Ayurveda: five recommendations for healthy eating


Ayurveda: five recommendations for healthy eating
The publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" was publishedbook "Ayurveda. Healthy recipes with thousands of years of history to modern life "- first in Russian Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic recipe for whole life. The book contains more than 150 recipes for medicinal dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, we can publish only a short excerpt. Learn the five basic tips on Ayurvedic nutrition and discover the combination of products, which are best avoided.

1. Include in each meal, all six tastes

tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent) - a complete guide
a balanced diet. Include them in every meal, we nourish all three
their doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Every taste is fueling the mind, body, emotions and spirit. From the point of view of modern
dietetics six flavors create the basic building blocks. Including them in
each meal, we cover all the nutritional spectrum.

2. Focus on your type of constitution

When you start
adapt to her, you will instinctively seek food with balancing
tastes, avoiding disturbing the balance. Did you realize that a sharp salsa
ons Pitt and bitter vegetables have a cooling zelenolistnyh
act. Sweet dessert for heavy Kapha dosha, and tart - lightweight and charges
energy. Ayurveda prefers experimental study of dogmatic
Compliance. Experiment to see what works best is
you. At first glance, the random preferences, reaction or dislike for
certain foods, will be apparent. In addition, you will discover a
the ability to self-healing with the help of food.

3. Eat fresh, high-quality, natural products

To ensure a healthy
food in the first place is to buy or grow healthy foods.
Always choose fresh and natural food, not processed and packaged.
Avoid food additives such as artificial sweeteners and dyes. there is
general rule: the lower the wrappers, the more natural food! Get
high-quality and natural products. They contain no residues of pesticides and
herbicides as well as genetically modified ingredients. The fresh products
there are important nutrients and prana - the life force and energy.

4. Try not to drink during meals and cold carbonated

cold liquid with a meal suppresses the digestive fire. Cold drinks
a negative impact on the digestive system, and they are particularly harmful for the types
Vata and Kapha. Carbonated drinks hamper digestion, creating in the stomach
excessive gas. If you oschuschaettyagu to fizzy drinks in
meal time, try to replace them with water or tea. Type Pitt best moves
cold drinks, but it is also recommended vozderzhivatsyaot them during meals. AT
generally best to avoid excess liquids during meals. Small sips of warm
water or tea help the digestive process, without reducing the agni. Ayurveda
It recommends drinking a glass of water at room temperature one hour after the meal - on
Pitta stage.

5. Pick compatible products

Most likely you've noticed,
that some products can not be combined. Even if you do not take into account the taste and
Cooking "gut feeling", a combination of some form in the intestine
unwanted byproducts. The combination of milk and orange juice can cause
to a reduction of the latter in the stomach, thereby complicating digestion. Ayurveda identifies combinations
which should be avoided. Many such combinations include dairy products. long-term
habits can not be associated with obvious symptoms of imbalance. Maybe,
your body is accustomed to eat omelette with cheese. But this does not mean that it is suitable
you're better than a man who afterwards will experience symptoms

Combinations of products, which are best avoided

  • Milk with meat, fish, eggs, bananas, yogurt and sour
  • Yogurt with milk, eggs, hot beverages, cheese, fish,
    nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant) and lemons.
  • Eggs, milk, meat, fish, yogurt, cheese, fruits and beans.
  • Equal share of oil ghee and honey (eg, teaspoon)
    contribute to the formation of toxins in tissues.
  • Fresh fruit with any other food: many of them
    promote formation of acidic juices or "fermentation" in the stomach. cooked vegetables
    easier to digest other foods.

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