Brucellosis: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


  • What is brucellosis
  • Symptoms of brucellosis
  • Chronic brucellosis
  • Diagnosis of brucellosis
  • Treatment of brucellosis
  • Treatment of brucellosis by folk remedies
  • Prevention Brucellize

  • What is brucellosis

    Brucellosis is an infectious disease at which long
    time is amazed: cardiovascular system, nervous system and
    bone-artist. Infection carrier is a genus bacterium
    Brucella, which is sufficiently resistant to environmental impacts.
    Transfer freezing and low temperatures. This bacteria
    Stored in water up to 5 months, in milk up to 45 days, in frozen meat - 5 months, in the soil - 3 months. Before use, milk is necessary
    be sure to pasteurize and boil, in this case bacteria
    dies. Pets are the main carriers
    Brucellize. Brucellize causative agents are transmitted through the meat of patients
    Animals and milk. Man is infected with data by bacteria, using
    animal products, as well as through mucous membranes of digestive and
    respiratory tracts, through abrasions and scratches. In no case,
    You can not use contaminated animals, raw milk,
    Non-high meat. Brucellosis is also possible with straight
    Contact with animals, processing their skin and wool. Special caution
    must be observed when leaving for sick animals. Therefore, more often
    Just brucellosis are sick, milking, shepherds.

    Symptoms of brucellosis

    The incubation period of brucellosis ranges from 6 to 30 days. In some
    Patients this disease occurs in acute form, others
    There is a primary latent form without clinical signs.
    There are still primary and secondary - chronic metastatic forms.
    In patients with a sharp form of brucellosis, the temperature rises
    up to 40 °With, with this, it should be noted that well-being remains
    Good. In brucellosis, characteristic: moderate headache, brutal
    Pain in the whole body, increased sweating­Body. Observed micropolyacoenitis,
    Increases liver and spleen. Often, in chronic forms
    There are various changes in the organs. Large joints are affected
    (arthritis, periatritis), peripheral nervous system, muscles.
    There is the possibility of orchoepidimitis, endometritis,
    Orchitov. One of the most negative consequences is -
    Spontaneous abortion. In case of brucellosis, exacerbations are replaced by remissions,
    This is a rather long-term process. Some patients occur
    Resistant residual phenomena. This is a residual brucellosis. Diagnosis
    Diseases need to take into account contact with infected brusel­Lesom
    Animals. Also important significance is paid to epidemiological

    Chronic brucellosis

    Brucellosis: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
    The cause of chronic brucellosis is previously transferred infection in
    acute and subacute shape or her relap. Symptoms chronic
    Brucellize, detected against the background of immunological and allergic
    restructuring organs and tissues. This form of brucellosis is different
    Unstability of clinical symptoms, weak severity of intoxication,
    It is characterized by a recurrent course, as well as focal defeat
    Systems and organs. In chronic brucellosis, lesions are observed
    musculoskeletal. These are arthritis, bursitis, tendovaginitis. At
    The defeat of the joints appears redness, swelling, limitations
    Movements, inflammatory changes can develop.

    With this form
    Diseases are quickly tired, they have a dream, in
    Consequence of the storing of the nervous system, constant weakness. Arises
    radiculitis, plexitis, disturbed sensitivity. Rumor I
    vision. In the case when the infectious process is involved
    Peripheral nervous system - the tone of the vessels is broken. Consequence
    is the appearance of a blueness, abundant sweating, all sorts
    Skin lesions. Blood vessels are affected. Endo-, Peri arise-
    and panvasculitis, endocardits, myocardits, pankardites.

    Diagnosis of brucellosis

    Brucellosis can be revealed in laboratory conditions, but for this
    The laboratory must be equipped in accordance with the requirements
    Prevention, as Brucella is quite dangerous pathogens.
    This laboratory must be special. In serological I
    Aldergological studies need to take into account the fact that
    grafted against brucellosis, for quite a long time can be observed
    Positive results of allergic samples. Agglutination reaction,
    Otherwise, the reaction of Wright, relating to serological reactions - is
    most informative. In the case of a sharp form of brucellosis,
    Patient Antibodies are detected on the second day of the disease. Allergic
    The test reveals a positive result at the end of the 1st and on the 2nd week. But,
    If the patient has a chronic form of brucellosis, then
    most cases increasing the titer of antibodies can not be revealed.
    The formulation of an allergic sample of the Burnin leads to the appearance of antibodies.
    Such serological reactions like: RPGA, OFP, RSK are not so much
    informative and significantly inferior to the reaction of Wright. Therefore, they are not
    Pay special significance. In the case of sacring the Burne, negative
    Results exclude the disease, but only if the patient
    not HIV-infected.

