Prevention of dysentery in children


Prevention of dysentery in children
and the manifestation of symptoms of the disease
dysentery in children are rare, however, for anybody not a secret,
that summer and fall - is the peak of seasonal diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
The explanation for this lies in the nutritional preferences of adults and children who have
on the beach or at the cottage. It seems so natural to eat fresh or ripe berry
vegetables straight from the bush or from the garden, enjoy a refreshing glass of juice or fruit drink from
unknown manufacturer under the hot southern sun, when thirst is not
understands and does not explain how the flies flew, and that they brought on their feet
and proboscis. Flies - the easiest mechanism for the spread of the infectious
the disease in the summer, and the use of thermally processed food
products and contaminated water can easily lead to the occurrence of a similar

The mechanism of infection and periods of illness

characterized by lesions of the large intestine with diarrhea and intoxication
organism. The source of infection - often sick person or bacillicarriers and pathogen
disease is the enterobacteria, which is quite a long time is stored in the
foods, especially vegetables and dairy survives in the contaminated soil, and
open water 3-5 months, however, is very sensitive to high
temperatures and disinfectants. There household, food and water
transmission path. Patients dysentery pose a particular danger in the first
sick days when the contact method possible infection via crockery,
kitchen utensils and contaminated hands. Also, the infection happens when
the use of water or when swimming in open water.

getting in
stomach through the mouth, partly pathogens are killed, releasing endotoxins, toxic
substances that soaked in the intestine, have a toxic effect on
body. Another part of microbes reaching the colon and causes
mucosal inflammation.

Prevention of dysentery in children
It causes no symptoms and the disease remains undetected latent period in
body up to 7 days. In the case of severe acute dysentery incubation period
sharply reduced to 20-24 hours, the temperature rises to 39? C and above,
amplifies and increases the pain in muscles and joints, aching
cramping character on the left side of the abdomen, quickens chair, stool
It becomes liquid with mucus and blood veins. The number of heavy bowel movements
increases to 20 per day, amplified false desires. When expressed
intoxication in children, there is tachycardia and lowering blood pressure.

About the treatment and prevention
dysentery in children

dysentery symptoms should alert parents and doctor on call did not delay
worth, self-cure the child is unlikely to succeed, it needs help
specialist - pediatrician and infectious disease. Before the arrival of the baby doctor you need
to isolate, identify him separate utensils and washing accessories,
provide plenty of warm drinks and to refrain from eating. Therapy is usually
It carried out in a hospital, but in the case of treatment of a sick child at home, should
precautions and rules of care for infectious patients. Today
have effective drugs to fight infection,
and serious consequences are rare.

the treatment of the patient's condition improves, reduces pain in the stomach,
in the stool is not revealed admixture of blood, stool becomes less normally recovery
It occurs in 10-15 days. Not excluded recurrences and complications, prolonged
the disease can lead to chronic carrier state and the emergence of
exciter. However, there has recently been erased, easier
course of the disease.

Prevention dysentery in children consists primarily to eliminate the source of contamination in a timely
identifying and hospital infection, in carrying out disinfection. thorough
a sick child home care - one of the most important preventive measures, including
health education of parents: washing hands before eating,
thermal treatment of products, especially in the summer time, the observance of healthy
lifestyle and balanced diet, strict implementation
the doctor's recommendations.

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