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It is widely known that simple or fast carbohydrates that are so many sweets and pastries, very negatively affect the figure. All because such simple carbohydrates are pretty quickly absorbed, and the person is the fastest gaining weight.

Glycemic index, diet, low-carb diet, weight loss, carbohydrates, figure

The most famous simple carbohydrate is sugar. In addition to fast carbohydrates, there are slow or complex carbohydrates that are learned much slower. When cleaving carbohydrates, it turns out glucose, which is distributed in the body using insulin. Excess glucose is postponed as an extra kilogram. If we reduce the number of simple carbohydrates in the diet, it leads to the fact that accumulated fat deposits are gradually involved. It is in this principle that a low-carb diet is based on the loss of excess weight.

However, the latest research results show that with the help of such a diet it is impossible to lose weight for a long time and dropped during a kilogram diet quite likely return back. At the same time, compliance with such a diet may threaten the beginning of very serious health problems. In particular, it is dangerous if at the same time there is a large amount of fats in the diet.

In general, a person is gaining weight not only from excess of simple carbohydrates. Almost the calorie content of food plays a big role here, and calories proceed not only from carbohydrates, but also from proteins and fats. At the same time, carbohydrates are the only power sources of many internal organs. In particular, carbohydrates, or rather, produced by them glucose, is necessary for the brain, nervous system and kidneys. Therefore, it is worth ten times to think, as well as get a consultation of the doctor before we take for such a diet.

How low-carbon diet works?

Glycemic index, diet, low-carb diet, weight loss, carbohydrates, figure

Below is the approximate menu of a low carbon diet for three days. You, of course, can on it be drawn up your menu.

So, on the first day for breakfast, we eat scrambled eggs with bow, green apple and tea without sugar. For lunch, we prepare mushroom soup, and for dinner, a salad of fresh vegetables, which is refilled by vegetable oil.

On the second day, diet as breakfast we will have a portion of low-fat curds with dried fruits and coffee without sugar. For lunch we will have vegetable soup, and on dinner baked sea fish.

During the third day, we eat boiled cauliflower and tea with a piece of cheese. For lunch will be chicken in boiled and salad leaves. For dinner on this day, you can eat a piece of boiled veal or baked chop with vegetable salad. Thanks to this menu, at the end of the week, you can see the improvement of the stomach. At the same time, it is still worth listening to the body.


During this diet, according to its authors, the body is cleaned by slags. In addition, improving metabolism. In addition, the diet actually gives good results.


With a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates, consumption of fats increases, including animals that can lead to excess cholesterol and heart disease. Although if you focus on skim products, this risk can be minimized. If not included in your diet vegetables, then the low amount of carbohydrates may well lead to constipation.

General conclusions

Glycemic index, diet, low-carb diet, weight loss, carbohydrates, figure

If you decide to use this diet, our site calls to remember that carbohydrates are needed for health and should not be excluded from the diet. Especially it is not recommended to use a very low carbon diet, which is characterized by a high protein content. In addition, it is necessary to remember that such a diet usually does not allow to lose weight for a long time. Therefore, if you want to observe a low-carb diet, one should not avoid the use of carbohydrates completely. In particular, they are necessary for fat metabolism. It is best to leave products in the diet that are rich in carbohydrates, but at the same time who were not subjected to refined and processing. Especially recommended for use of solid grain and fruit products. From what it is worth refuse, it is from such high-calorie products like candy, cakes and soft drinks. For a diet it is better to choose vegetable fats. Such fat is sunflower, olive and rapeseed oil. From the butter and the bass is better to refuse.

In general, a low-carbon diet can help reset excess weight, because when it is observed, the consumption of calories is limited. At the same time, the body in order to fill the lack of carbohydrates begins to use glycogen and glucose glycosis reserves. In this case, fat reserves begin to be used. This process may lead to the fact that ketones will be formed in the body, and this in turn leads to the acidification of the inner medium. As a result, metabolic changes may occur, which are fraught with the occurrence of serious diseases. For example, it may face the beginning Sugar diabetes. In addition, often people on this diet feel nausea, increased, sweating, dizziness constipation, dehydration, loss of appetite and unpleasant smell of mouth. Therefore, this diet is hardly suitable as a healthy eating.

Usually the authors of low-carb diets advise to obtain calories from fats and proteins, while the carbohydrates are recommended to consume less than 100 grams per day. Although doctors do not support this, at least due to the inclusion of high fat levels in the diet. Also, this diet limits the receipt of important power sources. In addition, it is worth noting that when complying with this diet, the consumption of fruits and vegetables decreases, which can cause the deficiency of some of the necessary organism of substances.

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