Diabetic polyneuropathy and men's potency


The most common cause of hormonal impotence

The faest cause of hormonal impotence is... Who said: Testosterone?! Two! In 90% of cases, hormonal impotence is caused by diabetes mellitus, leading to serious changes in vessels and cavernous fabric of the penis.

This is a fairly common complication. Among young diabetics, it meets every fourth, and after 50 years - more than half of the patients.

Patient supporting the normal blood sugar level can avoid this complication. This requires hard compliance with diet, maintaining normal weight and, if necessary, several insulin injections per day. Complications of diabetes are irreversible, therefore, each, having learned its diagnosis, should immediately begin treatment from the endocrinologist.

Diabetic polyneuropathy and potency

Diabetic polyneuropathy and men's potencyHowever say that in everything «Blame» Elevated blood sugar - not quite right.

Problems with potency in diabetes are also associated with the lesion of peripheral nerves, called, diabetic polyneuropathy.

In addition to diabetic polyneuropathy, sexual difficulties in diabetes can be caused and angiopathy, t.E. blockage arteries, blood supplying penis. This can be revealed using special tests of vessels: ultrasound or X-ray examination.

Problems with potency during diabetes can be divided into three groups:
  • erectile dysfunction.
  • Ejaculation TARDA - a protracted ejaculation leading to a long, exhausting sexual act. In patients with diabetes, it is a manifestation of diabetic polyneuropathy and caused by a decrease in the sensitivity of the head of the penis.
  • Reduced sexual attraction.

Often there is a combination of all three symptoms.

The absence of ejaculation, with a preserved orgasm, also serves as a manifestation of polyneuropathy and caused by a violation of innervation and throwing ejaculate in the bladder.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by polyneuropathy

How to identify polineuropathy?

Often, violation from the side of the sexual function is the first sign of the beginning of polyneuropathy. In the early stages of Polyneropathy, the only complaint may be a feeling of cold in the field of the head of the penis, which urologists are called the cold head syndrome of the penis.

With erectile dysfunction caused by polyneuropathy, other symptoms are observed:
  • sensitivity impairment (numbness, feeling of goosebumps);
  • painless ulcers, burns, breakdowns, wounds;
  • amyotrophy;
  • Pains in the legs alone and at night, edema feet.

No matter how serious this problem is, it is not worth a despair. Timely diagnosis of the disease and its proper treatment will make the death.

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