10 myths about homeopathy


  • Myth №1. Homeopathy - medication in small doses
  • Myth №2.Gomeopaticheskie take medication every 15 minutes for life
  • Myth №3. Homeopathic medications - is sugar beads in small boxes
  • Myth №4. Imports homeopathic drugs are not purchased
  • Myth №5. Homeopathy - a variant of psychotherapy, it does not cure
  • Myth №6. Homeopathy treats all
  • Myth №7. Homeopathy - a herbal treatment
  • Myth №8. The specific homeopathic medicine treats a particular disease
  • Myth №9. Homeopathy - treatment without complications
  • Myth №10. Traditional medicine - homeopathic enemy

  • Myth №1. Homeopathy - medication in small doses

    It is a mistake to assume that the basic principle of homeopathy- Treatment with low doses. In allopathy - so called traditional homeopathic medicine - also there are drugs taken by patients in microscopic doses. For example, a single dose of digoxin is only a quarter of a milligram daily - milligram.

    10 myths about homeopathyThe basic principle of homeopathy - "like cureslike "(similarity principle), i.e. disease can be treated negligibly small doses of those substances which in large doses cause symptoms similar to the symptoms of the disease. For example, a bee sting causes swelling and acute urinary retention, and homeopathic Apis (preparation made from bees) used in the treatment of these symptoms, whatever the cause they were called.

    The doses of homeopathic medicines can bedifferent. They are called "dilution", and there are decimals or hundreds. The decimal dilutions are prepared as follows: one part of drug to 10 parts water is added, mixed and shaken to evenly distribute the active ingredient in solution. It turns out the first decimal dilution. Then one part of this solution was combined with 9 parts of water, shaken and stirred - a second decimal dilution, etc. In preparing the centesimal doses, the same technology, but one part of the substance is added 99 parts water... Minimum dilution is used 3X - the third decimal dilution, the maximum - thousands centesimal dilution. Interestingly, in dilutions over C12 (12th centesimal) have no molecules of the active ingredient, it is only the energy, the "memory" of water.

    Myth №2. Homeopathic medicines taken every 15 minutes for life

    When it comes to the reception of homeopathy,I remember the old lady from the movie "The venue can not be changed", which took on an alarm clock balls every 5-10 minutes. All, of course, it is not so gloomy. reception frequency is determined individually, but the general rule is that in acute cases, often in low dilutions, short (3-5 days), in chronic - high (hundreds) of breeding for a long time, but rarely, sometimes a few times a month. Branded imported chelators for reception circuit close to the usual drugs - 2-3 times a day until symptoms disappear, plus a few more days.

    Myth №3. Homeopathic medications - is sugar beads in small boxes

    Before preparing homeopathic remedieshand, small portions and sold, indeed, in the form of sugar balls, rarely - in the drops. Now the choice is much wider dosage forms. In addition to traditional bulbs and drops were drugs in tablets, ampoules for intravenous and intramuscular injection, ointment jars and tubes, gels, suppositories, homeopathic lozenges. But when necessary, a doctor's prescription you still cook in a specialized homeopathic pharmacy and medicine that is breeding, which is necessary for you.

    Myth №4. Imports homeopathic drugs are not purchased

    In Moscow pharmacies except medicines Moscowpharmaceutical factory there are many homeopathic remedies "Weleda" firms, HELL, DHY, BIONORICA, WALSH PHARMA. This usually composites containing large amounts of drugs in different dilutions chosen such that exert influence on each medicinal preparation was using. Side effects when administered extremely rare testimony - wide, the positive effect of receiving pronounced that allows them to compete with allopaticheskkim drugs. On the packaging is written, it is sure that the medication homeopathic, other external differences from traditional medicines do not.

    Myth №5. Homeopathy - a variant of psychotherapy, it does not cure

    That homeopathic beads - a placebo, i.e. simple lumps of sugar, and a desire to help heal the patient, is also a myth. Homeopathy treated adults, children and animals, it is unlikely they are all susceptible to psychotherapeutic influence. And the effect of well-chosen products are at all. Veterinarians use homeopathic treatment on a par with allopathic and children's doctors in clinics prescribe Kalkareja karbonika in complex treatment of rickets in children.

