How to recover from the arachnoid brain cysts


Arachnoid cyst - a benignthree-dimensional formation, which is a cavity formed by splitting or "duplication" arachnoid membrane and containing a liquid medium, approximate in structure and composition to the cerebrospinal fluid.
Arachnoid cyst of the brain,manifesting as complications of various diseases, exacerbate the severity of the condition patients, lead to the development of hypertensive, epileptic syndromes, the appearance of focal deposition, retarded mental and psychological development. Cyst diagnosed using computed tomography or magnetic resonance and, as a rule, are a random finding.

How is cerebral arachnoid cysts

How to recover from the arachnoid brain cystsMost cysts do not require treatment, because they do notcause of compression and displacement (dislocation) of brain structures. Surgical treatment of ruptured cysts require the formation of a subdural hydroma (accumulation of fluid on the brain hemisphere), causing dislocation changes (compression and displacement of the brain), or is the cause of seizures (epilepsy).

Compression of the brain manifested impairment of consciousness, weakness and numbness in the limbs, headache, nausea, vomiting.
Currently the following types of surgical treatments are used:
  • endoscopic surgery (endoscopic kistotsisternostomiya, ventrikulokistotsisternostomiya, excision of cysts, kistoventrikulostomiya, kistoventrikulotsisternostomiya);
  • microneurosurgical operation (excision of the cyst, kistotsisternostomiya, kistoventrikulostomiya);
  • shunt surgery (kistoperitonealnoe, kistosubgalealnoe bypass surgery).
is an indication for surgical treatment:
  • the presence and progression of seizures;
  • increase in hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome;
  • development and growth of focal symptoms;
  • arachnoid cyst complicated by hemorrhage.
Endoscopic surgery - selection operationSurgical treatment of arachnoid cysts. By preimuschectvam endoscopic treatment may include minimal invasiveness, all manipulations are carried out under the control of and are easily detected, the absence of foreign bodies after surgery and related complications. In the absence of indications for endoscopic surgery performed microneurosurgical or shunt operation.

As a rule, satisfactory results of treatment, patients returned to their previous lives.

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