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  • Martyrs NightsWe spend a third of life in the arms of Morpheus. Staying in this state is extremely important for good physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Sleep rhythm disorder is fraught with violation of our life functions. Sleep is as important to preserve health, like air, water and food.

    If we sleep well, you wake up cheerful and ready for a new working day. If the dream is defective, all life aspects suffer. Nowadays, approximately half of the inhabitants of the planet risks to face any problem of sleep disorders. There are more than 90 diseases causing his disorder entailing serious physical and psychological consequences. And the emerging problems with a dream exacerbate already available diseases. Constantly 50% of adults suffer from one of many sleep disorders, 13% of these problems are so heavy that they pose a threat to health. Unfortunately, most people with "Sleepy" problems do not discuss them with a doctor.

    Meanwhile, the consequences of these problems are unsafe for life. For example, statistics show that 20% of all drivers at least at least once fell asleep. Fatigue — Here is the most frequently mentioned possible cause of an accident, because of which almost a third of heavy car accidents occurred with fatal outcome. Approximately 50% of deaths on the road occurred due to the fault of sleepy chauffeurs.

    Martyrs Nights

    During sleep, it takes from six to eight cycles, when the brain changes the models of behavior, and deep sleep alternates with the phases of the shallow "fast" sleep. During a shallow sleep, a man sees dreams, who remember after awakening not all.

    Different types of sleep disorders include troubled sleep, awakening with a sense of fatigue, excessively long sleep, restless sleep and nightmares, conversation and walking in a dream, snoring in a dream and apnea (short-term respiratory stop). The cause of sleep disturbances can be a disease (pain, high temperature), climate change, setting, excessive food or drink, severe life situation.

    Need to admit that sleep models in humans are different and change with age. The older we become, that we need to sleep less. Some people grabs only four hours of sleep at night, while others need at least eight. Therefore, you should strive for sleep quality, and not to the number of time allocated for it.

    Recently, the connection was established between sleep violation, snoring and apnea in a dream, and, apparently, this is a serious factor in the development of heart disease. Apnea in a dream is a short respiratory stop occurring most often when snoring and arising when the body is in a state of muscular voltage, while the breathing model is violated in the same way as when hyperventilation.

    Myths about insomnia

    A glass of red wine or a portion of whiskey helps to fall asleep and sleep. Alcohol can cause drowsiness, but deprives you deep sleep and makes it more often to wake up at night. Regular "treatment" Insomnia Alcohol generates a tendency to raise a dose, in addition, the risk of alcohol addiction increases, the doctor policy approves.

    After eating, blood is more thickening to the stomach, and the brain is easier to relax. Overbinding in the late evening can limit the movement of the diaphragm and make it difficult to breathe, besides the abundant food will make your digestive system overtime, not letting you sleep. Empty ricking stomach can also upset your dream. The last meal must be no later than two hours before sleep. Cigarette, tea cup, shower soothe. Caffeine contained in coffee, tea, chocolate, nicotine, located in cigarettes, have a stimulatory-irritable effect on some receptors. Also the toning effect of the soul may prevent relaxing for sleep.

    Sport will help get rid of stress, and I will sleep as a murdered! Indeed, physical education — Mandatory component of a daily program for restoring human resources, but at least three hours before sleep should be stopped active television. Physical activity does not contribute to relaxation.

    All sleep!

    To sleep for you to torture, and the morning was called good and vigorous, please note that simple recommendations. Go to bed at the same time. Stick up certain hours for sleep, even on weekends. Try to make the same actions before bedtime, giving your body to know that it's time to sleep.

    Sleep in good bed. Mattress, which is too small, too soft, too cruel or too old, maybe "Suggest" healthy sleep. To sleep well, you need to choose myself a bed, which provides maximum comfort and good support to your body. Get rid of too high pillows. Sleep clothing should be easy and free.

    Stroll. Calm walk in the fresh air before bedtime is very useful. Get rid of noise. Turn off the TV and radio. If your partner snaps, offer him a medicine from snoring or apply earnest yourself.

    Take care of the air in the bedroom. Use air conditioning when hot and wet summer, and humidifier — Winter. Support the temperature in the room plus 18-22 degrees. Clean the bedroom regularly to be less dust.

    Do not think about problems. Plan your next day early in the evening. Try to solve complex problems long before the deposit. In bed you just need to sleep. Reading books, view the TV Transfer to another place.

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