, viruses, and fungi;
  • inadequate cooking of food
  • improper storage of perishable food;
  • neglect of toxic chemicals, drugs
    drugs, household chemical solutions;
  • lack of habit to wash hands thoroughly after
    using the toilet, before eating;
  • eating poisonous mushrooms, berries,
    spoiled cheese, sour cream, sausages and other products, which after
    the shelf life can breed harmful microorganisms that cause development
    intestinal infections, dysentery, botulism.

The child, in most cases children develop acute food poisoning: they are not prevention
as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to instill a child
good habits, to tell him about the dangers of germs and viruses that inhabit
the planet, and that we can take care of their health and prevent
the appearance of diseases. Of course, it is very important to organize the qualitative conditions
life baby, watch his power character, clean hands and homes.

Food acute poisoning in a child often occurs after
disorders of food cooking rules usually such cases
identified in kindergartens and schools. Sometimes children are poisoned
poor quality or contaminated water. In such cases, a special
investigation that clarifies the situation.

Measures of food poisoning prevention in

  • complete cooking of food;
  • regular monitoring of the quality of products
    food and drinking water;
  • compliance with all the rules and basic sanitation
    rules for cooking, use of kitchen and tableware;
  • strict sanitary and epidemiological control at
    enterprises supplying foods to kindergartens, schools,
    medical centers, hospitals and dealing with children of different catering
  • timely disinfection of contaminated water,
    domestic, agricultural wastes, body fluids, faeces;
  • compliance with quarantine measures at home,
    educational institutions, children enclosure, patients with infectious
    contagious diseases from healthy babies.

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