The magic power of massage. Part 1


  • Warm, warmer, even hotter ... or why you need a massage?
  • You in Chinese or Swedish?
  • Sawing and must be able to play the same
  • stroking
  • Trituration
  • fulling
  • effleurage

  • Warm, warmer, even hotter ... or why you need a massage?

    It improves the nutrition of tissues and stimulates their work. Especially it concerns
    Skin and subcutaneous tissue that is affected locally. With active
    massaging the skin peeled off the top layer of the epidermis, it is cleaned,
    opening the sebaceous and sweat ducts. There has been a surge of arterial
    blood massed place turns red and becomes warmer. But the massage effect
    and positively on the entire body. dont youThe magic power of massage. Part 1 noticed that, comforting
    someone in distress, we gently stroked his head, back and shoulders?
    Now it is proved that these involuntary movements calming effect
    the nervous system, normalizes blood circulation, evoke a quiet,
    restful sleep. If these strokes do vigorously, you can
    backfire body.

    Other experiments showed that the weak
    the pressure on the affected nerve (for example, neuralgia) increases its
    sensitivity, strong - reduces pain. Massage speeds up the absorption of
    harmful products and removes them from the body. With the help of massage can be
    excite or inhibit the muscle and nervous tissue. All of this suggests
    that the massage - an extremely complex science, requiring precise knowledge
    anatomy and reflexology.

    When different diseases experienced masseurs
    They use a variety of techniques. They always take into account the fact that the lymph
    It collects in the body harmful products and puts them in the gland (at
    disease states, they swell up slightly), where they are processed and
    output. So you need to know the direction of lymph flow, skillfully pounding
    harmful substances in the "trap" and not to massage the prostate, releasing them
    back into the blood and contaminating organism. Experienced specialist via
    massage for only a couple of minutes can relieve severe headache, lower body temperature, to increase urination, reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, soothe the sick and waft sleep.

    You in Chinese or Swedish?

    about massage come to Europe from the East. It may therefore be believed that
    real massage done only in China, India and Thailand (in the last
    in print advertisements in the section appeared even the term "Thai massage"). Actually massaged same muscle groups (their y
    450 us) and the active points (about 2000). The only difference is that
    in the East, in the same Thailand, culture and ancient massage more
    perfect. And if for a massage or a Chinese woman is taken in secret, then it,
    likely to succeed is more elaborate than that of Europeans. They are better
    own methods of massage, the same massage Thailand put on
    commercial basis, and it brings to the treasury a lot of revenue from tourists.
    Oriental massage is often done with medicated oils, herbs. Sometimes
    it is combined with acupuncture.

    The Chinese are studying the body
    man discovered that life energy flows into it on 12 meridians,
    with its oceans and sea power. Knowing their location, you can throw
    the energy of the "full-flowing" ocean "shrinking." Although
    Physiotherapists, doctors, who have helped me in writing this article,
    warn our visitors to do in the East at the first massage
    counter. Many of them have dark knowledge and vampires. By
    At least, even traditional doctors recognize that they were in practice
    cases where it is a healthy person, do a few sessions
    massage in India, for unknown reasons became terminally ill.

    massage, or as it is called, west emphasizes more active
    physical impact on the patient's body. It methods are used more often
    tapping and light strokes.

    Shiatsu - Japanese massage school,
    implying the impact of the fingers on the active points. To do this,
    good to know the location of these points. Then you can quickly remove the pain
    different origins, insomnia, fatigue, and constipation.

    Sawing and must be able to play the same

    Five methods are the basis of any massage used by
    masseurs, regardless of their belonging to this or that school.


    Massage begins with a light and gentle stroking of the skin. it
    It affects the venous blood circulation and lymph flow in the first surface
    vessels, then in deeper. If massaged body part
    painful, the first days are limited to a few seconds of massage,
    gradually bringing it up to 3-5 minutes. Stroking begin just above
    painful place and the further away the hand, the more intense
    pressing - so there is blood flow to the sore spot. reception
    begin stroking massage, do it, moving to a different method, they
    the complete session.

    The magic power of massage. Part 1


    made in those cases where a pathological pulverize
    accumulation in the tissues (eg, bruising, exudate) and drive
    contents into the lymphatic vessels. Also used for grinding
    joint pain and neuralgia, causing blood flow to
    sore spot. Technically, this method consists of massaging
    grinding (if we are trying to erase the stain on the skin, making circular
    movement of one, two or three fingers) and strokes (so we
    direct the exudate in the flow of lymph). In this case the patient's skin that lies beneath
    masseur fingers, too, must move. The duration of grinding -
    from 2 to 7 minutes.


    Admission kneading
    masseurs sometimes called felting. In this process, the impact of
    It is directly on the muscles. Through kneading improves
    muscle power, increasing lymph flow and venous blood and observed
    inflow of arterial blood. Before kneading the muscles and after necessarily
    is stroking. As often massaged the most part
    muscles, then this method is carried out with both hands. Hands grip
    muscle group at an angle to increase fiber lift it from bones and
    rolls the muscle from the periphery to the center. Masseur doing everything
    the movement easily, without straining your wrist, it should be to the skin
    I moved (rolled), together with the muscles. This method is used for
    massages weak or atrophied limbs. By methods
    kneading and include the so-called sawing muscles. This is done by an edge
    palm, while the skin of the patient moves together with the brush.


    rather complex reception massage, since different degrees
    intensity of exposure can be achieved directly opposite
    results. The entire procedure takes less than 2 minutes. The effect is
    that increases blood flow to the tissues, improving their nutrition, and
    due to concussion muscle tissue is her excitement that
    effect on the nerve fibers and lowers (and in some cases
    on the contrary, increases) pain sensitivity. Admission tapping
    used to reduce the pain of neuralgia, increased nervous removal
    sensitivity. Effleurage done in different ways, for example,
    flat palm, fingertips and hand, closed fist. But only
    soft tissue of the patient, bypassing all bony protrusions!
    Effleurage entire plane is also called palm masseurs
    pat. Pat can be done on the back and chest,
    stronger - on the limbs.

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