Kinetoses: where did the "motion sickness"?


  • WHAT kinetosis and how it manifests itself?
  • Where and under what circumstances we are facing a motion sickness?
  • They WHO - kinetosis victim?
  • How does kinetosis, forms of motion sickness

  • Kinetoses or motion sickness, what, where, who and how?Weakness, sweating, heaviness in the head, sinking of the heart,
    nausea and vomiting - the one who felt at least once kinetosis symptoms
    traveling by plane or sea liner will never forget them. For Dumb
    every trip becomes a painful ordeal, causing anxiety attacks and
    fear. However, it should not be afraid, just be understood as
    prevent motion sickness, and what to do if kinetosis yet made itself felt.

    WHAT kinetosis and how it manifests itself?

    First of all it is important to know that kinetosis - is not a disease, and
    only a reflection of the high sensitivity of the vestibular apparatus, a reaction
    organism to acceleration and braking that occurs when riding in a car, train,
    during air flights or sea travel. vestibular apparatus
    included in a particular body position in space diagnostic system and with
    visual analyzer, receptors musculo-articular apparatus informs
    us about the environment and allows you to maintain balance. If our body
    repeatedly and abruptly changes position in space, the brain begin
    act inconsistent data and there are symptoms of motion sickness.

    Where and under what circumstances we are facing a motion sickness?

    Ranking leaders in the motion sickness

    1. sea ​​craft
    2. Aircraft (especially small-size)
    3. Cars
    4. Trains

    They WHO - kinetosis victim?

    If you search for anti-motion sickness and anxiety become the norm
    before the trip is bordered on panic, you might reassure the fact that you are not the only
    people in the world suffering kinetoses, it suffers every ten people on
    planet. More prone to motion sickness in all people with excitable nervous system,
    especially women. Teenagers and children are also not tolerate the trip, their
    vestibular system is imperfect and sensitive to pitching and air pockets.
    Unfavorable period for sea and road trips is pregnancy and the "critical days" for women. Patients also better to postpone the trip
    until recovery, intoxication exacerbates kinetosis, in fact, as the presence of
    chronic diseases.

    How does kinetosis, forms of motion sickness

    Depending on the predominant symptoms are several
    forms kinetosis

    • Anorexia is characterized by a form of motion sickness
      anxiety, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, heaviness in the head and
    • Gastrointestinal kinetosis - is first
      all the unpleasant taste in the mouth, nausea, vomiting, particularly in response
      some odors.
    • Cardiovascular form, which manifests itself first
      palpitations, increased blood pressure, redness of the face,
      neck and chest, and then reducing the pressure, the overall paleness, weakness, and even
      confusion and fainting.

    Motion sickness can occur almost imperceptibly
    human. Hardly anyone bothers sleepy while traveling on a bus
    long distance. But in some cases, the "sea or air sickness" occurs is so difficult that people are just beginning to avoid such
    Travel. In the worst case motion sickness leads to the fact that the person falls
    in prostration, and even faints, loses interest in his surroundings. TO
    Fortunately, such options kinetosis quite rare.

    Typically, motion sickness appears in mixed form and the combination of
    his individual symptoms. Kinetoses compounded stuffiness, or too bright
    dim light, the presence of extraneous smells, movement forward and back

    Attention!!! Before purchasing a tablet from
    motion sickness, understand, it really spoils your travel kinetosis.
    After all its manifestations are similar to the symptoms of many diseases. If you experience
    extreme anxiety before the trip, and at the same time feel spoiled before
    start traffic, perhaps it is not the result of motion sickness and symptoms of neurosis. The heartbeat and heart pain, shortness of breath - perhaps this is a manifestation of
    angina attacks which provoked excitement. And nausea and vomiting
    trips can be caused by a violation of the diet, especially
    people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, the medication
    sickness will be powerless, need medical attention.

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