Neuralgia - insidious and painful


  • An insidious disease - Neuralgia
  • Recognize neuralgia is difficult, but possible
  • A little about the prevention and treatment of neuralgia
  • At risk - computer scientists and chemists

  • An insidious disease - Neuralgia

    When the sore nerves - life is unbearable, that's why we often recommend that their and must be protected.

    It turns out that the nerves, like any other tissuein our body, prone to injury and inflammation, burns and react to the cold, and even suffer from overload. And arising from this defeat cause neuritis and neuralgia. But if neuritis usually go to the doctor, then with neuralgia often try to cope on their own.

    What is this strange disease - Neuralgia and how dangerous is it?

    Neuralgia - insidious and painfulIf it depict novelists, then surelyI would say that the neuralgia is pain, and nothing else. And do not be too exaggerated. Because the main - and often only - it is really a symptom of pain. Usually - sharp, shooting, tearing and burning. Seizures can be isolated, and may occur regularly. With individual neuralgic "attack" many of us are familiar. Remember, as you, for example, were drawn from an office chair for the sunset under the table a pen and suddenly felt a piercing stab in the ribs, from which the breath? Fortunately, everything went in a minute. This is the typical intercostal neuralgia attack - "cross", which may not be repeated in the coming years. Much more unpleasant if neuralgia different consistency. In this case, the pain attacks may be repeated at certain days and times, or appear at night. Some of them arise because the slightest provocation (eg, changes in body position), and often do spontaneously.

    Particular this insidious disease is thatit is difficult to diagnose. Of course, the attacks of neuralgic pain may not disturb the patient. And, of course, he has the right to expect that with such a manifestation of disorder in the activity of the body's favorite doctor immediately to be seen affected area. But unlike neuritis objective changes tissues while lacking. If neuritis certainly lead to disruption of the mobility or at least sensitivity "wards" bodies, then when there is nothing like neuralgia. No changes are recorded even in the nerve: its trunk and shell indistinguishable from healthy. Therefore pain attack is extremely difficult to identify the disease!

    Intrigue neuralgia consists in the fact thatreasons that can cause disease, a great many. First of all, it's infectious processes in the area of ​​certain nerve plexus; trauma; mechanical compression, such as hernias vertebral discs; a variety of toxic lesions - from alcohol, ending heavy metal poisoning. In addition, the appearance of pain may be guilty and allergic reactions and immunological disorders, hormonal changes, and chronic diseases such as the human nervous system and other organs. Experts point out that in rare cases, the "reference point" neuralgia is only one factor, usually several.

    Recognize neuralgia is difficult, but possible

    Because the nerve endings are located throughouthuman body, neuralgia may be masked under completely different conditions, such as a renal colic, heart attack, low back pain, gastritis - the list goes on to infinity ... And yet medicine is to find the key to the cipher of the cunning disease declassified secret neuralgia. As it turned out, other diseases of the nervous system is distinguished by its specific tender points, which are "sitting" on the affected nerve, even when all the other manifestations of neuralgia are absent completely.

    In this disease have their "favorites." Most often suffer from sciatic nerve. Then there are the intercostal neuralgia, and lesions of cervical-brachial plexus and phrenic nerve. It is not uncommon, and neuralgic pain in the abdomen, as neuralgia and exposed nerves, "serving" the internal organs. Among the lesions of facial nerves of the palm keeps trigeminal nerve (the most frequent lesion of facial nerve, and perhaps the most painful). That is, the nerve, which is located on the face and consists of three branches: one goes on the frontal part, the other in charge of the eyes, and the third - the chin.

    Fabrics that "oversees" the injured nervedistinguished from neighboring that blush or turn pale, and then covered with sweat. Therefore, in such cases, the pattern of "neuralgic machinations" more clearly. The eye on the affected side of the tear, and the salivary glands produce more secretion. There may be a variety of muscle spasms. It is also noteworthy that the attacks marked neuralgic pains peculiar pulsation: pain is not entirely uniform, and the like are jerks. Their duration may vary from a few minutes to several hours. Well, and in severe cases - even days. May be swelling, redness, local vasodilatation. During bouts of pain can "give" even in remote areas.

    A little about the prevention and treatment of neuralgia

    Neuralgia prevention measures are reduced toto avoid hypothermia and injuries. Balanced diet, reasonable exercise and unobtrusive attention to themselves able to maintain the body in a stable condition at any age.

    Well, who knows about this disease firsthand -must consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. The affected nerves are especially in need of the appointment of B vitamins and physiotherapy treatment. Can benefit and sedatives, and, as a modern complex (valokormid, Corvalol, Persians, and others.) And traditional infusions of valerian or motherwort. But in severe cases, the underlying cause should be treated.

    At risk - computer scientists and chemists

    It is fair to say that absolutely no reason neuralgia is still not there. That is, there are a number of provocative moments.

    Sadly, the first - it's age. The older we get, the greater the likelihood of neuralgia. This contributes to the reduction in the elasticity of the tissues and a gradual reduction in the height of the intervertebral discs, and the accumulation of a whole bunch of chronic diseases, and low mobility. But (and this is good), neuralgia is very rare in children.

    Professional nuances. Out of competition among them carrying heavy loads and long-term work in the same position. Thus, lesion of cervical-brachial plexus is most often found in the porters, people engaged in fine needlework (jewelers, watchmakers), and all day to sit at the computer.

    Infection. A special place of honor among provoking moments neuralgia takes notorious flu. Since neuralgia - one of its complications, remember that the flu, just like any other viral infection, will certainly need a week "stay in bed." Otherwise, even with the most modern treatment you risk becoming a neurologist patient, and for a long time.

    Intoxication. They may be the result of both internal diseases (diabetes, endocrine system diseases, cancers, and others.) And poisoning. Particularly at risk of workers of chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and paint shops. May suffer and those who like to suffer the effects of all the recommended drugs.

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