Cyst brain injury as a result of


Cyst brain injury as a result of The combination of the words "concussion" leads, on the one hand, depression, and on the other, - the idea of ​​the "who does not happen." What actually happens when our brain "shakes"?

Despite the fact that this injury is not consideredheavy, but it is associated with a lot of social, medical and rehabilitation problems. The fact that in the brain, there are many structures that are most vulnerable to such effects: the hypothalamus, the pituitary stalk, the brain stem.

They are fixed between the spinal cord and the cerebral hemispheres more mobile, and hence can most strongly deformed.

Symptoms of a concussion include: first, after hitting his head on the man briefly loses consciousness (syncope sometimes so short that the victim did not have time to realize it).

Secondly, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of field of vision (both eyes a man can see only a third or half of the picture in front of you).

But such symptoms appear, and in violationactivities of other agencies, at times, is not associated with brain activity. On the other hand, give the same effect more severe brain injury (injury, hematoma, etc.).

Therefore, in practice it is very difficult to objectify these symptoms. As a result, doctors have resorted to overdiagnosis - the patient has had no time to fall, and he was already diagnosed with "concussion".

It is fraught with the fact that for the mass of these patients (mainly anti-social elements), the doctor may miss really bad case, or just do not recognize other disease.

Head injury can cause the development of cysts

Needless concussion injury is considered functionally reversible, that is, the brain must soon recover fully. Treatment is very simple: bed rest and sedation.
True, there is a caveat. Most people know that a concussion is treated simply, and therefore do not give it much importance. Hit his head, the man goes to the doctor, and the home continues to go to work and earn their post-traumatic asthenia. In other words, he continues to live for years in a state of "not ill and not healthy." On it periodically rolls weakness, dizziness, depression of consciousness, etc.

However, a person diagnosed with stack"Concussion" in hospital for 7-10 days - is wrong. Much easier just to make it ultrasound, X-rays, and at the slightest suspicion of compression of the brain - a computer tomography.
And if it is, indeed, only a concussion andNothing more need to send a person home, that he was lying there, and took pills. And hospitals unload, and the patient more comfortable at home.
Home Mode is excluded only in the case,If after carrying out diagnostic studies it appears that the patient is not only a concussion and brain contusion. That is, the mechanical destruction of part of the brain and its vascular supply. Most often this happens if a person hit his forehead or temporal lobes of the skull. There is already a hospital bed without can not do, because it can develop encephalopathy, persistent violations of brain activity, and even epilepsy due to incorrect or untimely treatment of brain injury.

And sometimes in the injury area may form a cyst. brain cyst is a "hollow" education in the matter of the brain.

Cysts remain forever in the human body andprognosis of the disease depends on the presence or absence of complications (suppuration or breakthrough cysts, intracranial stress syndrome, i.e. cyst pressure on brain tissue, etc.).

If the cyst will grow and start to squeeze the brain, it is already require surgery until the craniotomy.

That's why it is recommended never to diagnose "concussion" by eye without holding at least an ultrasound and X-ray studies of the brain. In the end, it is we have only one.

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