Respiratory Gymnastics: Butyko Method


Respiratory Gymnastics: Butyko MethodBreathing exercises
According to the method K. NS. Buteyko is based on the volitional suppression of deep breathing. Also in
1952 well-known physiologist. NS. Butyko concluded that «excessive»
Breathing plays a leading role in the mechanism for the development of diseases such as
Bronchial asthma, angina and hypertension. Reduced bronchi and blood
vessels occurs when the lungs are hyperventilation as a result of a lack
Blood carbon dioxide. In turn, the spasm of the bronchi and vessels becomes
The cause of oxygen starvation of tissues and organs, and in the blood begins
accumulate carbon dioxide, stimulating the respiratory center and encouraging
Deep frequent breathing. Thus, the vicious circle is closed, and the disease
begins to progress, despite the non-medical treatment.

Excessive lung ventilation underlies such
Broncho-pulmonary diseases like bronchitis with an asthmatic component,
Bronchial asthma, lung emphysema. It is hyperventilation — Frequent cause
Hypertensive disease, angina and various brainwater disorders.
As a result of deep frequent breathing, vegetative violations are developing,
sweating, dizziness and weakness, the metabolism is disturbed,
The nervous system is overcited and irritable, insomnia and
panic attacks. All these diseases and symptoms can be successfully overcome with
help respiratory gymnastics According to the method K. NS. Butyko.

Indications for use method
TO. NS. Butyko
a bunch of — from banal rhinitis and tonsillitis, to toxicosis
pregnancy, chronic pneumonia and epilepsy. But most often Respiratory gymnastics Buteyko
It is used to relocate attacks of chunk arising from bronchial
asthma, as well as painful sensations accompanying the attacks of angina. At
Regular use of the method of forced reduction of deep breathing
bouts of bronchial asthma become shorter and leak easier. Sputum
separated quickly, easy, more, bronchi expands and suffocate
disappear. Applying this method during angina attacks, you can see,
As characteristic pain initially replaced by burning behind the sternum, and then
and stop disturbing.

Respiratory Gymnastics: Butyko MethodEssence respiratory
Gymnastics in Buteyko
It consists in a volitional correction of breathing and liquidation
Chronic hyperventilation of the lungs. During business man by relaxation
Respiratory muscles detains breathing before easy sensation
lack of air. As a result, the frequency and depth of breathing decreases,
The amount of carbon dioxide in the blood increases, bronchi and blood vessels
expand, the excitability of the nervous system decreases.

Method K. NS. Butyko
It is not intended for individual learning and use, it requires mandatory
Consultations and observations of the doctor. In addition to emergency cases when necessary
overcome the suffocation, special samples and trainings are held before training, with
The purpose of the assimilation of the principles, technology and regime of classes is studied by testimony and
Contraindications for using techniques. The second stage of the development of the respiratory
Gymnastics is the removal of attacks and relief symptoms of diseases. At
This learner leads a special diary, which marks the results, all
Accepted drugs and their dosage. Usually it takes 3-4
day, and then proceed to the prevention of attacks of diseases by
Permanent control of breathing.

After the health condition improves significantly, and
The attacks of the disease will disappear, you can move to regular respiratory training
on Method Buteyko, Classes S
load, but only under the constant control of the correctness of execution

Warm method
deep breathing suppression. NS. Butyko
recognized worldwide and successfully
Used in many countries. A huge number of people have gained health
Thanks to this wonderful respiratory
. Since 1982, every wishes can learn this method in
specialized medical center, which was created by himself. NS. Butyko I
was under his leadership until 2003. Today, started famous
physiologist business, continues his numerous disciples.

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