    Myth №6. Homeopathy treats all

    Either method has its limitations. The scope of homeopathy exist, and are determined by many factors. For example, large kidney stones easily crushed ultrasonically, and then using homeopathic pick therapy so modifying properties urine stones which are subsequently formed. In acute appendicitis, when every minute is certainly no need to make appointments to the homeopath, and call an ambulance, waiting that is acceptable to take a homeopathic remedy, which slows down the development process.

    Myth №7. Homeopathy - a herbal treatment

    10 myths about homeopathyFrom herbal homeopathy features the same, and this from the traditional medical treatment - the principle of similarity.

    Furthermore, homeopathic medicines are divided intohow large groups - vegetable, animal, minerals, acids and salts, the products of the affected organism. Herbal preparations, as a rule, first aid - they are fast, short, take them often recommended. Very good they are in acute cases. Metals and other groups of drugs take effect immediately, sometimes within a few days. Action them deeper and lasts longer, they often affect not separate body, but on the whole body. As first aid are rarely used.

    Homeopathic medicine makes the process of its preparation and the starting material can be anything - from the salt (Natrium muriaticum) to cuttlefish ink (sepia).

    Myth №8. The specific homeopathic medicine treats a particular disease

    Approaches differ from homeopathic treatmenttraditional health care. Homeopathy cures not the disease, and the patient (as well as a good allopath therapist), hence there is no money, just help "from diarrhea, constipation." In homeopathy, there is the concept of "drug-constitution" that is, the set of physical and psychological characteristics of the person, his personal way to respond to the disease, to environmental factors, especially its metabolism, "weak points" of his body. Drugs selected on the basis of similarity, that is, when its medicinal portrait coincides with the constitution of the patient, treats most effectively and completely by acting on the internal cause of the disease, rather than simply removing the external symptoms. Man with drug pathogenesis "Aconite" this medicine at the same time relieve angina, insomnia, fear of open spaces, high or low blood pressure. There are, however, able to treat the disease, often caused acute, with only a few drugs, but among them should be selected on the basis of similarity of the medicine.

    Myth №9. Homeopathy - treatment without complications

    When you receive perfectly matched homeopathicpreparation, in full compliance with the constitution of man, there is a correction, normalization of all organs and body systems. First, the disease leaves the "center" of the body, and then go to the "periphery". According to the existing rule in homeopathy Hering healing comes from the inside outwards and downwards, for example, the rash disappears first from the head, then with the body, and after that to the limbs. If a patient with bronchial asthma after taking the drug have been attacks, but there were skin rash - this is the right healing process, and if the attacks took place, but there were headaches - means the drug is chosen incorrectly, it drives the disease inside the body and requires a change of medication. Medicinal aggravation - not necessary, but not dangerous intermediate stage of treatment, it does not threaten the patient's life and pass on their own. However, if you tolerate it very unpleasant, it can be additional homeopathic remedies to facilitate its flow. The most common drug aggravation occurs when receiving constitutional remedy, the right one, which adjusts the body's work as a whole. With this method of treatment of a person may have been ill for a short time all the diseases that he "drowned", "scored" drugs, and which, therefore, did not fulfill its job in the body, not strengthened his immune system. Diseases of the "lived out" from the more recent, more recently, to the children, each lasts for several days and passes without treatment and without undesirable consequences. In the treatment of chelators - drugs, composed of several drugs, the most appropriate person from this particular disease - acute extremely rare.

    Myth №10. Traditional medicine - homeopathy the enemy

    Back in the fifties, in our countryHomeopathy has been banned, along with genetics and cybernetics, and traditional medicine to deny its achievements. Now the situation has changed. Homeopathy has become a full part of medicine, its use is permitted the official order of the Ministry of Health, homeopathy courses taught in medical schools, the Institute of Advanced Training of doctors. After training, the doctor is a specialist certificate of the established sample, and every 5 years, as well as in other fields of medicine, confirms their qualification in the exam. Since homeopathy is more subtle and individual method of treatment than allopathy, and selection of medicines, which is constitutive for a given patient, requires the highest qualifications of the doctor, good specialists in this treatment is not enough. Many physicians, prescribers of drugs charges - "chelators" or "composites". This method is less personal, but also effective. Finally, in pharmacies without a prescription sell ready-made homeopathic fees - from throat diseases, colds, menstrual cramps, relieving the craving for alcohol, and many others. Such drugs include in its composition a lot of drugs in different dilutions and help everyone, although there are not effective for a particular patient.

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