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For many supporters of healthy eating and peopleactively involved in sports, diet for chicken meat - the most correct and healthy diet, is able in a short time to bring the figure in order. The fact that chicken is considered a dietary, known to all and sundry.

With constant use of chicken meat as food,body weight does not increase, rather the opposite, and if you add to this diet athletic exercises, the body fat will start to go very quickly. The advantage of chicken meat in the fact that it is impossible to simply cook and mess up even the cook-debutant.

The basis of the diet of chicken

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Chicken diet fit absolutely everyone,who wants to lose weight, gain muscle mass, and simply delicious to eat without harm to health. It has virtually no contraindications, and a moderate amount of chicken brings only positive results. Dietary chicken diet can not be compared with those diets, which prohibited the use of any meat. Firstly, together with this product in the human body receives a huge amount of nutrients, and secondly, chicken helps make up for the strength and energy, which often do not have enough people who are fond of diets.

It is a mistake to believe that chicken containsa lot of calories and lose weight thanks to him impossible. In fact, 100 g of chicken breast of 113 calories, and a leg skinless - about 120 calories. As part of any dietary program in the diet can be administered to a chicken breast to calorie daily diet should not exceed 1200 kcal.

Compared with the low-fat pork, chickenuseful in several times. Rabbit or duck chicken does not concede to their beneficial properties, but such delicacies every buyer can afford.

Dishes Chicken is loved by many, and not only fora small amount of fat in them, but also for great taste. That's why chicken is always so desirable and in demand on every table. Any food with chicken quickly saturates the body and is easily digested by high-quality bioavailable protein, which is found in such meat. Tasty chicken meat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids (90%), magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, choline, retinol, folic acid. A small amount of fat is concentrated in the skins, which can be easily removed and is only white meat diet. Chicken breasts may be the basis of effective diet, it is guaranteed to help get rid of the fat folds on the stomach without feeling hungry and internal discomfort.

Benefits chicken diet

diet, diet chicken, chicken, slimming

Chicken diet requires dietary restrictions, however, like any other effective diet. Deciding to try to imagine the course of the protein diet, it is important to know its principles. These include:

  • daily menu should be present only chicken breast without the skins. Meat should be cooked, stew, steamed and baked. Fry the breasts in butter is not allowed;
  • We need to count calories, while the diet of calorie content should not exceed 1200 kcal. If there are no sports and other physical activity, the daily calorie menu - 900 kcal;
  • Diet does not prohibit the use of wine. Permission is granted to a glass of dry wine per day;
  • in addition to the breast in the diet should be present vegetables with a minimum amount of starch, buckwheat, corn, barley porridge, fruit, and herbs;
  • boiled chicken can be eaten as a separate dish, and adding it to salads, dressed with vegetable oil;
  • important to maintain the water balance in the body. On the day you need to drink at least two liters of clean water. This rule also applies to those people who do not comply with the protein diet, but often eat chicken.

Menu chicken diet

diet, diet chicken, chicken, slimming

Permitted types of products with which you can combine the chicken:

  • potatoes;
  • all fruits, except grapes and bananas;
  • cereals other than rice;
  • non-starch vegetables;
  • freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables;
  • onion, garlic, parsley.

Ration for the day is made so thathalf of the menu consisted of chicken and half - other products authorized category. The daily calories should be evenly distributed between all the types of food consumed and the nutrients ingested. The duration of the diet - for seven days, during which really lose weight by five kilos. Efficacy diet also depends on the initial weight. What it is, the better you will lose weight.

Starting chicken diet need to unload. Here is a sample menu for three days unloading:

First day: boil or cook for a couple of three chickenbreast, adding quite a bit of salt and lemon juice. Divide this number by 5 servings of meat and eat during the day. The intervals between meals should be 2-3 hours. On this day you should drink only water or green tea without sugar, as other beverages can additionally load the liver and kidneys.

Second day: Permission is granted to use yogurt, fat content of 0.5 or 1%. The basic diet is the same, it is added to the 0.5 liters of yogurt.

The third day diet allows you to add to the diet of a few vegetables. It may be two cucumber or tomato. You can make a light salad with boiled chicken breast and vegetables, season it with olive oil and a little salt. Salad you can eat throughout the day, without exceeding the daily calories.

Beginning the fourth day you need to carefully consider their menu chicken diet. At this stage it is important to give yourself a diet that consisted of a half servings of low-fat chicken meat.

  1. Breakfast: 100 g breast, 100 grams of vegetables in vegetable oil.
  2. Lunch: 70 grams of chicken and one medium apple.
  3. Lunch: a portion of buckwheat porridge without butter, 100 grams of chicken and 200 g of chicken broth.
  4. As a snack, you can use vegetables or fruit. Drinking allowed water or green tea.
  5. Dinner: vegetable salad with chicken, 200 g fat-free yogurt.

diet, diet chicken, chicken, slimming

Fifth day:

  1. Breakfast: a slice of rye bread and a piece of chicken meat, and tea.
  2. Lunch: cup of yogurt.
  3. Lunch: chicken broth, 100 g of cooked breast, one green apple.
  4. Dinner: 150 grams of vegetables and baked chicken without the skin. Drink fruit juice can.

Sixth day:

  1. Breakfast: a cup of chicken broth and a slice of wholemeal bread.
  2. Lunch: 150 grams of chicken, one grapefruit.
  3. Lunch: baked in foil with vegetables chicken breast, without oil or other fat. Herb tea.
  4. Dinner: Warm salad with chicken and sesame seeds, 300 g of fresh pineapple.

Seventh day:

  1. Breakfast: Vegetables with chicken, a cup of low-fat yogurt.
  2. Lunch: sandwich with tomatoes, whole-wheat bread and chicken breast. Tea without sugar.
  3. Lunch: chicken broth, vegetable salad and a piece of roasted chicken breast. Orange juice.
  4. Dinner: you can treat yourself to baked chicken, marinated in yogurt. Vegetable salad and warm tea.

For the period of the diet is necessary to give up carbonated drinks and coffee. If you plan to continue the course of chicken diets, our site encourages you to organize every Saturday for yourself fasting days on yogurt and chicken.

To get the desired result nutritionistsadvised to begin with diet unloading, and then switch to the full course, which can be repeated with an interval of seven days. It is important to remember that such a strict diet chicken contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

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