How to improve rumor

Problems with hearing are not rare today. They can be like people of old age, and in children or young guys and girls. Reasons why this happens, there is a big set. Unfortunately, in some cases, our medicine is powerless, but still in some patients you can still help.

Problems with hearing are not rare today. They can be like people of old age, and in children or young guys and girls. Reasons why this happens, there is a big set. Unfortunately, in some cases, the patient can still help, and in some our medicine powerless.

Causes of rumor reduction

How to improve rumor
Rumor - precious quality on which we do not pay attention. And only one who face faced with this problem, begins to understand how important it is in our life. Problems with hearing may be caused by such factors as:

  • incorrect reception of potent drugs;
  • Frequent stay in places with high noise (meaning: discos, construction, industrial shops, shooting);
  • infectious diseases, in particular Otitis;
  • congenital defects or diseases transmitted by genetic means;
  • head injury or ear;
  • age-related changes.

Today we will talk about those cases when the hearing was reduced as a result of simpler reasons than the congenital deafness or neuritis the auditory nerve, and therefore it can still be improved (for example, the hearing loss in old people or a partial decline in hearing after a cold).

There are several ways to improve rumors in the world. Some of them belong to pure medical, others offer us herbalists and representatives of traditional medicine.

Folk Methods

How to improve rumor
Method number 1. Among the folk methods to improve hearing, one of the most popular is the one that implies Using propolis. Here is one of the options: 40 grams of propolis finely cut or rub on the grater and poured 100 ml of vodka. So withstand it 10 days. During this period, the tank with tincture is stored in a dark place, occasionally shacking her. It is desirable that there was warm. After the end of 10 days, the mixture is filled with bee glue residues and vegetable oil is added to it. Proportion 1: 4. That's all, the means is ready.

Next, take the blatance, form such a tampon (turunch) from it, which can be easily introduced into the auditory passage, dip it in the tincture and lay in the ear for 12 hours. After this time, the old tampon change to the new.

Course treatment - 14 days.

Method number 2. Another option with propolis: you will need 30% (or 40%) tincture of natural high-quality propolis, which must be mixed with olive oil in proportion 1: 4. The resulting emulsion can be used both for children and adults.

All actions are practically the same as in the previous case. Only for adult turtles is introduced into the ear for 36 hours and is replaced every other day, and it is recommended to keep it in a rumor passage only 12 hours, to repeat daily. Both in the first and second case, the course of treatment is from 10 to 12 procedures.

IMPORTANT: Tourund needs to be very careful in the ear so as not to damage the eardrum. Propolis really helps to improve rumor, and also removes the noise in the ears.

Method number 3. Here the main components are one clove of garlic and a couple of camphor oil drops. Garlic is triturated in crawling, mixed with butter. All this wrapped in gauze. It is neatly inserted into the ear passage and kept before easy burning. As soon as it starts to pinch, immediately take out. This procedure is repeated every day before going to bed. It is carried out until the improvement comes.

Method number 4. Milk need to berapped so that oil began to form on its surface. Last to gather in a pipette and drip in the ears (2 times a day). Course treatment - 30 days.

Method number 5. This method can not be called too pleasant, but they say it helps a lot. It will take a small bow of the bow, which must be gratened to grater. From the resulting mass, squeeze juice and bury it in the ears of 3 drops 3 times a day. The course of treatment is usually one month. But, if desired, after 2 months it can be resumed. So, in the year it will work out four courses.

Method number 6. You can still drip the ears with almond oil (7 drops 3 times a day) or plantain juice (3 drops).

Medical methods

How to improve rumor
The otolaryngologist can offer a hearing impaired (tougham) to a person a few options for improving the situation.

First, this is an application Humorcraft. Today they are very different and selected individually.

Secondly, this is the installation Cochlear implants, which are in efficiency many times higher than the properties of ordinary hearing aids and are established by surgical intervention.

Third, this is use induction systems. Of course, this is not a very medical method, but everything also requires a consultation of a specialist who will help with the choice of a suitable apparatus. The principle of operation of induction systems is that they are connected to audio and video engineering, enhancing their signal. As a result, a person with a hearing aid begins much better to hear all the sounds that are reproduced by a TV, computer or other technique.

Special exercises

How to improve rumor
The world is very popular gymnastics, improving hearing. In fact, it is a set of very simple exercises that are well affixed at the hearing level. So:

  1. Ear shells must be closed with warm palms, hold a few seconds and open.
  2. Gently knock your fingers along the ear sink.
  3. Close your ears fingers and then discover.

Each of the proposed actions repeat 10 times. The meaning of the methodology is that during the opening-closing of the ears there is a sharp change of sounds (silence-noise), why they have to work actively, which leads to increasing hearing. This method is recommended to older people. By the way, he was taken from Chinese traditional medicine.

You can also spend Massage ears. It is performed quite simply - palms intensively massage ears, making circular movements clockwise. It must be done so that the ears are pressed against the head. At one time you need to do 25-30 movements.

Also equally effective is considered acupressure. However, it needs to be carried out strictly at points, and therefore the first time the help of the one who disassembles.


As preventive measures, I would like to advise not to be too long in very noisy places. Sometimes our organism and our hearing need silence and peace. Therefore, alternate in your life the periods of noise and peace. It is very useful anyway.

Additional advice: Try to avoid long listening to anything in headphones. They are one of the main reasons why young people decreases ear.

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