Ways to recognize the addict in the family


  • Circle of friends
  • Suspicious signs
  • Rapid tests

  • In order to determine whether the uses are notchild drugs, it is not necessary to drag it directly into the drug treatment clinic and do a blood test. This action is justified only if there were suspicions. If you give the child a sufficient amount of attention, it is always possible to notice if something goes wrong.

    Circle of friends

    Ways to recognize the addict in the familyOn suspicion might lead to the first circlechild communication. Addict with the experience is not so difficult to distinguish in the crowd, because drug use affects the appearance and behavior:

    • Long-sleeved clothes always, regardless of the weather and climate
    • Unnatural narrow or wide pupils, regardless of lighting
    • aloof glance
    • Often sloppy appearance, dry hair, swollen hands; dark, destroyed, "broken off" the teeth in the form of "stumps"
    • Posture is often stooping
    • Slurred, "stretched" it
    • Awkward and slow movements in the absence of breath alcohol
    • The apparent desire to avoid encounters with the authorities
    • Irritability, sharpness and irreverence in answering questions
    • After his appearance in the house of lost items or money

    Traces of injections addicts usually do not show, butsometimes they can be seen on the back of the hands, and actually experienced addicts inject themselves anywhere, and traces need to look at all areas of the body, not excluding the skin on the head under the hair. traces of injections often do not look just as multiple red dots and merge into a dense blue-purple bands along the veins.

    Of course, these symptoms are drug users with a great experience. The less experience, the harder it is to understand that a person is using drugs. Here the main thing - mindfulness.

    Suspicious signs

    Ways to recognize the addict in the familyRegardless of the child's circle of communication, it must constantly to look closely to spot suspicious signs that speak of a possible drug use:

    • Increasing secrecy child (possibly withoutthe deterioration of relations with parents). Often it is accompanied by an increase in frequency and time "festivities", when the child leaves the house at the time, which was previously held in the family or for lessons
    • Perhaps the child goes to bed too late and all the lies too long in bed in the morning
    • Falling interest to study or to the usual hobbies, maybe the parents will learn about truancy
    • reduced performance
    • Increased financial demands, and the youngpeople are actively looking for ways to meet them, begging for money in increasing quantities (if the money begin to disappear from the parent purses or valuables from the house - this is a very alarming sign!)
    • There are new friends suspicious (but first the young man usually occurs with very decent-looking addicts) or behavior becomes suspicious of old friends.
    • Discussions are underway with a whisper them unintelligible phrases, or in the privacy of
    • The mood of the child - a very important feature -It changed for unknown reasons, very quickly, and often does not correspond to the situation: good humor and lethargy in the scandal, or, conversely, irritability in a calm situation
    • Finally, you can see traces of injections (eg injections) along the veins on his hands

    Experts recommend, do not hesitate to askdirectly and thoroughly about all the confusing and disturbing words and actions of parents of the child. Now there are too many drugs to calm themselves by considerations such as "all this happens" and "may also be a mystery in man." Drugs are sold in schools, and completely exclude the possibility that the child does not come into contact with them is impossible.

    If parents notice the accident happen atteen squirt, some dried herbs, strange powder, colored tablets embossed on the surface of the picture, or brands that are not very similar to e-mail, do not listen to any excuses. All too clearly.

    Rapid tests

    You can always check whether the drug does not use child using rapid tests. In this case go to the doctor absolutely necessary.

    Ways to recognize the addict in the familyRapid tests for drugs on the mind and apparatussimilar to tests to determine pregnancy. System testing is a paper strip on which pasted something dangers blotter. This "blotter" soaked in certain places several chemical and protein compounds. The solution of the drug (eg, urine drug addict) climbs up the "blotter" and comes with the aforementioned compositions in a series of sequential reactions. As a result, staining appears in the place where the final one. The reactions are immunochemical, that is taking place between the antibodies and antigens, available in the "blotter" and very sensitive. In the urine, for example, rapid test detects traces of drugs, opiates for 5 days after a single dose.

    The test itself is performed as follows: strip 5 seconds in urine falls to the level indicated by a horizontal line at the bottom thereof. If for 5 minutes in the middle of the strip will be two brownish-red cross bars, all right - the drug is not found. If the transverse dash will be one that is a drug in a urine sample. Finally, if there are no dashes, then the test is invalid and it should be altered.

    Now you can find in specialized centerstest strips to determine the different types of drugs, and it helps a lot in time to take all the necessary. Yet finally approve of drug use is possible only after a special expertise.

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