Hirudotherapy with varicose veins


Hirudotherapy with varicose veinsVaricose veins - the disease almost every fifth
person, but more often it affects women aged 20-50 years. The disease develops
as a result of disruption of venous valves, providing an ascending current
venous blood. It is believed that the cause is hereditary weakness
valvular and conditions accompanied by increased pressure in the veins
lower extremities, such as pregnancy or still work. How to treat varicose veins? try
sort out.

By the uneven increase in the lumen of the veins and the formation of zones
protrusion causes a violation of the venous outflow of blood. At the beginning of the disease on
shins and thighs becomes a convoluted expanded veins, and only if
continuous load on the leg begins to trouble fatigue
the affected limb, heaviness, itching and burning. At this stage, even
perhaps treatment of varicose veins without surgery.

With varicose veins gradually progresses over time. On
varicose veins begin to act nodes, skin becomes cyanotic and dry.
Constant heaviness and distension in the leg do not give to live and work. Not treat varicose veins - Then sooner or later
get a thrombophlebitis. Inside the extended damaged veins, on the background of stagnation
Blood clots are formed, bridging the vessel lumen. Vienna more
stretched, becomes inflamed, the skin becomes purplish cyanotic appear
severe pain in the leg, the body temperature rises.

Varicose proceeds with exacerbations and the condition of the veins becomes
all the more deplorable. Circulatory disturbance causes the skin
limb begins to atrophy, sores appear. Treatment of varicose veins without surgery It becomes problematic.

How to treat varicose veins
without surgery? One of
alternative methods of treatment of varicose veins is hirudotherapy - treatment medical leeches. Medical leech
has long been used for clinical bloodletting, even wrote about hirudotherapy
Hippocrates and Avicenna.

Hirudotherapy - this treatment bloodletting. Healing
the effect of hirudotherapy consists of reflex action on biologically
active points of the body, the mechanical removal of stagnant blood and lymphatic
liquid. Leech suck the bite releases into the blood stream of the patient special
substances that prevent its clotting, causing bleeding, thereby
eliminating venous stasis and improve blood circulation in the tissues. Blood Pressure
varicose veins is reduced, the swelling begins to subside, weakening the severity and
feeling of fullness in the leg, leaving the pain.

Along with "saliva" leech into the blood coming biologically
surfactants, reducing blood clotting, to prevent the formation of
and stimulating the destruction of blood clots. Through their action restores
the permeability of blood vessels in the affected area considerably
It improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, including the withdrawal of excess fluid decreases

Hirudotherapy - it
like acupuncture. It is believed that leeches attach themselves exclusively
biologically active points used in Chinese medicine, Tibetan and when
acupressure and acupuncture. Thus, the organism receives reflex
pulses, affecting various organs and systems, and harmonizing
restoring coordinated their work, contribute to the effective fight against

Course girudoterapii
with varicose veins
- A 6-7 treatment sessions, which are recommended to be repeated
2-3 times per year. The treatment indicated stable cosmetic effect: leather
the affected area becomes "live", supple, improves its color,
stops peeling. Small wreaths are fallen down, and large vessels previously
emerges on the surface of the skin ugly crimped bundles become less

Hirudotherapy at
It should be considered as a method of prevention and treatment. But
it can only be used in specialized circumstances. Leeches should be
grown in sterile - it prevents infections and provides
safety procedures. And, of course, only in the capable hands of a professional
leech can work wonders, high qualification girudoterapevt
ensure treatment effect.

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