Obstruction of the lacrimal canal in newborns

Purification of the lacrimal channel by the probe - having walked what procedure to be transferred to their newborn baby, parents come to horror. In fact, there is nothing terrible in this, and the disease is dacryocystitis is successfully treated.

Many babies may concern constant tearing from one or both of the child's eye. In addition, the disease gives the crumb of pain. The unofficial name of this state is the impassability of the lacrimal channel. The problem seems to be a young mother who is insoluble, so our website will share with their readers of valuable information on how to help a small little man.

Infant dacryocystitis and his symptoms

Dacryocystitis, childhood diseases, impassability of the lacrimal canal, newborn, tear glands, tears

The disease is based on the inflammatory reaction of the tear bag, which causes the impassability of the lacrimal channel. Dacryocystitis is usually concerned about the kids age up to 2 - 3 months, and it is found quite often - about 5% of babies.

Symptoms of illness is obvious:

  1. The child constantly tears tears. They can also stand in the eyes when the kid is calm and not crying.
  2. In the inner corner of the eye marks swelling.
  3. From tears, transparent or purulent mucus can be highlighted from.

This is the most «Speakers» Signs of dacryocystitis. They can manifest themselves individually or comprehensively, with different degrees of intensity. Sometimes dacryocystitis can be accepted for conjunctivitis and, accordingly, take inadequate treatment measures.

Remember, put the familiar diagnosis on the family council is categorically prohibited. Timely detect inflammation of the tear bag and designate the correct treatment for only a specialist.

Causes of Dacryocystitis development

Dacryocystitis, childhood diseases, impassability of the lacrimal canal, newborn, tear glands, tears

What to do if the crumbs then tear tears? If in the maternity hospital, this deviation was not seen, and the eyes of the newborn began to get away at home, as quickly as possible in the hospital. Plot pediatrician or children's ophthalmologist can clarify the situation.

Is it possible to somehow help your baby before visiting a doctor, because he is not in the spirit, sleeps badly and may refuse to eat? Undoubtedly. First of all, in no case do not make cardinal measures in terms of treating a sick eye - as already mentioned, it is impossible to do it yourself. Let's remember the effective and safe child procedures that can be used.

Washing eyes.

Clean the eyes of the chips from the discharge using a furaticiline solution, chamomile beam or strong black tea. Select the tool at your discretion and moisten a piece of sterile wool in it. Wipe the baby's eye, while slightly push the tampon on the lacrimal bag - if the inflammation is strong, pus will appear out of the hole. But if the disease, fortunately, limited to a small swelling without a pus, the procedure would still be worth it.

Important moment: make sure that the liquid from the wool you have already processed the inflamed eye bag did not get into a healthy eye or ear, otherwise, a cunning infection will access healthy tissues and organs.

Eye drops.

This tool will help you suspend the development and distribution of pathogenic microflora. You can take advantage of, for example, antimicrobial eye drops Albucid 20%, which need to drip 1-2 drops in a sore eye 3-4 times a day. Naturally, before applying any medicinal product, you must certainly look into its instructions. Remember that drops will not cure your baby - they are needed to facilitate unpleasant symptoms of the dacryocystitis until the visit to the doctor.

Treatment of dacryocystitis

Dacryocystitis, childhood diseases, impassability of the lacrimal canal, newborn, tear glands, tears

You can solve the problem by resorting to a massage or probe. Consider both options in more detail.

Massage of a lacrimal canal.

Massage - the first thing that the doctor will suggest as a treatment after inspecting a small patient. With the help of simple manipulations, you can break through the gelatinous film (if the cause of the disease in it) and thereby avoid the operation. Massage useful and in the case when you need to clean the tear canal of the eye from the pus accumulated there.

However, in this method of treatment there are some nuances: if the baby has not yet turned 2 months, the massage will be really effective, as the gelatinous film is still soft - it is easy to break through. Almost 2 months Massage will not suit the toddles - at this age, the tight plug can be removed only during the probe. Operation make 2,5-3 months.

Ask a doctor to show you how to make a massage. It is unlikely that this procedure will like the baby, so your movements should be as accurate as possible - you should not torment the child.

Getting Started, do not forget to crash nails short and thoroughly wash your hands. Alternatively, you can use sterile gloves. Carefully press the index finger to the area of ​​the tear bag of the patient in the direction of the lacrimal point to squeeze the pus, which then remove the cotton-soaked furaclin.

Now perform the lungs presses from top to bottom: from the top of the inner corner of the eye down to the nasal sinuses. Press very carefully, remembering that the baby has soft and fragile bones that are easy to damage. The duration of the procedure does not exceed 3-4 minutes 4-5 times a day. After the massage, drove the baby's baby against the antimicrobial drug that will appoint an ophthalmologist.

Dacryocystitis, childhood diseases, impassability of the lacrimal canal, newborn, tear glands, tears

Sounding a lacrimal canal.

This procedure is frequent, and in most cases gives positive results. However, it concerns only the obstruction of the lacrimal channel in a newborn: when the nasal partition is curved, for example, there will be little sense from such an operation.

For sensing, the doctor will need the tests of your baby, the list of which will certainly include and study blood clotting. Also before the operation you will need to consult a Lor Specialist to check whether the child has any pathologies of the nasal cavity that can provoke a tear bag inflammation.

The procedure does not take 10 minutes. Conduct it under local anesthesia in the form of painkillery eye drops. Hospitalization you will not need, so after probing you can immediately go home. Little patient tight ripe - the operation requires complete motionlessness of the baby! The head of the crumbs will fix the nurse.

After the anesthetic will start acting, the doctor will expand the tear edge of the eye with conical probes. Then, a long and thin probe will be introduced into the channel to pour the germination film that closures the channel. Sounding the eye washing the disinfectant.

During the week after probing, you will need to make a massage and burst drops in a sore eye - it will help you to avoid exacerbation of inflammation and appearances.

The child is a great happiness and no less large hassle. However, with whatever having to face the parents of the crumbs, you should never despair and deoxinate, because almost all diseases under the power of modern medicine. It is only necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor and not deviate from the appointed course of treatment. Let your babies never get sick!

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