    Treatment of brucellosis

    With the exacerbation of brucellosis and at its acute stage of treatment is carried out in
    Stationary conditions. Antibiotics are appointed: Levomycetin,
    Tetracycline, combined with streptomycin. After the disease
    ceased to progress the vaccine therapy is carried out, which is administered
    in various ways: intraderially, subcutaneously, intramuscularly,
    intravenously. The most effective is the intravenous administration, but
    It requires caution to avoid various complications. IN
    Symptomatic therapy Patients prescribe acetylsalicylic acid,
    Voltaren, Analgin, Ropyrin, which are anti-inflammatory
    means. In this case, the duration of treatment is 4 weeks.
    With a severe course of subacute and chronic brucellosis, defeat
    central and peripheral nervous system are assigned
    Corticosteroid hormones. Patients with chronic brucellosis
    Assigns of stimulating drugs and therapy are prescribed. This is Aloe, Lidase, Gumizol. Also used physiotherapeutic
    Procedures, absorbing and relieving inflammation. CCF current reduces pain and
    Improves blood and lymphatic. After ultraviolet irradiation
    The metabolism is established. With chronic form of brucellosis
    Appointed electrophoresis of iodide potassium, sodium. Sick chronic
    Brucellosis is recommended to conduct a course of balneotherapy.

    Treatment of brucellosis by folk remedies

    From a long time, it is known that Russian Lekari treated brucellosis
    Medicinal facilities infused in fault. Same,
    Patients with articular brucellosis recommended drinking carrot juice and
    Celery. Composition: 300 g of celery juice, 700 g of carrot juice.
    Good tool are sunbathing. Before proceeding with
    treatment of brucellosis by folk methods, it is necessary to clean
    organism. It is recommended to start starvation and cleaning from the daily
    The use of the following juice: 1 liter of English salt in 1/2 cup
    boiling water, add 2 lemons juice, pour to cold water, later
    20 min to take a half package of carrot and celery juice to dilute from 1/2
    cup of distilled water and drink. Requires this juice through
    every half hour precisely with distilled water. Then go to
    Fasting, only vegetable juices are used to 5 days. Also, for
    Brucellosis disease, strongly advised to drink grapefruit juice,
    Destroying liquid in sinuses and joints. Used different
    Compresses and rubbing. Here is one of them: in a bottle, with a capacity of 200 g,
    put a piece of camphor, pour on 1/3 bottles of turpidar, then, in
    as the ratio of wooden or olive oil, and the rest
    Part - Wine alcohol fortress 96-98°WITH. All this shake. Means
    need to rub to dryness before bedtime.

    Prevention Brucellize

    This infectious disease is transmitted to a person from the patient
    Animal. Brucellize prevention is a detection and insulation
    Purchased animals with a first suspicion of infection. Slaughter animals
    carried out on specially equipped areas in compliance
    Required sanitary conditions. Animals constantly make vaccinations for
    Warnings of the disease. To ensure that the disease is not
    spread, premises where animals were carefully
    Disinfected by disinfectants. To
    to decapitate the skin of the animal, it must be seal for 2 months;
    Wool - treat bromide methyl.

    To prevent the possibility of infection with this disease: dairy
    Products are made of in advance thermally sterilized milk, and
    Meat cope for 3 hours. People in direct contact
    with animals, that is, workers of meat processing plants, leather enterprises,
    must use workwear and protective equipment processed
    Lizola or chlorine solution. Protective equipment includes: Jumpsuit,
    Rubber boots, respirator, gloves, bathrobe. By no means
    Pregnant women and adolescents are not allowed such work. Working
    same in enterprises to prevent the disease annually

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