The paralysis of the facial nerve, Symptoms and Treatment


  • What is Bell's palsy
  • How is the disease
  • How is the treatment and prevention

  • What is Bell's palsy

    Bell's palsy (facial paralysis, facial neuropathy
    nerve) - peripheral facial nerve damage caused by
    the influence of various factors, and occurs mainly
    dysfunction of the facial muscles.

    cooling influence infection and other factors occurs
    vascular spasms of the facial nerve, which leads to swelling and his inconsistency
    diameters of the facial nerve and its channel. Perhaps the development of neuropathy
    facial nerve without apparent reason, and against the background of a hypertensive crisis and diabetes.
    The disease can cause damage to the facial nerve in all its
    Over in lesions of the parotid gland, congenital narrowness of the bone
    canal in the temporal bone, where the nerve, purulent otitis, fractures
    base of the skull with the spread of the pyramid of the temporal bone, and
    processes in the cerebellopontine angle (arachnoiditis,
    acoustic neuroma). Neuritis of the facial nerve is sometimes
    the first clinical symptom polyradiculoneuritis. described defeat
    facial nerve in tuberculosis, syphilis, rheumatism, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria.

    neuropathy of the facial nerve in the idiopathic (independent
    disease) and symptomatic (as a developing any symptom
    another disease).

    How is the disease

    The paralysis of the facial nerve, Symptoms and Treatment
    facial paralysis typically relatively sharp growth disorders
    the function of facial muscles. At the same time on the affected side are missing
    wrinkles in the forehead, flattened nasolabial fold, lowered the angle of the mouth.
    The patient can not wrinkle the forehead, frown, close the eyes ( "hare
    Eye "), inflate the cheek, to whistle, to blow out a candle. When grin teeth
    revealed the lack of movement on the affected side, here
    It occurs more slowly and rarely blinking. On the side of muscle paralysis
    strengthened salivation, from the corner of the mouth saliva flows. With the defeat of
    peripheral nerve sections are often marked by pain in the face, which
    may precede the development of paralysis of facial muscles. depending
    from nerve injury level of motor impairment can be combined with
    disorders of taste on the anterior half of the tongue and the aggravation of hearing.
    "Rabbit" is often combined with an eye violation lacrimation (dry

    acute illness, then for the first 2 weeks of state
    It is beginning to improve. The lack of recovery movements of facial muscles
    during the month of guards against the possibility of
    irreversible changes in nerve. At the same time adverse symptom
    is the development of keratitis (caused by the drying of the conjunctiva of the eye on
    side paralysis) and contractures paralyzed muscles (highlights
    nasolabial fold, resulting in reduction of orbicularis oculi muscle
    eye narrows the gap observed myoclonic spasms
    facial muscles).

    How is the treatment and prevention

    preferably carried out in a hospital environment. Tactics of treatment depends on the
    reasons, the period of the disease, the level of destruction of the nerve. When infectious
    because the disease is recommended polupostelny mode for 2-3
    days, apply anti-inflammatory therapy. In the early stages
    diseases effectively treated with hormones -corticosteroids (prednisolone and its analogs). Due to the swelling of the nerve and its infringement in the bone canal use diuretics (furosemide, diakarb, triampur). Regardless of the cause of neuropathy are appointed by means of improving blood circulation in the nerve (nicotinic acid, komplamin).
    To prevent dryness of the conjunctiva and the development of trophic disorders
    2-3 times a day in the eyes need to dig sulfacetamide, vitamin
    drops. With 5-7 days joins vitamin, on 7-10 day added
    drugs that improve the conduct of the nerve and neuromuscular transmission (Neostigmine).
    In the course of treatment must be included physical therapy: infrared rays,
    the electric field UHF, laser, sinusoidal modulated
    currents, ultrasound, massage neck area. From the first days of illness
    appointed physiotherapy. In all forms of the disease
    acupuncture is used.

    As a precaution, the facial nerve lesions should avoid exposure to cold, infectious diseases, timely treat hypertension.

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