Aromatherapy massage


  • Aromatherapy massage
  • massage rules
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  • Aromatherapy massage

    various massage oils are used for massage, massage creams,
    balms, elixirs, herbs, honey or special
    anti-cellulite products.

    Massage enhances the action of these funds,
    that enter through the skin into the bloodstream, and transported to
    sick bodies, providing a therapeutic effect. When knowledgeAromatherapy massagesiderably
    the hair of the patient cover, hand better glide, sometimes
    talc is used.

    Massage with essential oils - a good way
    feel their favor. Before cause essential oil to the skin, it
    it is necessary to dilute. To do this, take as the basis for a good clean
    vegetable oil such as sweet almond.

    If your skin
    prone to dryness, add the mixture to about 10% avocado oil, or
    wheat germ (do not use the seedlings if you are allergic to
    Wheat). The ratio of essential oils to the vegetable to be 1: 2.
    If we assume that 20 drops is 1 ml, you will need 1 or 2
    drops 5ml (one teaspoon) of vegetable oil.

    All these
    recommendations for the use of bath oils are equally suitable and
    for aromatherapy massage. Another field of application of oil - skin care
    and body. Some essential oils have healing effects on it and
    bring back to normal. Specifically, lavender oil can be rubbed into the skin
    regularly, it is well relaxes. Tones - peppermint oil, and
    It stimulates blood circulation - geranium oil.

    First of all, the oil - is
    very concentrated extracts from plants with specific
    properties. For example, the geraniums - a natural astringent, so
    After rubbing the fabric of geranium oil is their reduction and skin
    It becomes more elastic. Furthermore, the whole body can be affected
    the smell of oil, changing the nature of the activity of the brain.

    how to use essential oils, bring it to room temperature:
    this will help to free its delicate flavor.

    massage with oil: good sliding, good warming, pleasant
    feeling can be applied to damp skin (after a bath, shower).
    Disadvantages massage with oil (usually in the excessive use of
    oil) slip your hands when kneading, feeling oily film
    body after a massage.

    massage rules

    • Before the massage shower.
    • At the time of the procedure does not use deodorant or perfume: it blocks the action of the oil.
    • Do not eat before the massage.
    • Do not drink alcoholic beverages.

    After the massage,

    • drink a glass (or more) of distilled water or herbal tea.
    • lie down for 15-20 minutes;
    • not take a bath or shower during the 12 hours after the procedure to
      oil well absorbed into the skin and began to detoxify
    • all day to drink as much water as possible because the kidneys are actively involved in the removal of toxins from the body;
    • do not drink alcoholic beverages for 12 hours after the massage,
      to give the body the opportunity to properly clean.

    I recommend doing 1 aroma massage once a week consistently, and you will all
    time to keep fit and in good spirits.

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