Headache tablets


Headache tablets
Headache - a widespread phenomenon,
occurs even in perfectly healthy people (due to fatigue or changes
weather) or in the presence of disease (pain acts as a symptom
any disease). The pain can be paroxysmal, have different
intensity level, pass quickly or persist for a long
period. If you are constantly plagued by pain in the head, seek
consult a neurologist and pass a medical examination. Diagnostics enable
determine the type of pain and the cause of its occurrence, and it will enable
neurologist correctly plan your treatment. Serious attitude to headaches and self-medication can lead to serious diseases
gastrointestinal tract and liver as a minimum.

To facilitate the work of the doctor, be sure
the nature of the pain associated deviations from your normal state of
(Cause nausea, dizziness, or light sensitivity, for example) and
the circumstances in which they arise. Experts distinguish several
types of pain, and for each there is a treatment and its specific purpose
drugs. We will understand more in a variety of headaches.

headache medicines and

Headache is multifaceted and has variety
reasons for the appearance. the following types are distinguished in medicine:

  1. Migraine is characterized by a strong and
    pain sufficiently long on one or both sides, as would
    throbbing in the temples or forehead. In addition headache, often observed
    nausea and vomiting. Pain saved from a few hours to three days.
    For the treatment of this pathology is well proven drugs with current
    substance sumatriptan, zolmitriptanom and eletriptanom.
  2. Headache tabletsTension-type headache occurs
    after a long stay in an uncomfortable position, with stress and fatigue. Pain
    voltage is not accompanied by nausea and vomiting, is dull and aching in nature.
    This state lasts no more than a few hours. The most effective
    in such cases the tablets are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
    drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc.), spasmolytics (Nospanum and
    papaverine, for example).
  3. Vascular headache trigger
    deformation of brain vessels (expansion and contraction). Pain is
    pulsating in nature, can be transformed into a dull and aching. depending
    by vascular changes are appointed or drugs that increase blood
    pressure or lowering it. It is also necessary to improve the access of oxygen
    brain (piracetam, for example). For ease feelings of pain are used tablets
    analgesic effect (analgin, baralgin).
  4. About likvordinamicheskoy headache
    It says, when there is a sensation that his head was bursting, and intense pain.
    This discomfort will help remove a little while analgesics and NSAIDs. In cases
    suspicion of this condition, consult a neurologist (this
    It can be a symptom of meningitis and brain tumors).
  5. Psychogenic pain - occurs on
    soil depressions and is self-persuasion man that
    he has a headache.

from headaches during pregnancy and for children

Receiving drugs
drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding is necessary
coordinate with your doctor. Allowed to take Nospanum and tsitramon and
the use of aspirin, dipyrone and Nurofen is strictly prohibited.

For the treatment of head
pain in children are suitable drugs with paracetamol or ibuprofen. Dose
calculated based on the weight of the child.

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