Head massage is great!


Head massage is great!
Of course, the massage is not without «Program» funds that
Enhance its action. The scalp is massaged when the hair is dry and
unwashed: and not zyabko, and the tool does not dissolve, keeping their useful

Magic manipulations over the chapels are produced in four stages.

Step one

Start with movements resembling washing
Head. Several minutes slowly rub the tool, then wooden
Crest Carefully disperse your hair in different directions.

Step two

Divide the hair in the middle on the straight
parting. Pass the thumbs from the start line of hair to the top,
As moving forward, squeezing the skin of the head between the fingers. Can
Enter the tips of all fingers. Blood tide to hair
Increases, and the head of the head pose.

Step Third

Caution Pull the hair from the roots,
amplifying and relaxing voltage. Soft movements of the palm «give
understand» hair that the procedure is nearing an end.

Step fourth

Complete the massage, combing hair
Crest circular motion counterclockwise. Then carefully
Tend I – Depending on the instructions for use – or
Smash the remedy immediately, or leave on the hair.

Ideally, the scalp massage is 10-15 minutes, but even «Five minutes» Refresh and priorit. Special care will show
Selecting a massage: for dry skin of the head is suitable
formula for sensitive – Soothing. Certainly will be successful
Air conditioning (Balsam, Lotion and T. D.), which contains oil
Jojoba, in its properties as close as possible to a fat secret
Skin. This tropical plant extract will help «Write to feel"
Head of the head of any type.

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