Charging for the tail


Charging for the tailThis in turn leads to disruption of the weight and leads to heart failure, and hence to heart attacks, hypertension and headache. But that is not all.

Perhaps even a large-scale problem finding drivers is long in a sitting position. Doctors say that by developing this neurological diseases, radiculitis and osteochondrosis.

Worse yet, men of blood stagnation in the smallpelvis due to a sedentary lifestyle leads to hemorrhoids, prostatitis, and even impotence. You know, someone comes to including your husband work? What kind of population growth can be a speech?

But that's not all. Doctors also suggest the development of a new phobia motorists. She even gave the name already - "probkoboyazn".

Yes, to me, are increasingly turning patients with nervous disorders, or who are afraid, or conversely flowing into aggression in traffic jams - says psychologist Irina Klyuka.

Question №1. Really go through the city so terribly?

There are many subtleties. The rhythm of the city and so crazy, and added as much stress on the road - and the rules have to comply with, and in an accident do not get there, and a madman with a gun (as is now the case) not to fall, and to work (or home) need to catch ... Now rarely to the driver while driving, in a state of peace of mind. Even here is a simple example: count how many times in one trip you out loud or mentally obmaterili you wicked fellow movement. Just out of curiosity ...

Question №2. How to treat such mentally unstable drove?

I think that "inveterate motorists" justmust be separated at least sometimes with cars. We must stay home, cottage, go out of town - now here soon skiing all begin to skate. You can walk to the pool ... But if there is not enough entertainment for adults!

After all, look at what cars are transformed: it is no longer a luxury, not a means of transportation, it is a true haven of steel. People stuffed their car phones, televisions, bring in the trunk blankets "just in case", cups, plates, plastic, a bunch of notebooks, glasses, tapes, CDs ... And more peanuts, candy, "not to smoke," and a lot more then. The strategic reserve in case of a nuclear war!

Opinion divided psychologists and therapists. As told us in one of the capital's clinics, "knowingly funds recently" for men "so actively advertised."

The words "prostate" and "impotence" has long ceased to be something out of the ordinary, - he explained the physician Evgeny Fomenko.

For men, in principle, and for the male driversThese diseases are more urgent from year to year. Although men often hurt themselves. Knowing the characteristics of the organism, as luck would go to far with heated seats in the car. Or include a full stove and go, breathing warmed stench.

A summer on the contrary - a body of air conditioningvyholazhivayut or window open so that zastuzhayut neck and sides. No immunity such bullying will not stand. Ladies in this context somehow wiser. And with the same ovens are carefully - and women on the skin do not forget to think.

Question №3. What do you advise hostages jams?

As a doctor - to take care of health morephysically engaged, not sit Sydney in the driver's seat. Yes, even to the massage mat bought - even kneaded her back. Now because there is not only a "prehistoric" - of the balls, there are modern - a battery-powered ...

And if it is necessary on the contrary - to relax, then myself, I want to add that I, for example, the car is very audiobooks help. Quiet it is not annoying, long story ... Highly recommend!

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