Living with myopathy (amyotrophy)


  • The treatment regimen of myopathy (amyotrophy)
  • Nutrition for muscle atrophy
  • Physiotherapy with myopathy (amyotrophy)
  • Massage and gymnastics with myopathy (amyotrophy)
  • Psychotherapy

  • The treatment regimen of myopathy (amyotrophy)

    So, you have been diagnosed, "Myopathy (amyotrophy)." Myopathy (amyotrophy) - a group of hereditary diseases that manifest themselves gradually atrophy and degeneration of muscle.
    Today, there is no cure for thisdisease. However, treatment can partially restore lost opportunities. To this was most successful treatment, the patient's daily need efforts in his daily life. How to live with myopathy?

    Proper treatment can significantly slow downmuscle atrophy, and increase the growth and regeneration of new muscle tissue and even restore some lost opportunities. Treatment of myopathy (amyotrophy) requires daily implementation of a number of medical procedures, so patients themselves should be able to independently carry out the necessary procedures.

    The complex treatment includes the following:

    • medication scheme that signs for a period of 3-12 months;
    • health food;
    • physiotherapy;
    • massage;
    • gymnastics;
    • psychotherapy.
    Drugs do not cure muscular dystrophy, and they are capable of stimulating growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.

    Nutrition for muscle atrophy

    Myopathy and amyotrophy lead to loss of muscletissue. The problem of the patient and the doctor - to have time to recover this loss. It is known that the protein is required, but not all know how to muscle growth, and in what quantity mode. Some experts recommend taking nutrient mixture as amino acids and vitamins supplemented with L-carnitine. Doses based on weight forward, patient's age and condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Often, for some reason, the proteins are not digestedfrom the gastrointestinal tract and food intake of protein does not lead to anything, but problems with digestion. Information about protein digestion as a result can be obtained fecal. Because the food - an important component of the treatment of myopathies, in these cases, be sure to treat the cause malabsorption of protein (reduction in pancreatic function, inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, etc.).

    Physiotherapy with myopathy (amyotrophy)

    As a result, long-term course of the disease on the spotdead muscle fibers are formed incorporating fatty and fibrous (scar) tissue, which interfere with the work of muscles and may even cause muscle pain. For resorption of these inclusions and applied physiotherapy.

    In addition, when muscle illnesses can form contractures - reduced range of motion in joints and muscles. There physiotherapy - as one of the main methods of treatment.
    Used mainly 2 methods of physiotherapy: wraps and electrophoresis with enzyme preparations. Used for wrappings composition based on natural bile electrophoresis and - on the basis of papain.
    Electrical stimulation of muscles is used only insome cases, when some muscles are so weak that you can not perform even the most basic movements. Electrical stimulator makes muscles contract, regardless of the presence / absence of any patient effort.

    Massage and gymnastics with myopathy (amyotrophy)

    Standard massage techniques are not well suitedfor the treatment of myopathy and amyotrophy. In addition, the effect of massage depends on the correctness of its implementation. Unfortunately, we regularly see patients after a course of massage during a massage completely unexamined problem muscles.

    Proper massage begins with the definition ofstiff, compacted, weakened muscles areas. It is at these sites and the main effort during a massage should be directed. Moreover, a combination of tonic massage on weakened areas with relaxing, stretching and absorbing the seal portions of the muscle.

    If there is a weakness of the respiratory muscles, chest massage is performed to ease the respiratory movements. The patient is very important to learn from professional self-massage.

    Exercising with neuromuscular diseases hasits features. The fact that the weakness of a given muscle, instead it may be included in the other movement (muscle synergists, etc.). As a result, there is an incorrect pattern of movement, which not only does not lead to the desired effect, but can also affect other muscles, joints and intervertebral discs. For this reason, gymnastics with myopathy and amyotrophy is based on the inclusion of the isolated individual muscles.

    So far it failed to create a single systemgymnastics for myopathy, as tonusnye force imbalance of the muscles of each patient is different. Exercise is necessary to select and dose for each patient individually. Later exercises performed at home paired with an assistant or by yourself.


    Living with myopathy (amyotrophy)Start of clinical manifestations and the subsequent deterioration of the usually triggered by mental stress. Moreover, severe muscle disease, in itself, a serious mental stress.
    Against the background of the disease often develop secondary depression with apathy and unwillingness to engage in their health. And this leads to the progression of the disease and possible death of the patient.

    The patient need to undergopsychotherapeutic treatment to become more resistant to mental stimuli, to become more active, positive attitude to treatment, and this immediately affects the muscles.

    The patient is a good idea to learn from the expert special psychic techniques to work with their own muscles.

    If you have symptoms of depression can assign modern antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Tsipraleks, fluoxetine, and others.).
    These antidepressants are not reduced, and increase the patient's activity and mood, do not cause muscle weakness.

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