Reflexology, chronic bronchitis and asthma


  • Chinese medicine as an option
  • Acupuncture relieve cough
  • Forms of acupuncture in bronchitis and asthma
  • The effect of acupuncture, contraindications

  • Reflexology, chronic bronchitis and asthmaChronic obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma have
    One common manifestation - cough. It arises as a reflex, a protective reaction
    the body, helps to clear the bronchial passages of mucus, pathogens
    microorganisms. It would seem that its usefulness is undeniable, but it usually becomes
    serious problem starts delivering inconveniences annoy, it is
    It causes pain in the muscles of the chest, and even provoke urinary incontinence
    women. In this case, cough requires treatment, and, in addition to traditional measures
    can be very effective non-traditional methods of treatment.

    Chinese medicine as an option

    Most known methods of nontraditional therapies have come to
    us from China. Traditional Chinese medicine originated in ancient China,
    It accumulated the secular and systematic monitoring of the work of bodies
    and systems of the human organism. Now - a modern system of exercises and
    practices, united by a common view of the disease as a consequence of violations
    the circulation of vital energy.

    Acupuncture, under
    which often understand acupuncture is one of the main
    directions in Chinese medicine
    Involving exposure of the body
    person by irritation of the singular points on the body called
    acupuncture. From the point of view they are of Chinese medicine on the meridians,
    which it circulates Qi, and thus influencing them can be achieved
    redistribution of vital energy, eliminate the blocks in the way of its following and
    the harmony of the organism.

    Acupuncture relieve cough

    Acupuncture is used since ancient times to treat chronic
    obstructive pulmonary disease for facilitating respiration in addition to
    the use of traditional bronchodilators and inhaled steroids. Its purpose - to open the bronchial passages,
    bronchopulmonary restore normal ventilation, and relieve the patient from cough and
    accompanying feeling of lack of air.
    Acupuncture aims to
    bronchi facilitate purification from accumulating in them, as a result of violations
    pulmonary clearance, thick mucus, promoting the development of atelectasis and

    Not long ago, Japanese scientists have conducted a three-month
    study involving 68 patients with chronic pulmonary obstruction. According to him
    results it has been proved that the use of acupuncture significantly improves the condition and quality of life. expected
    that its therapeutic effect is associated with the ability to relax and optimize
    muscles involved in breathing, and also cause a change in the lungs and blood flow
    bronchi. The conclusion was that acupuncture effectively complement any traditional
    exposure methods, especially as a prophylactic.

    Forms of acupuncture in bronchitis and asthma

    • Zhen,
      it also
      acupuncture - A method for the treatment and prophylaxis of diseases
      using silver, gold or steel needle. Selection of points for shots
      It is determined not only by the character of the disease, and the desired effect. On him
      influenced by gender, constitution, age and even geographic location and
      climatic conditions of the patient's residence. The procedure lasts for 20-40 minutes and
      accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Only within 2-4 minutes after administration
      needle at the injection site feels bursting, as shown on only healing
    • Tszyu or
      warming, burning
      - Painless despite threatening the name does not cause discomfort and does not cause
      occurrence of burns. Tszyu mean temperature influence on acupuncture
      points with sagebrush cigars or cones for the purpose of deep warming.
      Pleasant feeling of warmth - this is all that the patient feels during the procedure.
      Searing can be carried out with the help of
      hot needle, but in this case it can be easily transferred even children.

      Only one kind of cauterization leaves a trail
      on the skin - this is moxibustion sagebrush cones with drawing point, the size of
      match head, superficial burns.
      From the perspective of Chinese medicine zhen-chiu
      very suitable for the treatment of bronchitis caused by the "invasion of the body
      pathogenic cold energy and moisture. "
    • Vacuum
      It means the impact on the acupuncture point magnetic
      field in conjunction with a local pressure reduction. This reflexology
      It allows you to expand the superficial blood vessels, stimulate
      blood circulation in the lungs, deep warm them, eliminate congestion,
      accelerate the repair processes in cells.

    Acupuncture requires
    Patient compliance with certain rules.

    • The procedures are not carried out on an empty stomach.
      Before a session should eat, but do not overeat.
    • After a session of acupuncture can not be
      supercool, therefore, not possible to "cool" in the room better
      be treated in the warmer months.
    • After the procedure, you need to rest for 40-60 minutes.
    • If acupuncture appointed water
      procedures, they should be before a session of acupuncture.
    • Acupuncture is not combined with physiotherapy, but
      This does not mean that you have to completely abandon the electrophoresis or
      ultrasound, just these treatments must be used for 2 hours before

    The effect of acupuncture, contraindications

    During the first 5 sessions of acupuncture may increase
    disease, increased cough, increased amount of sputum. Although
    it is subjectively unpleasant, nevertheless, it is a good prognostic sign,
    evidence that the method is valid and mobilizes the body's defenses to
    the fight against disease. In a subsequent planned rapid reverse the development of symptoms.

    The effect of treatment
    there for 3 months.

    Despite the seeming harmlessness, acupuncture has strict contraindications.

    • It can not be carried out during menstruation, in the
      avoid increased bleeding.
    • It is contraindicated in cancer
      diseases and the slightest suspicion of them.
    • It can be harmful if expressed
      cardiac and pulmonary disease.
    • It is designed for patients older than 75 years requires
      a thorough analysis of the situation.

    Despite the lack of evidence, non-traditional
    treatments, in particular acupuncture, can significantly improve the condition and
    even relieve cough in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. well
    it is possible that during the initial stages of the disease, it may even replace
    traditional means. But still independently
    give up drugs for the benefit of reflexology is not necessary, as any change in the
    treatment should be agreed with your doctor.

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