Millions of women's health advocates


Millions of women's health advocates
Recently, biocenosis of the vagina is customary to be considered as an important system of the body that performs protective functions. Normal vaginal microflora prevents the population of the vagina by pathogenic microorganisms or excessive reproduction of the senioropathogenic microorganisms.

Have a healthy woman
reproductive age into the composition of the microflora vagina includes many
Microorganisms, up to 400 species - the total microbial virginism is reaches 108-109 CFU / ml. Lactobacteria dominate,
Most of which produce hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid. These
Active substances are protective factors and maintain stability
Makeup microflora Vagina [Plipskaya in. N.,2005].

With the action of a number of factors (taking antibiotics,
Diagnostic invasive procedures, postoperative infectious complications,
Stresses) Natural Balance Microflora can break. This can lead to
Bacterial vaginosis - a state when a vaginal protective system
Microflora gives a failure, and multiply «Bad» Bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis
requires treatment, including by restoring normal microflora
Vagina special probiotic complexes. It is also important to note that the same negative
Factors (antibiotics, stress, hormonal disorders) affect the intestinal
Microflora, causing dysbacteriosis.
It has been established that the intestinal dysbiosis is directly related to the impairment of the balance
Vaginal microflora. Thus, to maintain health and reproductive
functions, a woman is required to restore microflora as
vagina and intestines

ECOFEMIN Vaginal capsules contain a strain of lactobacillus (Lactobacillus acidophilus) isolated from vaginal microflora healthy
women. The drug is produced in Denmark and
recommended for use including
pregnant and nursing women. For better effect «engraft», part
The capsules introduced lactose, this is a nutrient medium for lactobacilli.

It is important to note that
Regulators of many processes in the female organism are sex hormones -
Estrogens and progesterone. The condition of the mucous membrane and its microflora is directly related to their concentration and
Balance. But the vagina is not the only authority that possesses
sensitivity to these hormones: uterus, dairy glands, leather is also in
Much are regulated by estrogens and progesterone. Metabolism, or, easier,
«Disintegration and disposal» hormones take place in the intestine with the most active participation
intestinal microflora. Intestinal dysbiosis promotes violations in this
complex mechanism, and the result is various dormricons and
Diseases of the female sexual sphere - for example, PMS, mastopathy, uterine myoma.

Millions of women's health advocates
Thus, it is important
maintain and restore microflora and intestines, and vagina.
Including, this can be done by taking special probiotic
complexes. To care for the intestinal microflora and the vagina, Capsules of EcoFememin Microflora balance were created, a biologically active additive for food. The complex includes microorganisms,
Contributing to the restoration of normal
Microflora Vagina (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Casei), and Normal intestinal microflora (Bifidobacterium lactis). Application
Complex ECOFEMIN BALANCE Microflora helps the recovery of microflora
intestines and vagina, contributes to the normalization of female genital metabolism

Modern probiotic
EcoFememin complexes help
maintain quality of life and
Reproductive health of women. Understanding the importance of prevention
Dysbiosis and timely recovery microflora makes it possible for
Timely actions to prevent diseases and their speedy treatment.

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