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  • What are seizures?
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  • What are seizures?

    Epilepsy - a disease that can manifest itself almost imperceptibly. A lot of people for a long time do not even know that they are ill.

    We have epilepsy classical literature and military leaders. Everyone knows that the disease is manifested severe seizures, but not all know hWhere does epilepsy?it takes many forms. Seizures - it is always dramatic, but there are seizures, which in everyday life can be and be seen.

    Sometimes seizures may occur in aan amount that can not be account within a day. For example, transient loss of consciousness. The man said - stopped - immediately came to his senses. Sometimes a seizure lasts for a split second, second, two, three ... You do not even understand what happened to him, because he keeps on talking about the same thing, about which spoke. There are sensory seizures when the patient feels something: the smell suddenly occurs varies auditory, visual perception.

    Sometimes an attack occurs in the form of enhancedpalpitations - no reason quickens the pulse, etc. Therefore, such patients often fall out of the field of view of a specialist, long treated by other doctors. This leads to the fact that sooner or later they can receive all types of known convulsive seizures. The disease, which began with small symptoms, acquires new, more complicated.

    In most cases, seizures occurspontaneously, but there are still so-called reflex epilepsy, which are associated with certain sensory stimuli: gustatory, olfactory, auditory, visual, tactile. That is a fit caused by a specific external factor. The most common reflex among forms of epilepsy - photosensitivity. Such a patient should not look at the intermittent flashing light, to visit discotheques with soundlights, he should give up the TV with a quick flashing of the frame and computer games.

    Acute epileptic reaction

    Acute epileptic reaction - is not a disease, andthe body's response in the form of an epileptic seizure on the impact of any adverse factors, it may be heat stroke, sharp pain, burns, etc. A fit body indicates how it is bad at the moment.

    According to the doctor, a man of much helpduring an epileptic seizure, which lasts a maximum of two minutes, will not work: no matter what you do, it's not a special role to play. One can only try to protect the patient from injury. Epilepsy refers to a chronic (virtually incurable) diseases of the central nervous system, in spite of this, in recent years there has been significant progress in its treatment.

    On the market of medicines

    Our pharmaceutical market has become more voluminous,for new drugs that allow you to change the biochemistry of the brain, reduced receptor sensitivity to the different kinds of amino acids the last 2-3 decades, were synthesized. Therapy is appointed for a long time, it could be a few years, decades, in some cases - on lifelong treatment.


    Today it is possible to qualitatively surveyed - with the help of computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and other imaging studies of the brain.

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