Fasting days for weight loss

With this concept as familiar fasting daysmany, but few people think, what is the real benefit of these days. After all, with the right approach to the discharge of the body it is possible to improve your health, cleansed of toxins and lose weight.

Benefits of fasting days

cleansing of the body, nutrition, weight loss, fasting days

In the first place it should be noted thatfasting days for weight loss - an excellent alternative to rigid mono-diet, which, despite the warnings of doctors and nutritionists, are in great demand. In fact, the body needs a "hunger strike" and a shake-up, but, like everything else, it should be done properly.

Fasting days are able to excretedetained him water, toxins, waste products. They allow you to relax the gastro-intestinal tract, which every day has to work to digest is not always useful and necessary body nutrition. On this day, purified and rejuvenates the cardiovascular system, but the biggest push gets metabolism. With regular repetition of these days the body will start to lose weight, respectively, will be achieved the main goal - weight loss.

The rules of the fasting days

cleansing of the body, nutrition, weight loss, fasting days

They are there are so many, you have to either choose one thing or alternate favorite foods. It should be noted that each product is good in its own way and has useful properties.


This is one of the most popular types of discharge. To make it, you must bring to the boil 1.5 liters of milk, pour it into a thermos and pour to 1.5 tablespoons of green or black tea. Need to drink during the day, at first a couple of times, you can add a little honey to the body it was easier to survive "shake."

This drink has a strong diuretic effect, so it is important to replenish the water balance. Be sure to alternate the tea reception with the reception of pure natural water in any case not soda.

Contraindications: molokochay can not drink for people with hypertensionAs caffeine is able to provoke a hypertensive crisis. Also better to give up the drink, if you have too much overweight.


He is a well-tried and favorite product to all dieters. MipSovetov does not recommend long-term mono-diet kefir, but cleanse the body, To withdraw toxins, toxins and contribute to weight loss in a little over one day, kefir is quite capable.

cleansing of the body, nutrition, weight loss, fasting days

For the handling of the day you need1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt. Drink it should be a little bit, to not have time to get hungry. Combining yogurt can be a small amount of vegetables and fruit, except for grapes and bananas.

Kefir is preferable to domestic production for this at the pharmacy, you can buy a special starter. So you can extract the maximum utility of the handling of the day on kefir.

Contraindications: It is not recommended to choose for unloading kefir people with high acidity of gastric juice.


During the day you need to eat 1.5-2 kgapples. The apple variety is your choice. On such days, decoctions from various herbs and from rose hips are welcome. It is also possible to introduce a little low-fat kefir or cottage cheese into the diet, this will help not to feel hunger.


cleansing of the body, nutrition, weight loss, fasting days

This cereal is very much appreciated by nutritionists forits beneficial properties. Take 250 g of buckwheat, thoroughly rinse it and fill it with water at night. In the morning boil in the usual way, the finished pudding is divided into 5 equal portions and eat during the day. Wash down with her best yogurt. Also during the day drink green tea and do not forget about the water balance.


Of course, where without this low-calorie vegetable? Quite simply, 1.5 kg of cucumbers are divided into 5 equal portions and eat during the day. In the evening you can eat 70 grams of boiled chicken or 1 hard-boiled egg.


Ideal for any sweet tooth! Buy 500 g of dark chocolate and just eat during the day, washed down with tea or coffee without sugar. Do not forget to drink enough water, then the "minus" in the balance, lightness and excellent mood did not take long to wait.

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